A Month (or two) for Baldr – XXVI – How Our Relationship Has Changed

Well, it hasn’t been all that long since w/We’ve even officially met. Come Yule, it will have been a year. So there’s really not much to pull on for the idea of change here.

Immediately, there was a sense of comfort with each other. It wasn’t hard for Him to remain in most of my waking thoughts, and pop up in dreams (though those seem not to have any significance outside of the emphasis on how much w/We think the other is pretty swell) shortly after I met Him.
A few months later I cycled into my weird “I’m not ready, I can’t see Him, or talk to Him because I’m not ready”, effectively keeping Him at many arms’ lengths away. I probably slowed down the natural progression of the relationship, honestly. But He doesn’t seem to have been too phased about it. Our being with each other is quite relaxed. I feel like there’s no rush for anything, that w/We’ve got all the time in the worlds.

After that, when I began to trust in the situation, in the relationship, that if I wasn’t ready, He wouldn’t have come, it’s been quite lovely. The summer has brought the abandon of worry since physical labour tends to take away some of the over-thinking since I’m more tired.

Honestly, the feel of the relationship hasn’t changed much over the year, it’s just been easy, comfortable, and warm. He’s usually always around, quietly, but I feel Him there. I’m looking forward to the winter months, when people aren’t as easily able to bug me (lol, I loved all the family and friends times this summer, but I need lots of alone time!), when I can focus a bit more on Him as I make my Yule gifts, and then nice things for the household after Yule.
I know He’s going to be busy with the Hunt this year, but He knows He can come to relax with me, because, really, I’m pretty mellow, and am usually content to sit silently with people, enjoying the quiet company. And if He wants to sit and chat about other things, I’m all ears.

I just really like this Guy, ok? He’s pretty awesome, and o/Our time together has been quite lovely so far.

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