A Month for Baldr – 5 – Forgiveness

“Forgiveness is borne of love,
When those who have wronged against you are important enough,
Their reasons just enough, almost anything can be forgiven.
It is a powerful magic, and should never be taken lightly,
Those who easily forgive others who do wrong with malicious intent,
Where there is no love aflow between both hearts,
Only brings further damage to the one who forgives.

Forgiveness is not for the feint of heart.” 


You’d expect that this post would touch on His forgiving of Who had killed Him. Yet His death, and the circumstances around it, are not all of Who He is at all. At all.

In communicating with Him about today’s topic, He wants me to think about where forgiveness is right, where it belongs, and where it just doesn’t fit. It really only matters to forgive someone when the person actually holds any importance to you.
You aren’t going to go forgiving asshole drivers you don’t even know from cutting you off, are you?
The same sort of sentiment is applied to situations where you are working with someone, and there’s no real relationship outside of that work. There is no need to forgive your co-working for claiming ownership of one of your great ideas, it requires for you to now be wary of divulging anything to that person from that point forward. Forgiveness in that situation makes no sense. They’re just a self-serving dick. Your forgiveness won’t be sought out, and the only one who’d feel anything from it would be you, and then you’d be disappointed later on when they end up doing something else down the line.

No, that’s not where forgiveness is to be applied.

We have a strange relationship with forgiveness, us humans. We believe it to be some sort of thing to be achieved in every situation, for every wrong against us. That we need to “forgive and forget”. This is not helpful to either party. To forget it is to dismiss the lesson in it, both for the wrong-doer, and the slighted.

What Baldr wants me to know is that forgiveness is a process, it requires the pain of an important-to-us person’s maligned actions, it requires the fallout that occurs afterwards. Then comes the decision to make on how much the person means to us, what reparations they can make. There’s a lot of Gebo here, of making the connections between hearts flow equally once more. And both people here learn about each other more deeply.

It is not easy to forgive when those we love hurt us. Forgiveness is love at one of its highest capabilities, and nothing to take for granted.

A Month for Baldr – 4 – Beginning

When contemplating this post, I wasn’t really sure what sort of beginning I should write about with Baldr, o/Our beginning, His beginning in Asgard, or perhaps even His new life in Hel after His death.

As His Father’s Son, He very much has a sense of exploration, of seeking, adventure, intrigue; of finding new places, people. As a Prince of Asgard, being groomed in diplomatic relations (though as any young Prince, likely found Himself in trouble a time or two when bravado trumped wisdom).

Yet, that’s not what I want to talk about.

We’ve already talked about His and my beginning, so that’s no good here either.

He began His new life, cut off from His family when He died. Sent to Hel’s realm. And where some might think this was just the end of what He was, that He just hangs around Hel’s halls all day long, I very much believe He’s still off adventuring in the realm of the Dead.

And still, this is not what I want to talk about.
I want to talk about Baldr Himself, not His stories, His history, what His future could be. Baldr Himself is the essence of beginnings. He is very much light, like sunshine, nourishing seeds to push past the dirt covering them to bask in His rays. His personality, His presence very much supports you, warm and light as you embark on your own adventures. He urges you to find beauty in the world around you, which allows you to rediscover where you are again.
His energy is hopeful and encourages you to see the silver lining, to follow that light back into the sunshine.

“I am the beginning at the end.
I flourish where darkness lies
For my light shines, still.
Ever outwards,
For light never stops moving.”

And that’s what Baldr wanted to say.

A Month for Baldr – 3 – Together

Your relationship with your devotional topic.”

I was thinking, haven’t I already talked about this yesterday with the “how” post? Well, yes and no. I talked about how w/We’ve been doing over the past few months, but not necessarily what o/Our relationship is.

As much as I want to talk about those more intimate details, I don’t tend to publicly. And as much as I adore reading about others’ very personal journeys with their own Gods, I just have a hard time showing that to others. I realize this is the internet, there can be trolls, and there is a certain amount of anonymity in writing online, but it’s still hard.

