An Arrow To The Knee Tea

An Arrow.jpg

Have you ever imagined what life is like after having been an adventurer, then having your career cut short by an arrow to the knee? The obvious choice is guard duty, and I hear it’s actually a pretty sweet gig! You get to strong-arm the stall owners for samples, you know, just to make sure there’s no hidden skooma on those sweet treats, of course!

Black tea blended with hazelnuts and pistachios, apples, pears and pineapple.

A delicious treat while you walk the Market’s well worn paths.


An Arrow To The Knee can be found here, and other fantastical & nerdy teas found here.



This Saturday, February 13th, we are planning a SJWW (Social Justice Witches Working) against Boko Haram. If you are on Facebook the event page is here. Consider yourself invited, whether on Facebook or not, as this is a public event and as many folks as possible are asked to join for the oomph a collective can bring.



Invite your friends who would like to support this effort! This event is public. Details are below on the timing and bones of the working. I’ve added a poem I’m going to use (use as desired). I’ll be dressing candles with an herb and oil blend particular to the cause. I personally will be invoking Medusa’s unflinching gaze into the mix as i am working with Her this year. Add your comments, post your outlines, run with it!


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YouTube Pagan Challenge – Week 4

Yes, I understand, I haven’t done an altar video, I’m not entirely sure if I will or not. Who knows! But in this video, I chat about how I celebrate holidays as a pagan/polytheist :)

Some Pop Culture Paganism

Alright guys! Despite some quiet times spiritually for me (except for Yule night proper), there has been some major feels brought to me by a couple things over the holidays.

Concerning Star Wars and Sense8


First was Star Wars. Oh yes, dear gentle readers, that film really hit me in the feels, the way the Force worked, how it was once again a much more spiritual thing (I’ll just pretend the prequels never happened). The way it was almost tangible, for example: when Kylo confronts Rey in the woods the first time, and stops her in her tracks… Good Gods! I swear I could feel it, it was so powerful, so immediate.

And here’s where it gets spoilery for those who have not seen the movie yet: Rey. Fucking REY!!!! Her grasping her own power so quickly never felt out of place. She just accepted her ability, organically, without even much thought or mulling over it. Yes, there are likely heritage reasons for the Force being so strong in her, and a need for the Force to be balanced, so it would make sense why she was so powerful so quickly.

BUT… here’s where it becomes paganism, if you couldn’t already see where this was going… that complete acceptance of the power that laid within her, seemingly untouched for her whole life up to that point, was just so much yes.
You see, over the past few years, with my relationships with the Gods, and especially with my relationship with magick, or will, I’ve been contemplating and am ever aware of the thought that I just need to accept my own abilities, my own experiences, my own power in order for it to be the most effective. It has nothing to do with believing in it, nothing to do with learning about it. It is what it is.

What I say with intent, with force and will, shall come. It’s the acceptance of it that requires nothing more than myself. No outside tool, no outside revelations. This is raw, this is instinct, this is the molten core of my very being.

And Rey simply knowing, simply doing what she innately knew she already could, what she was always connected to, this is where it hit home for me that this vein running through me, this whatever you want to call it, energy, will, magick; it is most simply part of me, there is no separation between me and it, it is me. And it is bigger than me. It is connected to everything outside of what I consider me.


And secondly, there is Sense8. It’s a show about, you guessed it, eight people, around the world who are connected to one another, individual, yet intertwined and one with each other. Able to speak telepathically, even visit one another, feel each others’ emotions, touch each other (there definitely was a sex scene, wow! lol).

Just the way they were connected to each other reminded me so much of how connected we can be with our Gods as polytheists. It really brought to light that my Gods are People in the Otherworlds, and that w/We are connected, much like the characters from this show, who are again, rarely with each other physically as they all live all over the world.

Now obviously in the show, the connection is an evolutionary thing, viewed more scientifically especially because it is between humans, not human and spirit or other beings. But for myself, it was like a normalization of what I do, what I experience, that there is so much more to connection with someone/Someone than just what we can see and experience tangibly, and in our own world.

There were so many moments of emotion, unspoken, just emotion, in the show, and it reminded me so much of some of the intense experiences that have been deeply spiritual for me, that are so rich in simple emotion, in just being.

