Njordr Tea


A seemingly simple, yet pleasantly deep cup of tea.

Inspired and imbued with the Lord of the Sea’s energies, this tea can be drunk by the sea on a brisk day, or when you imagine the rhythmic waves crashing on the shore! Share a cup with Njordr, or simply offer it up to Him. Can certainly be enjoyed without any other purpose than enjoyment too!

Black tea mixed with fennel and cloves.

You can find the listing here, and check out my storefront here.

Idunn Tea


Like a walk through the orchard. The bees are buzzing in the flowers nearby, and fresh apples are enjoyed beneath the old trees. Slightly spiced, and oh so sweet.

Inspired and imbued with the sweet Orchard Keeper’s energies, this tea is a lovely way to relax outside, or dream of the ease of summer! Enjoy this tea as you contemplate what delicious apple goodies you’re going to be making, share a cup with Idunn, or simply offer it up to Her. Can certainly be enjoyed without any other purpose than enjoyment too!

You’ll find the listing here, and you can check out the storefront here for other delicious teas!

My 1st Annual Yule Gift Guide


<3 A fantastic pagan gift guide with items from yours truly!

Originally posted on whiskey and incense:

I love shopping. I absolutely love it. Looking at pretty things, comparing prices, all of it. I do not coupon, though. That would be putting a pinkie toe over the lazy line that I will not cross. :P

gift With the various gift-giving holidays on the horizon (less than a month til Yule now, folks!), I thought it would be fun to post some suggestions of awesome stuff I’ve found while doing my own shopping that you might want to check out when making your list. I’m not affiliated with any of these shops or sellers. Just sharing some things I love! All prices listed are current as of this post and are in USD. Please check each shop’s policies about their turn-around time and take into account your own location in relation to theirs before ordering if you want something in time for Yule!

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So Much

It is busy! But in a very happy way! I’m grateful for those who have bought my teas, I’m so excited to be making them, and excited to share things that are nom! I absolutely love tea, and making teas for my Gods and sharing with Them has been quite the experience. I can definitely say that the process has brought me closer to Them, made Them more tangible and present, as physical things are wont to do. And with tea, I ingest it, take it into myself, I share it with Them… it is an interesting and lovely experience, I must say!

Which is why it makes me excited to be doing this, to have thought to offer the same experience to others with their Gods/Spirits. I’m just super happy to be doing this… if you couldn’t already tell!

Now, the process of figuring out how best to ship has been an interesting journey, one I’ve hopefully figured out, at least for now and with the packaging I currently have for my teas. Also… let me say I hate that I can send something to the US for cheaper than within Canada. Ugh, I hate our Postal system. Thankfully I am able to send things quite cheaply here, but still. Makes no sense. Is anger making.

So besides all the tea-induced delirium, there’s lots of Yule preparations happening. I have my list of goodies I am making this year, as well as making teas for friends whom I did not have time to cross stitch something for. Also teas for family… teas for everyone! ;)
I’m hoping this year after all the festivities are over, I’m not going to get sick  three times in close succession afterwards… that was… not fun. Hopefully my system will be able to handle all the social interactions and sick people better! Fingers crossed!

And lastly, a few weeks ago was time for a revelation in a dream. I haven’t shared about it because it had hit me right in the feels. I’m not going to go into much detail because I’m still processing this, as well as still figuring out what it means for me and my relationships with my Gods. Not to worry, I think it was a good thing to have seen, though not necessarily the happiest. Tears happened.
I don’t often dream about my Gods, though I have of Baldr the most this past year; and this dream was so very impactful, showed the connections that go beyond this life I live. And there was so much love. And I can’t even express how awed and grateful I am to Him for the experience of it, for sharing it with me.
It’s things like that that set me aright time and again, that let me know this is where I’m supposed to be.


Mother’s Night Tea

Mother's Night

A delicious, cider-like tea for sharing with your Disir, or to warm up after the cold outside.

The honeybush and apple really compliment each other, bringing out the fruit flavours of both, whilst still lending that honey-like flavour of the honeybush to the tea.
With this, cinnamon and ginger bring a sweet, warm deepness to the cup.

Cozy up with a good book and your family as you sip this tea that reminds us of home, and the women who provided home for us.


You can find Mother’s Night tea in my shop, The Forest Witch.

Butterbeer Tea


I’m so excited about this tea guys! Not only because it’s Harry Potter themed, but because it is the first of fantastical, story-based teas I’m going to be making!

This is definitely a tea to have for dessert! Though not so sweet you won’t want a second cup ;)

A yummy, sweet and full flavoured rooibos tea blended with butterscotch chips, cinnamon, allspice, ginger and coconut. This is one I’m personally going to be drinking all winter, along with Yule Father!

Have a look at the Butterbeer tea, or check out the shop to see what other scrumptious teas I have up!

Full Moon Tea

Full Moon

A lovely warm drink for your Full Moon rituals or observance (no ritual required!). Green tea blended with mugwort, plum, fennel and jasmine. For a floral and fruity tea, it is surprisingly full flavoured.

Sold 20 teaspoons to a bag to bring you 20 cups of tea. Just add it to 1 cup of almost boiling water.

You can find the Full Moon tea here, and have a gander at my shop front here.


Dear Poseidon, or: I want to reject compassion

Originally posted on Strip Me Back To The Bone:

Dear Poseidon,

Compassion has been a cornerstone of o/Our relationship since the very first day w/We met and You held compassion for me. You planted a seed of compassion for others within me, though it would be years and years before that would sprout. Awareness, You stress — take in all sides, view the big picture, strive to understand the full story, and then, compassion.

Compassion isn’t complacency. It’s not being a doormat. It’s not turn the other cheek while atrocious things are done to you. Sometimes compassion is action, and sometimes its hard action, but ideally with personal desires removed — justice versus revenge, even when the outcome is the same. It’s why I can say I strive toward being compassionate, and still think the death penalty is sometimes necessary, or at least, more desirable, more proper than letting people continue to live. Though, that’s beginning to slip, these…

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Thor Tea


A yummy tea for the God of Thunder!
Black tea, peppermint, spearmint and Belgian milk chocolate steep together to make a delicious tea to share with Thor.

Black tea and chocolate provide a sweet, earthy, and warm base for the mints to float upon, reminding you of that storm on the horizon.

Have a looksee at Thor’s tea, or browse my shop!

Taking Time for Paris


I’m taking a few moments this morning for some prayers, though I’ll likely be talking to my Gods all day long about this atrocious attack.

I think now’s a good time for all of us to pray to our Gods, or work some magick, to wipe the extremist ISIL fucks from the face of our planet.

My thoughts and love are with you, Paris. <3