And yet. There is so much to be gleaned for me, personally, as I’ve said before, in writing for others. Things you have to figure out to make coherent for others to read that also allows one to see much deeper into things than would normally be seen. So let’s begin…

Baldr is sweet, He is warm, He is joy and appreciation of all aspects of daily life as well as spiritual life. He is often on my mind, and whispering in my ear, guiding me to find gratefulness for everything I can do, everything that makes me happy. He feeds off of that, and the light that He is glows in me, making me brighter, as my own merriment returns to Him, shining back at me through Him.

He is open and accepting. He is good for the cuddles. He is goofy and makes me smile, even when other people look at me funny. Honestly, I sometimes feel like a school girl around Him, but one that doesn’t have to admire Him from across the hallway. He is always there, there aren’t very many moments when I don’t feel Him around me, even if that’s all I get is the sense of His presence and no more. I think about the past couple months when I tried to keep away from Him, thinking I wasn’t “ready” for some reason or other, and He was still there. Always on my mind. Always keeping Himself tangible in some way.

Our relationship makes me excited, and it also has really made me see how other I have become from the general populace. Yet there is no loss in that for me. I don’t want to waste my time doing things I don’t enjoy, that don’t nourish my soul. I don’t want to do what women are “supposed” to do, going out, gossiping, and talking about things that don’t really matter. I find I can’t talk to a lot of people anymore about what’s going on with me because most people don’t understand, and especially as someone with a non-mainstream spirituality, would likely see me as a bit nuts. It’s lucky that I do in fact do a lot with my day with gardening and making things, otherwise I’d have nothing to talk about with pretty much everyone I know, as I’m the only polytheist/much woo in my life person I know outside of the internets.
That being said, I really don’t mind. I like that my days are filled with things that matter to me, truly, and on a deep level. I like that I don’t waste away much time on things that are incredibly trivial and don’t contribute anything at all to who I am as a person and the life I make for myself. I like that Baldr can be part of so much of my life because I’m outside of the regular people life.

And I think He’s happy He’s got more of me to Himself than would normally happen were I to live an “ordinary” life.

A Month for Baldr – 2 How

“How – How did you become involved with your devotional topic?”

I have already discussed this way back in January (where the Hel is this year going???!!!). So I won’t actually be addressing the How w/We got involved, but I will be talking about how our path together has been since January. (Seriously, first half of 2015, where did you go!!!)

So it’s been 5 months, I actually figured I’d have talked more about it, and yet, I know myself, and I know that I don’t enjoy talking about things that are very close and important to me until certain situations have passed so that I’m more detatched from the emotion of it all. It’s more a tactic to feel less vulnerable, I suppose.
Anyway, I want to start this off with the fact that I get in my own damn way. Yep. I was doing just fine talking with Him, mostly through tarot (though I did journey to Him a few times), and then for some silly reason or other, I decided that I “wasn’t ready” in some way, that I was to distance myself from Him. Don’t ask me why, I couldn’t even tell you. There was no actual reason between the two of u/Us, but my own feeling of being unfit, of having to wait till the right time (whenever the Hel that was supposed to be). This happened around Ostara, so for a few months, things had been more distant between u/Us for no actual legitimate reason.

Now, don’t worry, I’m not actually that down on myself about it, it happens, it’s human to feel inadequate, and it often hinders us from doing the things we ought to, or which would really benefit us.

So to sum that up, I’ve effectively been keeping u/Us from really building o/Our relationship up.

What has also happened is that I’ve been Told to stop using my Tarot to communicate, that I can hear Him and the rest of Them just fine. Yes, They allow for confirmation every once in a while, especially on the things that are important, but for the most part, I’m being pushed to rely on my spirit ears. This was made abundantly clear when conversations through the cards would be terribly contradictory and made absolutely no sense at all.

While I am enjoying that all I need is to listen to communicate with Him, at the same time, I still feel like I’m not ready for that, that I’m just talking to myself in my head. There’s a strange detatchment that comes about though when I do chat with Him, in that I am to take it for what it is. A system is coming into place to ensure that what I hear and see is not just my own mind going wild. I’ve got to say, I’m flabberghasted that it has all been so very clear. I’ve actually been working on a post about how I communicate with Them, which will hopefully be going up soon, so I will definitely elaborate more there on how I keep it all in check.

