A Blessed Samhain to You


Happy Samhain to you all, dear gentle readers! I hope your day is filled with witchy goodness as well as good tidings from your ancestors.

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Many, many blessings to you ❤

Sale Time Is Almost Up!


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In other news, I’m still waiting my last package to really get into making and formulating for my new shop offering. I’m actually not impressed as the supplier didn’t give a shipping estimate or shipping confirmation. I wrote them early this week and have not received a reply. I may have to find a different supplier, though I choose them for ethical practices as well as proximity to me. We shall see! And I shall endeavour! 😉

Sale Reminder

2015-10-14 13

Hello, dear gentle readers! I hope your day is as nice is mine is (well, only because I’m cooking a delicious dinner for the Man since it’s his birthday and all! Lemon potatoes, marinated pork chops, and a pumpkin pie… with ALL the whipped cream :D).

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Reading for the Week – Oct 25-31

2015-10-25 11.41.19

Start of the Week
XIV Temperance
At the start of this week, it’s going to be all about balance, of ensuring all aspects of your life can come together in a way that doesn’t make you topple one way or the other. Take a moment to evaluate what’s important to you, each part of who you are and the relationships you hold; look for where you’re falling short (and how that’s affected you and those around you), and look where you may be spending too much time that takes you from other things that are more important to you. You do not need to sacrifice yourself for your career if you see nothing from those sacrifices. You do not need to spend all your time focusing on someone else’s problems whilst ignoring your own to fester. 

VI The Lovers
Perhaps after the inital rebalancing act of the week, you’ll rediscover the importance of intimacy with your partner. If you are not romantically involved, this could mean a surge within you to get creative, to get in touch with the inspirations that create art, music, food, dance, even decorating and making your space reflect what is within you. It can also be a good time to show yourself some love and compassion.

Week End
Knight Pentacles
It’s time to start thinking of what you want out of life come the weekend. How do you want your career/family/relationships/interests to look like? How do you see yourself getting to that place? When we ensure our foundation is strong, we can build taller. Use practicality to see how you can make what’s important to you fit together. Remember flexibility, for things are always changing, and if you keep that in mind, you’ll be well rewarded.

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Another Shop Update & Samhain Sale Reminder

2015-10-22 11.57.14

I AM SO EXCITE!!!!!!!!! I received this lovely package today, and ooooooh, how I would love to divulge what it is… can you guess? However, I also love a mystery 😉 I’m going to be busy this afternoon playing around, that is for sure! Now for one more box to arrive, and I’ll have all I need to play for awhile, and get some solid…. things…. down to put up in the shop!!

I am just SO EXCITE!!

In other news! My Samhain sale is still happening! In fact, it ends Samhain night, 10/31/2015. So until then, you can receive a 20% discount on ANY reading you’d like when you type SAMHAIN into the coupon box at checkout!
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Shop Update

Eeee!!! A few boxes came in yesterday! I know they’re only packaging & shipping items, but still! I love packaging, and am playing around with logo and what’s going to be written and how.

I always find it funny how much you can play with with a logo or design, always wanting it to be more perfect, always better than it already is but ending up making it worse once you move past it’s best form. I always look at others’ logos and think, “ah, they must love it and never question whether it is ‘just right'”, alas, I’m sure that’s not the case!

So I’m waiting for actual components to make the actual THING that I want to share with you all… Thankfully I can work on logo and label things, so that’s keeping me busy, as well as finishing Life is Strange (fantastic game! It’s heavy though), and working on Yule gifts.

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Reading for the Week – Oct 19-25

2015-10-18 20

Beginning of the Week
VI Wands
A celebration of accomplishments is at hand. It is good to come back from your adventures and your victories to share and enjoy what your triumphs means and brings to you as well as those around you. You’ve earned your honour and the respect of those around you.

II Pentacles
Though the beginning of the week is joyful and well deserved, mid-week, you will need to focus on how you balance things within your life. Since it’s pentacles that are depicted here, it could be a balancing act between your financials and what you’d like to spend your money on. Perhaps it’s how much you need vs the career and money you make. Pay attention to the details, when it comes to balancing things out, figure out where you could be leaner, or what opportunities could help even things out.

End of Week
XIII Death
It seems though the start of the week brought you joy in your accomplishments, you will come to the end of the week and see that things are beginning to transform for you. Change is on the wind. Everything, no matter how much we love it, comes to an end so that it can provide nourishment for the next thing to flourish. It will be an adjustment, but all life is change, we are constantly evolving into the people we will be, even to the last moments of life.

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A Sale! A Sale!

2015-10-13 14

I feel like my title for this post sounds like “Wassail, wassail!” 🙂

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Reading of the Week – Oct 4-10

2015-10-04 12.06.52

Beginning of the Week
Page of Wands
A message is coming. Do not back away or hide from it, it is something you need to hear, something to help you get back on track. It is a message of fire, of passion, of will, and the daring of doing. Dismiss it at your own risk.

XVI – The Tower
Your early week warning came, and come mid-week, things are going to be turned on their head. If you took the opportunity to prepare, you will be able to weather this change, but remember, the Tower takes you out of your comfort zone, it releases you from ignoring the world around you and how you contribute to it.

End of Week
VI – The Lovers
After the storm has passed and you come to the needful rearanging of your world, you will be supported. You will find that which balances you, whether it is from a lover (the ways in which they make up for your shortcomings and vice versa), or someone else important to you; it could also come from an aspect of yourself you have been ignoring. No matter the source, you will find the balance to create something better for yourself.

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Blessings, dear, gentle readers!

Reading for the Week – Sept 27-Oct 3

2015-09-27 11.04.05

Beginning of Week
Ace Bows
It’s time to take up that project or idea you’ve had brewing in your mind for a while now and put it to work. Last week was about getting rid of what wasn’t useful and making the most of the harvest to be done in our lives and within our own selves. This week, it’s time to take what your intuition, your gut, had been telling you was the right thing, and run with it. There’s only one way to go from here, and that’s up.

Mid Week
II Cups
You’ll also get some help along the way with your new project. Whether this is all within yourself, all the different aspects you hold within you, or other people, you will find hamony, balance and support to do whatever it is you need to.

Week End
XVIII The Moon
More intuition here, more emotion driving you forward. The Moon shows us a more primal reaction to things, reaction that doesn’t require much thought or rationalizing. When we listen to our intuition, when we follow what brings forth a well spring of emotion within us, we can find ourselves feeling fulfilled and nourished by it. The path is never clear with The Moon, but it’s one that the heart knows.

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