New Witch Brew Teas

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Teas meant to aid in magickal endeavours have been a long time coming, witches! It’s interesting how hesitant I’ve been with creating these, wanting them to be just right. Though, I’ll be honest, wanting things to be just right is basically how I create all my teas, and therefore, sometimes the process is longer than I would like it to be. Still wonderful though, as experimenting and the process allows me to learn more about how I want to blend ingredients! It’s all worth it!

So the five new blends are as follows:
Felix Stellae will call upon your lucky stars to bring happiness, luck, and success into your life.

Prosperitas is a lovely prosperity spell in a cup.

Exilio eum Protego will banish negative energies from your life, and ward you thereafter.

Cantata Vesperum is the perfect blend to sip before a night of magick making and ritual.

Amor Verum is the quintessential love potion, delicious and floral.

You can follow the link to each of the teas above to find out what exact ingredients are used and why; or you can click here to see the whole collection!

Zodiac Teas!!

Finally done, and oh so yummy! These twelve teas are quite fruity, and very dessert-like, yum!

rooibos, peaches and cream, and a hint of cinnamon

black tea, coconut and chai spices (cinnamon, clove, and ginger)

green tea, strawberry, spearmint, and sweet vanilla cream


honeybush tea, cantaloupe, lemon myrtle, a little twist of lime, and a whole lot of juicy melon flavour

rooibos, pineapple, orange, and delicious cream; a scrumptious pineapple and orange creamsicle

black tea, blueberries and cream, rosehips and a swirl of cornflower petals


green tea with a lovely blend of lemon myrtle, lavender, calendula, and creamy goodness; like a fancy bowl of ice cream

honeybush, blackberries, rosehips, and hazelnut; truly a fancy dessert in a cup

rooibos, banana, papaya, and guava



black tea, almonds, and strawberries; marzipan and strawberry jam

green tea, grapefruit, lemongrass, hibiscus, orange, and coconut

honeybush, cherries, and vanilla cream


This group of tea has definitely been a lesson in the fact that knowing when I’m going to be done formulating is not always very predictable! I had been hoping to finish them by the end of April, in fact I had 9 or 10 of them finished! However, a few teas were just not working out for me, flavours weren’t turning out how I wanted them, and then reformulation had to happen.
It’s also a lesson that sometimes flavours that work in baked goods, or food that we actually eat doesn’t translate very well with the ingredients I have for tea. And that’s ok, because now I know!

June Is Here!


2016-05-27 15.55



And so is June’s Forest Witch Newsletter! You can sign up through the link if you’re not already on the list. It’s at the least a once monthly email, though sometimes you’ll get smaller emails concerning special things like last month’s early announcement of my Hogwarts House Tea Blends.

Besides that… it appears I’ve disappeared from this blog for 23 days! Holy moly! Now, I do have that little image on the right column that says I’m blogging without obligation, but it sure has been a while for the time of year when I’m most eager to communicate!

Well, it’s been super busy! Each week has had many tasks and projects to do, lots of it concerning the gardens here, my new raised veggie and herb bed for example (though it cost a bit to set up, I’m trying to work smarter, not harder, especially since now I’m running a small business!).

The husband-man and I bought our first car last week, which meant nearly the whole week was full of car things, discussion, phone calls, scanning documents… But in the end, I think we’re both really happy with our new, adorable vehicle!
Now… if only it were electric, and batteries were better! But I think we’ll see that in the near future 🙂


2016-05-27 15.4

Hibiscus & Ivy


I have a feeling it is finally going to slow down a bit, but I’ve definitely come to realize that my birth month is one of the two busiest months of the year for me (the other being December). And that’s fine by me since I love the start of gardening season, and being outside, and sitting on patios, bonfires, sunshine, flowers, bees, birds, and good company.

There’s a few more odds and ends to be done for the garden anyhow, but not a whole lot more of the labour and time-intensive things. Although later this summer, I plan on building a greenhouse, and perhaps a cold-frame contraption for my new raised bed. We shall see what I can accomplish with my resources and know-how. 🙂


2016-05-27 15.57



And as for teas, oh, I have some big plans, BIG PLANS I SAY!! Actually, if you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll know what those plans are! But I am quite excited about them. The process is a little lengthier, but I’m hoping to finish the project within the next week or two!

Oh, summertime, you are one of my favourite times. Though to be fair, I love all the seasons when they come. I’m excited for many trail rides, drives to the beach, the beach itself, lots of gardening and harvesting and canning/cooking! I have plans for what I hope will be a goodly sized crop of raspberries this year, two jams, a regular and a seedless for my mama. Oh, it all just fills me up with an indescribable joy!

