A Month (or two) for Baldr – XXX – Suggestions

So, what would I suggest to you, who may be interested in getting to know Baldr, and haven’t previously done so?

If you’re like me, you can do your reading, as I’ve said time and again, there isn’t much lore about Him, but it does give you a glimpse into His character, what has made Him Who He is.

But really… just talk to Him. Offer Him some incense, or tea (He enjoys sharing a cup with me of chamomile with milk and honey, but see if He wants His own cup πŸ˜‰ ), He also appreciates some beer, I haven’t met many Norse Gods Who don’t appreciate a good beer! In fact… I haven’t met any at all Who have refused a beer… πŸ˜€

Tell Him why you’re interested in Him. Or that you just want to say hello, and offer something to Him.

I’m all about the simplicity and organic nature of relationships. You see someone that piques your interest, you observe them, say hi, take them for a coffee, and get to know them. If it’s mutual, you can have a pretty awesome relationship (in whatever capacity) ahead of you. Honestly, He’s pretty easy going and laid back (at least with me), so give it a whirl if you’re interested, it couldn’t hurt. At least I hope not πŸ˜‰

So that concludes the two months and almost a half, I guess, of the written devotion to Baldr! I really enjoyed this blogging project, and I’ll likely continue writing about u/Us in the future, because, well, what is this blog for if not to share the awesomeness that is Baldr (as well as Frija and Odinn, and Whoever else decides to show up… I’m looking at you, Thor πŸ˜‰ )?

A Month (or two) for Baldr – XXIX – Interesting Personal UPG

Hmm, I can’t say that I have anything weird or out of the ordinary. Though really, I don’t often hear of many people who work with Him anyway (though it seems like a few more people have popped up on the interwebs the past few months).

I have mentioned before that w/We seem to have a pretty mellow thing going on, but there are definitely times when He gets incredibly intense. Sounds kinda like Someone else I know… actually, it seems most of the Powers I am involved with are like that… huh.

So yes, He’s been mostly pretty chill, easy to laugh and joke around, but also just hang out quietly… and then there are times I feel so infinitely small when all there is around me is Him, being massive and overwrought with the intensity of what He’s talking about to me, or what emotions are happening.

Doesn’t surprise me one bit, to be honest.

I know it’s not super interesting, and I don’t have a story to share about it, as those moments tend to be very personal, but there it is. πŸ™‚

A Month (or two) for Baldr – XXVIII – Worst Misconceptions

Hmm, this feels like the same question as the IXth post in this series, “Common Mistakes“, which I’m just going to link to in place of repeating myself in this second post. If I were not tired, I’d write about something else… but I am. So I’ll leave you here with this:

Baldr by Lynn Perkins

Baldr by Lynn Perkins


A Month (or two) for Baldr – XXVII – Something I Wish I knew About Him

Well, there’s always a million things you wish you knew about people you are close to in one capacity or another.

I have said before that it would be nice if there was more lore, then again, I appreciate that I can forge my own path with Him without people calling on all the writings of Him instead of what people experience. However, my own experiences are the most pertinent thing here, not His stories. It’s the same as when you meet someone new, then find out some things about their past. That has nothing to do with the person standing in front of you right NOW. We all, as individuals, are always changing, we are always different people from one moment to the next, we are always making choices to be who we want to be. It’s the same with any of the Gods.

But beyond that… while yes, there are things I wish I knew, at the same time, I am not one to pry about things, especially sensitive things. Some people don’t like sharing, and I’m cool with that. Even though I tend to be an open book… usually.

He seems to be pretty open with me. I’ve had the pleasure of having some stories recounted to me, of His adventures, of His relationship with Thor and His Father. It’s been really awesome to see some of that. It seems He doesn’t want to focus on His death, on what everyone seems to only see about Him. And that’s fine with me. Do I want to know what happened? Of course. Will I bug Him about it? Not really. If that’s something He eventually wants me to know about, then fine, no problem, I’ll bear witness to that as I have to the other stories He’s told. But that’s up to Him.

I’m just happy to hear whatever He wants to tell me πŸ™‚

A Month (or two) for Baldr – XXVI – How Our Relationship Has Changed

Well, it hasn’t been all that long since w/We’ve even officially met. Come Yule, it will have been a year. So there’s really not much to pull on for the idea of change here.

Immediately, there was a sense of comfort with each other. It wasn’t hard for Him to remain in most of my waking thoughts, and pop up in dreams (though those seem not to have any significance outside of the emphasis on how much w/We think the other is pretty swell) shortly after I met Him.
A few months later I cycled into my weird “I’m not ready, I can’t see Him, or talk to Him because I’m not ready”, effectively keeping Him at many arms’ lengths away. I probably slowed down the natural progression of the relationship, honestly. But He doesn’t seem to have been too phased about it. Our being with each other is quite relaxed. I feel like there’s no rush for anything, that w/We’ve got all the time in the worlds.

After that, when I began to trust in the situation, in the relationship, that if I wasn’t ready, He wouldn’t have come, it’s been quite lovely. The summer has brought the abandon of worry since physical labour tends to take away some of the over-thinking since I’m more tired.

Honestly, the feel of the relationship hasn’t changed much over the year, it’s just been easy, comfortable, and warm. He’s usually always around, quietly, but I feel Him there. I’m looking forward to the winter months, when people aren’t as easily able to bug me (lol, I loved all the family and friends times this summer, but I need lots of alone time!), when I can focus a bit more on Him as I make my Yule gifts, and then nice things for the household after Yule.
I know He’s going to be busy with the Hunt this year, but He knows He can come to relax with me, because, really, I’m pretty mellow, and am usually content to sit silently with people, enjoying the quiet company. And if He wants to sit and chat about other things, I’m all ears.