And don’t even get me started on the way the show used music to express the emotions of the interactions the characters had with each other. I’ve realized in the last few years just how much music affects me, and the way the instrumentals worked with those intense scenes was fantastic. It made me think of times I would reach out to my Gods and somehow the perfect song pops up in my earbuds.

I can’t recommend this show enough, you should definitely check it out if you can! It’s amazing how much I relate shows that have nothing to do with spirituality to my own spirituality. I think spirituality has become more of an unspoken thing in our media lately, usually involving some sort of evolution explanation. It’s not defined, but there’s something there that just speaks so much to our innate need for spirituality, for magic, for that something bigger than us.



The Norns Tea

The Norns.jpg

Walk beneath the tallest tree to visit the Norns if you dare. Remember They hold your fate in Their hands.

A black tea swirling with deep forest fruits of elderberry, currant, and blueberry. Woody clove and sweet fennel round out the flavour, all creating a deep cup of tea, dive in if you’ve the heart for it.

You can find The Norns tea here, and teas for other Deities here.

Ostara Tea


A simple, sweet treat of shortcake topped with delicious strawberries and blueberries.

Enjoy whilst planting seeds for your summer garden, taking walks in the wild to see the returning life, both bud and creature, and to celebrate the longer, warmer days!

This is a lovely, light and sweet tea that I’m sure I’ll be sipping often as the weather changes and I dream of the warm summer days to come!

You can find Ostara tea here, and if you’re looking for other seasonal treats, look no further than here!


Silence is Never Consent

Source: Silence is Never Consent

A thousand times this! Are we forgetting that silence is a self preservation mechanism when situations could prove to be threatening in someway if we speak out? Words matter.

Frigg Tea

Awww, thank you Shelley!!! I’m so glad you like this tea! I too am rather hesitant about buying floral teas as often they end up being over-perfumed! So when I got all my initial ingredients, I was so happy that the flowers themselves have a lovely flavour to them!!

Also, I giggled when you said Wodan tells it like it is. Whoo, boy, yes He does!! :P <3

Shelley in the Rain

This tea from The Forest Witch is ~amazing~ Seriously you guys, get some!

When I saw that her shop was offering sample sizes, I got almost every kind I found without ginger and coconut. This particular tea has, green tea, rose, jasmine, lavender, apple, and cloves. Floral flavors have historically been hit or miss for me. Jasmine especially has beeb a main ingredient in many teas that I can’t stand, but it’s also been in some of the good ones.

If sample sizes weren’t available, I probably wouldn’t have tried this tea. Not only because I was wary of the ingredients, but also because Frigg isn’t currently part of my personal pantheon. Last summer, when I was trying to sort out my pantheon and performing multiple divinations to confirm or make sense of my intuitions, Frigg was a goddess I was drawn to. I had my eye on a small portable…

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Shout-out to the Spoop Newbs and Older Spoopsters (plus bonus rant)

This is important!

a green branch

A shout-out to people who haven’t been dealing with spoop since their youth.

A shout-out to people whose spoop didn’t start when they were small children, when they were in elementary school, when they had yet to encounter long-division.

A shout-out to people whose spoop didn’t happen in middle-school, near puberty, or before they reached their 18th birthdays.

A shout-out to people who haven’t been dealing with spoop since they were in college, were in their 20s, or were first out adulting in the world.

A shout-out to people who didn’t have spoop happen until they were fathers or mothers, married, divorced or anything in between.

A shout-out to people who didn’t have their spoop happen until they were in their 30s, when they were well or chronically ill or just doing the best they could.

A shout-out to people who didn’t have their spoop happen until they were in…

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Skadi Tea


This is a week of ALL THE POSTS!

A perfect cup to keep you sharp as you hunt in the snow-covered mountains. Or, you know, just when you’re looking outside at all that snow and need a pick-me up!

This tea starts with a bracing dash of peppermint, followed by a woody and earthy sprinkle of lavender, and finishes with sweet, dried blueberries to remind you that summer will come again. But in the meantime, enjoy this beautiful, cold season.

This tea is perfect as an offering to Skadi, whether you offer it alone or share a cup with Her. Also excellent for the pure enjoyment of it!

You can find Skadi’s Tea here, or have a gander in my Devotional Teas section here.