I hope you are enjoying this time of year as much as I am!



I’m Back

So I returned from my trip to see my grandparents on Saturday night. Was pretty tired! Things went well for the most part. It’s interesting how you realize more and more who people really are as you get older.

Since my return, I’ve been making tea like a mad woman to fill out the orders I received whilst away. Accidentally made a whole bunch of a tea I didn’t need to make for a large order, oh well! Lol.

I also need to make a goodly sized order for ingredients at the beginning of next month, which I’m happy to do, I love getting mail, even though it’s tea that’s going to be made for you, dear gentle readers! I got an order this week for some new flavour oils and some droppers (I really should have got those to begin with for the oils! They are a life saver!), and am dreaming up some delicious summertime teas… I’ve got a lot of ideas floating around, guys!

So now that orders are filled out and ready for shipping, there’s a commission or two to work on, and a small collection of teas I’m super excited about (no hints!!!! It’s a surprise!! :D)

Anywho, enough about me? How have you been?

Bananas Are Good Tea

Bananas Are Good

A hearty black tea with bananas and pineapples. Calendula petals reminiscent of banana peel, and cornflowers to make sure you know you’re going on an adventure in the T.A.R.D.I.S. with your favourite Doctor.

A perfect cup to sit down and binge-watch your favourite seasons!

You can find Bananas Are Good tea here, or if you’re looking for other story inspired teas, have a gander here.

Skadi Tea


This is a week of ALL THE POSTS!

A perfect cup to keep you sharp as you hunt in the snow-covered mountains. Or, you know, just when you’re looking outside at all that snow and need a pick-me up!

This tea starts with a bracing dash of peppermint, followed by a woody and earthy sprinkle of lavender, and finishes with sweet, dried blueberries to remind you that summer will come again. But in the meantime, enjoy this beautiful, cold season.

This tea is perfect as an offering to Skadi, whether you offer it alone or share a cup with Her. Also excellent for the pure enjoyment of it!

You can find Skadi’s Tea here, or have a gander in my Devotional Teas section here.

Dark Moon Tea

Dark Moon.jpg

Take a walk in the starlit sky, there’s no moonlight to illuminate your path this night. The scent of earth and crushed berries will guide you to your place of power.

Honeybush tea provides a sweet and fruity base, complimenting elderberries, and a hint of raspberry. Mugwort adds a subtle earthy herbiness to the blend, ensuring you know that this is a cup from the wild, dark wood, meant for midnight rituals among the trees.

You can find my Dark Moon tea here, and more magickal teas here.


Also!! I have created a separate listing for samples as having to issue refunds for shipping overages just takes up way too much time! You can find the listing here. In the listing, you will find a list of all teas I offer as samples, then once you know what you want, order the number you want, and leave a note to seller at checkout of which blends you’d like sent your way! Pretty simple, and much more efficient!
Efficiency is very important. *nods*

Heimdall Tea


A light, lemony green tea, with a subtle hint of breezy mint, and sweet, nutty coconut blend.

Inspired and imbued with the Watcher’s energies, this tea will help keep you sharp! Enjoy this tea as you contemplate all the details of your future endeavours, share a cup with Heimdallr, or simply offer it up to Him. Can certainly be enjoyed without any other purpose than enjoyment too!

You can find Heimdall’s tea in my shop, The Forest Witch. And if you’re looking for other Deity’s teas, take a look in my Devotional Teas section.

Shipping Prices Change

Just an administrative note to let you all know that my shipping prices have changed. Don’t worry, you’ll be paying less when you make a purchase!

After having sold enough orders to see exactly what each shipment was going to cost (as I have found estimated prices on Canada Post have been more than what actually gets charged).

So, for the prices!
Shipping within Canada has gone from 3.50$ USD to 2.50$ USD (3.43$ CDN)

To the US, shipping has gone from 5.50$ USD to 4.00$ USD

Internationally, shipping has gone from 10.00$ USD to 6.00$ USD

So if you were thinking of making a purchase, but were leery on the shipping costs, now you need not worry as much!!


Cozy Nights Tea

Cozy Nights.jpg

Warm and sweet, a cup with the dark, roasted flavour of black tea blended with the sweet and nutty taste of rooibos to start. Then comes the Belgian milk chocolate and almonds.

Curl up on a cold winter’s night as you sip this dessert in a cup. Have some laughs with those you love, and play some board games as you weather the storms in good company.

Check out Cozy Nights tea, or you can find my other seasonal blends here.