I just really like this Guy, ok? He’s pretty awesome, and o/Our time together has been quite lovely so far.


A Month (or two) for Baldr – XXV – A Time He Refused to Help

This topic is interesting. I don’t tend to ask very much from Whomever I work with. Usually it is aid in whatever magic I perform, but that feels more like business than what the relationships I have with Them is like. There’s gebo when I ask for help with my workings, offerings and prayers. Not that there isn’t any of that any other time, because there is, the three of Them have Their days during the week on which They get candles, or incense, sometimes food and drinks.

Ok, ramble-ness aside… the point is I don’t usually ask for much, I just enjoy His company.

I believe I have mentioned it before, but for a while, I was relying heavily on my tarot deck to communicate with Him. He stopped in June. It is only for important confirmations. He has stopped me from relying so heavily upon the deck, and pushed me into relying upon my own “hearing”, “sensing”. He wanted me to trust myself and Him when it comes to communicating with Him.
And that is a hard thing to do.

However, I can see what the benefit is already. My “ears” aren’t always tuned into Him or Them, but when He needs to say something, I get it. Sometimes it comes like a thought, filled with words, sometimes it’s a vision of how He’s reacting, or a vision to just get my focus on Him so that He can let me know what’s up.
It’s still hard to trust in what I experience. I don’t think that goes away, if it only ends up being a very quiet whisper in the background.

Sometimes I pretend that something is more important than it seems so that I can resort to my deck. Yet jumbled up and meaningless replies come out of it.

“The more you trust yourself, the more you’ll hear Me. The more I will simply become a permanent, and nearly, tangible PersonΒ in your world.”

Ok, Baldr. I will endeavour. But only because You are worth it.

A Month (or two) for Baldr – XXIII & XXIV – A Time He Helped Me

So, you may be wondering why two posts are being put into one. XXIII is supposed to be a piece of writing that I wrote myself for or about Him, however, I do not have the mental bandwidth at this moment to write anything creatively, and I’m not about to put something out into the world that I think is crap about Baldr.

So, I am continuing onward so that I can finish up these posts and not leave you, dear gentle readers, waiting for an eternity until I recover my brain capacity πŸ™‚

In this post, I’ll share a time that Baldr has helped me.
I could list all the little ways in which He helps me everyday, though I’ve spoken about many of them already here on the blog (seeing the joy in the mundane, in life, a sense of adventure, love of nature, etc.). There hasn’t been any sort of more dire situation as of yet where I’ve desperately needed help from Him. Honestly. one would usually hope those situations don’t pop up, but such is life for someone who works with spirit, or has little control over emotions as a human being. We’re passionate creatures…

So I’ll relate my experience with my usual… let’s call it malaise… at the end of the summer. Last year, before I met Baldr, I had about a month and a half of a pretty depressed state. It wasn’t as bad as what I had had when I lived out West, especially during the winters, but it was icky enough. Very deadening.
About a week ago, I had been feeling that coming on again. Now, I have been noticing that weather really affects me since returning to Ontario. Big storms give me headaches, the humidity really brings on a very lethargic mood. It was dark, rainy, and dreary (almost like Vancouver weather, honestly), and I was slipping back into that icky place.
Now, I have been quite lucky this year as no depressive moods had come over me so far, so I figured it was about that time for one anyway. Well, Baldr kept popping up in my thoughts, stuck around, where it is usually hard for me to feel connected to any of Them. He wasn’t being pushy, just remained with me.

I endured the week, sleeping lots, but still going outside to look in the garden, to be with growing things as thoughts of green filled me. He was there, gentle, but supportive, moving me forward to see that I still have my obligations to Him, to Them, and to my mortal kin. It’s ok to take time for myself, and honestly, this summer has been so busy and filled with people. As someone who generally avoids the overstimulation that happens with many people like the plague, this summer has pushed on that a bit. Granted, most things involved family, so situations were filled with people I know and like, it’s still difficult to have to just continue talking about things, having to find interesting things to say even though I’m quite far removed from what’s considered “normal”.

And yet, He showed me the benefit in that, in being with those who care, with sharing things with them, and hearing what they have to share in return. It has been busy, yes, but not as draining as I would have expected such a people filled season would be.

I would come back to Him after it was all done, and w/We’d just be, just enjoy each other’s company.

A Month (or two) for Baldr – 31 – A Letter

Dear Baldr,
You have been an inspiration to me, Your joy, Your humour, Your gentleness, Your passion.
I am blessed to have You in my life, to go with You on o/Our adventures, and to just be with You when w/We both just need to relax or be silly. I love that o/Our relationship is unfolding slowly, each moment with You a gift.

I have so much excitement for whatever comes as w/We continue walking forward on this path together.

Thank you for being here with me.


A Month (or two) for Baldr – XXII – A Quote

A quote, poem, or piece of writing that you think this deity resonates strongly with.”

This one clicked itself as I was perusing Yeat’s poems again.

`Three dear things that women know,’
Sang a bone upon the shore;
`A man if I but held him so
When my body was alive
Found all the pleasure that life gave’:
A bone wave-whitened and dried in the wind.

-“Three Things” W. B. Yeats

A Month (or two) for Baldr – 30 – Ending

Nothing ever truly ends. Our experiences, our adventures,
our loves, they all stay alive within us.”