A Month for Baldr – XIII – Modern Cultural Issues

Well, immediately what comes to mind when I think of what would Baldr be concerned with in general is those who suffer from depression, and the alienation that usually comes with it. Those who cannot find a light in their lives, cannot find what is good and will bring them joy (whether via depression, or a seeming inability to find what makes them happy).

The reason I feel that this important to Him comes from both of His tales about His death. In both, He wastes away for awhile before succumbing to His fated death. I belive that He likely did suffer depression, whether over the fact that He could not have Nanna (Saxo’s version), or that He knew His death was coming, that His entire life was about to change (Snorri’s), and we all know that change is never handled well by anyone. And in the case of a God, knowing that you’d be separated from your family, from the life you knew, unable to go back and live that life anymore… well, that’s pretty heavy stuff. He knows despair.

Along with knowing hopelessness, and dread, it seems that He knows how to get out of it as well. He is likened to the Sun, after all, and I feel that along with lighting up Hel’s domain, He recovered His own light again once He had taken on His new role in Helheim, of adjusting, and seeing what good He could do there.

What I’ve also noticed over the course of o/Our relationship is how fond He is of natural places, meadows full of flowers, crop fields, forests, rivers… anywhere really in nature. I very much feel a strong relationship, and much welcome for Him from the land wherever He goes with me. It simply feels as though He has a strong bond with the earth, that He wishes for a good balance in any ecosystem, including our own human roles upon the earth. This aligns well for me with His marriage to Nanna, who is very earthy to me. I often imagine She would have helped Idunn in the orchards, tending the golden apples which kept the Gods alive and youthful.

A Month for Baldr – 20 – Loyalty

“It is those who bear the deepest loyalties who will be able to do what you cannot,
who can carry outthose things that are most dreadful when you cannot possibly
fathom taking on the task yourself.”


Card of the Day – 07/28/2015

2015-07-28 15.36.26

Four Pentacles
There is much more to the world than what can be attained physically, what wealth and possessions one can aquire. Don’t let the shine blind your vision, look for more, there is alwas more that will fulfill you than merely earthly goods.

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A Month for Baldr – XII – Associated Places

While there is no conclusive evidence that Baldr had cult, (arguably, the only Gods we know of Who did were Odinn, Frey, and Thor), Baldr was known to the Scandinavian people. When the Saxons went West to Britain, Baldr followed with the rest of Them.

There aren’t really any places named for Him as some of the other Gods (I’m looking at You, Frija/Freyja/Frigg!), but if you look at maps in Scandinavia, you’ll often see His name used for street names, as well as pretty much all the other Gods.

If you are aware of any places in any of the Scandinavian countries, or even given to some Anglo Saxon places, do let me know! I think I saw somewhere that Pol (derivative of Phol) was used in some place names in Britain, but am really unsure as to where I saw that and if the source was right (at least in terms of the namesake representing Baldr).

A Month for Baldr – 19 – Memories

“Memories provide fodder when life is slow, whether sweet or not.
Don’t allow memories to fill each hour of your day, now is what counts,
now is when you can make better or sweeter memories to think on when 
you are old and grey.”


A Month for Baldr – XI – Festivals & Sacred Times

Alas, here is another opportunity to say how little information there is out there, and how few people I’ve seen working with Him with much of their own practice (whether witheld for privacy or simply because the relationship is not primary, or sporadic).

For me, Yule is a big one, it’s a big one for many people generally even outside the connection with their Gods, the Sun will be making its return, easier times are on their way again. Yule is when I officially met Baldr as Himself. Though I found out that He had been hanging around a few weeks prior, I took some time to figure that out, to not necessarily be cautious, but look over what had been going on for me in journeying for the last little while, marking the shift of Who I thought was Odinn, and Who was actually Baldr. Sometimes, They come to us with Other’s faces.

I had notced over the last few months prior to December that Odinn’s looks had been changing, becoming younger, though still very much resembling Him. He was also becoming a bit less SRS BSNSS, and in hindsight I see the slow shift between Odinn being Who I was working with and the hand off to Baldr (not that I don’t work with Odinn anymore, in fact, quite the opposite).

But besides the personal interactions between u/Us, Yule is important because He is an embodiment of the Sun, and while I’m not sure quite yet for myself where I stand insofar as Him as a yearly sacrifice a la Oak King vs. Holly King (though I do tend to lean a bit that way, since I don’t really believe that Ragnarok is a Thing), there is that sort of energy with Yule and Baldr.

Ostara ended up being pretty important too, though more in observance of the Sun’s power than in doing anything terribly significant with Baldr. It just felt important. Perhaps the why for the importance will unfold next Ostara, perhaps. 

And along with Yule, Midsummer was significant. Some bigger things between u/Us were revealed, and of course, if you’ve been playing along, more open communication went back up between u/Us.

So far, that’s all w/We’ve had together, and I’m sure things will evolve over the years.

Why Animism and Polytheism are Radical Religions in Capitalist Societies


Wow, this is just so much yes! I don’t even have words since Sarenth used them all and so eloquently.
Take a few minutes and read this fantastic article!

Originally posted on Sarenth Odinsson's Blog:

A good deal of animism and polytheism’s power, as it is expressed in outward form, is that it directly challenges the overculture’s directions to consume and produce for their own sake.  Slavoj Žižek notes that products like Coke produce their own perpetual desire.  In “The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology”, he notes that Coke self-perpetuates by two ways, in that it makes one’s duty to consume and enjoy Coke, and that the consumption of it leads to the thirst that leads a person to want to consume it more.  After all, it is a drink, but by its nature it produces further thirst rather than satiating it.

The paradox of Coke is that you are thirsty, you drink it.  But, as everyone knows, the more you drink it, the more thirsty you get.

Polytheism demands us to understand that while pleasure, the satiation of thirst, and enjoyment may be side-benefits of…

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A Month for Baldr – 18 – Anger

“Anger makes us blind to any other need, as well as how we affect others and the world about us.
Anger provides us the fire needed to seek justice. Temper that fire with wisdom so your actions will truly be just.”


A Month for Baldr – X – Offerings

As far as historical offerings go, I have no idea. There isn’t much evidence of a wide worship of Baldr (yet, so until we find something incredible, or we travel back in time, we really won’t know), so all I have is what is between the two of u/Us, and the little bits and pieces around the interwebs from His other people (though once again, there really aren’t that many, and it seems like most of them have either a peripheral, or a very private relationship with Him).

For me, I offer the obvious chamomile tea, usually with honey. I typically end up having tea with Him, enjoying my own cup as He enjoys His. I offer a few hours of candle burning (one of Beth’s Balder candles right now) on Sundays, as well as try to spend more time than usual with Him that day, although I think it may have to be a different day as the household’s schedule has been shifting, and weekends have become busier.
I also try to go out in nature or my garden and enjoy the beauty found there, I always feel Him around emphatically when I’m out in the wide wide. Honestly, I don’ think there is much that Baldr would say no to when offering to Him. I feel He really enjoys when we ourselves find joy in life, appreciating each moment for what it is and what it brings us; basically trying to live in the moment.

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