I have to say here too, even though this isn’t a Baldr thing (though He’s telling me He did have a hand in it), that I owe my gratitude to Thor for popping up a while ago. As I said in my post about Him showing up, it was all about DOING. Which has kind of become an awesome mantra. Just do the things. I have to say, I’ve been much happier for it, happier in a sense of accomplishment, and happier in a sense that I am also building up the connections with my Gods, as well as the magic that surrounds me. Obviously this also goes into the more mundane aspects of my life as well.

After all of the DOING, I also got a check in reading from Beth for Midsummer, and though I won’t go into detail, it just allowed me to see that I can’t be cutting myself off from Him anymore. Also, her readings are amazing <3 <3 <3

Here I am now, doing, still even! And listening to Baldr. It’s been good. :)

A Month for Baldr – 1 – Who

I decided since July is not a very busy garden month, and I will need something other than weeding, cross-stitching Yule gifts, and wanting it to not be so damned hot out, to do in the meantime :)

So for today, I get to write about Who I’ve chosen to be my focus for the month. Clearly, since you are reading this, dear gentle reader, you already know Who I’m going to be writing about. Baldr, He of much brightness and joy. I won’t write overly much here as I will be getting into some interesting thoughts and experiences with Him over the coming weeks, but I will say I am excited about this. Also, He’d like you all to know He’s excited too. Though more on a personal level for our relationship… but seriously, He’s grinning :D

For those of you who’d like to do this as well, here is where the meme is, though I’ll provide the jist of each day’s focus below:

1. Who? – Deity, spirit or chosen devotion for the month
2. How – How did you become involved with your devotional topic?
3. Together – Your relationship with your devotional topic
4. Beginning
5. Forgiveness
6. Light
7. Dark
8. Hope
9. Faith
10. Soul
11. Happiness
12. Sadness
13. Transformation
14. Understanding
15. Companionship
16. Friendship
17. Love
18. Anger
19. Memories
20. Loyalty
21. Weakness
22. Strength
23. Blessing
24. Comfort
25. Knowledge
26. Growth
27. Balance
28. Lost
29. Encouragement
30. Ending
31. Dear – A concluding personal letter to your devotional topic.

So I hope you’ll join me in chatting about Who, and even what you are devoted to for a month, as I always love reading memes like this where prompts can bring up all sorts of treasures about how we all interact and love our Gods/spirits/etc.

Questions of Consent and Problematic Lore


I can’t even tell you how much I agree with this article.

Originally posted on Strip Me Back To The Bone:

(Originally this was to be a response to a comment, but, er, well, it sort of took on a life of its own, and viola, a blog post was born. Thank you, Poppy, for the inspiration. Also note: the you in all this is general you, and I’m using Odin as an example both because He’s one of the two I’m involved with and because He is one of the ones whose name comes up a lot re: abusive gods)

What makes navigating these waters so difficult, at least to my thinking is: how do we judge Them? Do we judge Them as human, in terms of the boundaries we set up and defend, in terms of the cultural mores that we apply to Them or demand They stick to, in terms of the very language we use when talking about our experiences with Them? Ultimately, this is a decision…

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Against Their Will: Our Duty to Respond to Fellow Polytheists in Distress


Yes, more reblogging, however this is such an important article! Just read and you’ll get it!

Originally posted on Magick From Scratch:

11140123_10153135382268705_6716534346276535975_nAs I am watching people crawl out of the woodworks,voicing their support for a theology of consent in the Polytheist community, a question has come up.

“This is all well and good, but how do we make the gods participate?”

For those of us, who, like me, certainly couldn’t just will a harmful manifestation of deity away with positive-thinking and pixie-dust, what is the actual path forward?

It’s hard to say for sure. While there are a sizable number of people with experiences similar to mine, where a deity was simply intent on grinding the mortal in question into the dirt until they relented, there is precious little, right now, being said about how to compassionately respond to the suffering of people going through something like this. There is even less being said about how to make it stop.I can’t answer this question all by myself, but I have…

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Hermes: Don’t Worship Jerks


Ooh, so very much yes!

