Mia is a Canadian, polytheistic/animistic witch, interested in shamanism and pre-christian spiritual practices, journeying to other worlds, spell-songs and music writing, sacred crafting (tea making, painting, fiber crafts, brewing and wine making, charms and talismans), fairy tales, mythology, working with her Gods and Ancestors, gardening and interacting with the local wights, and weaving magick and enchantment into the “mundane”.

She strives to live a life close to the Earth and Her cycles, endeavouring to follow the path the Gods, Ancestors, and her heart lay out before her.

Here, you’ll find her thoughts and musings on living an enchanted life, dealing with the ups and downs, crafting and tending to hearth and land. You’ll also find posts about herbs, flowers, trees; the tarot, runes, the Gods, the Ancestors, the wights of home, land, and other worlds; and her own experiences and interactions with said beings.

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