Originally posted on Magick From Scratch:

Being a deity isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Most of your job, as a deity, is listening to people complain. People don’t pay you, most of the time. Often enough, they don’t even pay your clergy. Those are the polite ones, relatively speaking. Then there are the people who just yank on your metaphysical junk, point at a thing and say “make my spell work.”

The only small pleasure I take in it is when I make someone’s life better. It is as true for you as it is for me, that giving is an emotional need. Doing good for others makes you feel good about yourself. Being kind to others, doing good to them, reveling in their appreciation, their adoration, is one of the most sublimely intoxicating and selfish pleasures a deity can indulge in.

People who do not understand this tend to be miserable pricks. They…

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My Odin, and other People’s Odins


So much yes.
I think a lot of issues with trying to have what someone else has, or thinking you or others are DOING IT WRONG because no two relationships look exactly alike, could be quelled if we could just accept that the Deity I get is not exactly the same as the One you get. That my history and experiences with Them are not yours. And in a simple term, my inside jokes with Them will be different than yours.

The other issue I feel that often gets brought into play too frequently is the fact that we want to be right, we want to have THE TRUTH, THE WAY, and if it looks different than someone else’s, they’re wrong. And since the Gods and spirits cannot come and incarnate just to tell us all for good who’s right and wrong in a way for everyone to plainly see and accept, it will remain a might sticky when one person’s perception of a Deity is quite different, or doesn’t make sense to another. (Also, look how misinterpreted and misrepresented the bible is, even if the Gods came to sort it out once and for all, everyone would interpret Their words to best suit themselves anyway :P)

What is so important to keep in mind is that the Gods cannot (and will not) be squished into a neat little box with Their name on it. They are expansive, growing, and evolving Beings, as are we in our much smaller capacity. It is a disservice to Them, and a disservice to ourselves to try to make my version of the Gods match up 100% laser cut perfection with yours.

Beth said it wonderfully, that even we have different roles and ways of interacting with each person in our lives, depending on the relationship, history, and shared interests.

Originally posted on Wytch of the North:

This post has been marinating in my head for a while now, but I really got a shove to get it out of my head and onto the screen after reading Nono’s latest post (Some Misconceptions about Demons) in which he discusses—among other things—the distinction between the Face of an individual demon and the Hat that demon wears. Now, I am not involved with the Infernal pantheon, beyond being on politely friendly terms with Lucifer (I was definitely a Lucifer fangirl in my teens and early twenties, to the point where Odin found the most expedient way to make inroads into my head back then was by assuming Lucifer’s identity—which was done with Lu’s consent), plus a couple of Others encountered via making devotional items for Their people. However, I definitely see some correlations between the Hat/Face dichotomy and the way other, non-Infernal deities operate. I decided to…

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Card of The Day – 11/06/2015


VII The Chariot
Today, you have won. Victory is yours. Your skill and hard work has paid off, all the driving forces spurring you forward (the good and the not so noble) have balanced within you to provide you with this success. Enjoy it, revel in it, for tomorrow there will be new battles to be won.

Well, hello again! The Man and I had gone on an unfortunate camping trip to one of the provincial parks over the weekend. What was supposed to be a three night stay turned into one since the mosquitoes were ridiculous! We went on a trail the first night, immediately hit with a cloud of those small assholes, and preceded for the next hour to rush as fast as we could out of that torturous hell. The yurt we stayed in was also located in a very shitty spot where the mosquitoes had ample opportunity to breed and fly around unhindered as there was barely a breeze at the site.
The following day when we had decided to leave, we went to check out the lake and souvenir shop, where it was lovely and breezy, there was nary a mosquito to be found at the shop. You’d really think they’d place the yurts, which cost quite a bit more per night, in  prime location, free of bugs, such as near that shop area! Which there was definitely plenty of room for privacy around there!

Needless to say, if you’re ever going to camping in one of the Ontario parks, Bon Echo is extremely buggy, go in May or September, not in mosquito season.

Anywho, I had closed my shop over the weekend, but it is now happily open again! I also wanted to let you know I have added a one card reading that isn’t concerned with deity communication, just a plain old mundane reading :)