Durga Tea


A bright and comforting cup of green tea sprinkled with flowers, with a dash of coconut and fruit juices to sweeten this delightful tea.

A delicate green tea base carries jasmine, rose and lavender flowers, providing quite a luxurious aroma. Orange, coconut, papaya and mango take you far off to warm lands where the lands provide such delicious delights.

Share this tea with Durga Herself, offer a cup to Her, or simply enjoy!

You can find Durga’s tea here, or if you’re looking for Someone else’s tea, check out the Devotional Teas section!

Athena Tea


Athena’s tea is quite a mellow cup, though full of delicious citrus flavour.

A delicate green tea base blended with lemongrass, peels of orange and lemon, a sweet press of apple, and lavender.

While quite a calming tea, it is perfect for studying on a quiet afternoon. You can share this cup with Athena, offer it to Her, or drink it simply to enjoy!

Many thanks to Danielle for helping me create this blend!

You can purchase Athena’s tea here, or if you’re looking for Someone else’s tea, check out my Devotional Teas section!

Pan Tea


Can you hear the call of the pipes on the winds winding through the forest? Light feet dancing here and there, but you’re unsure of exactly where?

A lovely green cup, reminiscent of the light filtered through summer’s high green canopy. Mint carries Pan’s music to your ears, whilst the marshmallow and apple entices you to stay a while, no maybe longer, just a bit longer. Lavender ties it together, offering a woody essence to the blend.

Offer a cup up to Pan Himself, share with Him, or simply enjoy!


You can find Pan’s tea here, and find other devotional teas here

Aphrodite Tea


Enjoy the tartness of fresh strawberries in the garden, smoothed with a hint of vanilla in a glorious deep pink cup.

Hibiscus provides the delicious base of this tea, adding the lovely fresh fruit tangy flavour, while strawberries sing out amongst roses and vanilla.

Offer up a cup to Aphrodite Herself, or share with Her. You are most definitely welcome to simply enjoy this delicious cup if you wish!

You can find Aphrodite’s tea here, and remember to have a look at the other devotional deity teas I offer can be found here!


The Norns Tea

The Norns.jpg

Walk beneath the tallest tree to visit the Norns if you dare. Remember They hold your fate in Their hands.

A black tea swirling with deep forest fruits of elderberry, currant, and blueberry. Woody clove and sweet fennel round out the flavour, all creating a deep cup of tea, dive in if you’ve the heart for it.

You can find The Norns tea here, and teas for other Deities here.

Skadi Tea


This is a week of ALL THE POSTS!

A perfect cup to keep you sharp as you hunt in the snow-covered mountains. Or, you know, just when you’re looking outside at all that snow and need a pick-me up!

This tea starts with a bracing dash of peppermint, followed by a woody and earthy sprinkle of lavender, and finishes with sweet, dried blueberries to remind you that summer will come again. But in the meantime, enjoy this beautiful, cold season.

This tea is perfect as an offering to Skadi, whether you offer it alone or share a cup with Her. Also excellent for the pure enjoyment of it!

You can find Skadi’s Tea here, or have a gander in my Devotional Teas section here.

Queen of Love


I always forget I have freckles till I see a picture of myself!

Guys…. GUYS…. !!!!!

I received this delicious piece of jewellery by Beth Wodandis last week… I can’t even describe how beautiful… how, just, so full of wonderful energy it is!!

I am still in awe of this piece, and I don’t think that is going away any time soon.


I bought this piece for myself not only because I had eyed it since Beth listed it a while ago, but because of some special Yule happenings that gave me a push to have a physical manifestation of said happenings. Something that needed to be very special. And that’s precisely what Beth makes, very special, powerful pieces.

I definitely feel very stately and radiant wearing it, so the Queen part of this piece is very much fulfilled!!!!

I just can’t tell you guys how much I love it! If you were contemplating making a purchase from Beth, you can rest assured that her pieces are of the highest quality, absolutely stunning, and well worth the price!!!! (I even bought this while our Canadian dollar is really terrible right now, thankfully I utilized one of her coupons she had running for the Wild Hunt!).

❤ ❤ ❤

Tea for Forseti


Before I get into this lovely tea, yay for light boxes! I was going to list this yesterday, and what happened? Well the clouds decided to make it super dark out ALL DAY. Which isn’t very long seeing as I’m in the Northern Hemisphere! So I broke down and finally made a light box… which admittedly took like 5 minutes to build… yep.

So here is Forseti’s Tea! When deciding what ingredients to blend for Him, I thought of what kind of mood I would need to be in to make decisions, to use good judgement  in my life whether it’s deciding career moves, or mediating between people, or anything else that has many sides to the problem that needs to be factored in so that I can make the best decision for all involved.
And this tea was created.

Chamomile to calm the mind, though not quite enough to make one sleepy! Lemon and lemon balm provide a boost to get your thinker a thinking, whilst lavender and fennel allow purity and clarity of mind. It’s quite a lovely, gentle tea.


If you are looking for another Deity’s tea, check out my Devotional Teas section.


Yes, hello to you! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything non-tea related… though for the millionth time, I LOVE THE TEA… 😉

Well, I suppose there isn’t too much to talk about actually. I’ve been pretty busy with blending teas, filling out spreadsheets, using a cool app to do my accounting, and planning for Yule. Spiritually, it’s been quiet because so much focus is going into the teas. There’s been too much being tired to have enough energy to really hang out with my Gods other than asking Them for advice concerning tea. A fact which is not so happy, however, They are ever supportive.

I have forgotten once again that vitamin D is such a help for me during the winter months (duh). It’s funny because this summer, my brain finally started working more normally again for the first time in a few years (especially in remembering things & focus). Well, I spent quite a bit of time outside… in the sun… yep. Thankfully I still have enough brain power for me to realize a few weeks ago that I definitely need the vitamin D for the dark months. I’m feeling better since I started taking them, still tired, but not in the brain department. No signs of SAD yet, though I didn’t have much last winter (to which I thank the very bright snow, and sunny weather that usually begins in January and runs through till the end of March, the occasional storm breaking it up).

Anywho… There are plans for gingerbread cookies, Scottish shortbread, custard tarts, butter tarts… and the man and I (and whoever else wants some) got our Yule duck to nom on come Christmas day. I have yet to decorate our side of the house, but perhaps tomorrow?
I’m also excited to gift tea to my family and friends here, likely Butterbeer, Yule Father, and Mad Hatter’s Party Blend, unless I come up with a couple other blends before gifting commences!

I am just feeling very content since I began to offer the teas in my shop. I’m always thinking of what kinds of blends I might work on next, and I adore that I can be inspired and guided by my and other Gods to create blends to share with Them. Honestly, I think that’s the best part of making teas. It is so satisfying to create things for Them, to work with Them on something delicious and something that provides such a lovely connection to Them.

Ancestors Tea


A tea blend win today! I didn’t have to adjust anything at all when I first blended it, it was simply perfect from the get go!

This cup of tea is like a delicious, simple but hearty breakfast. Black tea with oats, butterscotch chips and cinnamon. Here, the butterscotch chips blend with the oat and cinnamon and create an interesting and delicious maple/brown sugar flavour. This will definitely be one of my morning teas!

You can enjoy this in the morning with your Ancestors, or simply enjoy it on its own, or just offer it up to Them.

Each back comes with enough loose leaf tea to make 20 cups at 1 tsp per cup of water.

Go on, have a look at my Ancestors tea, or check out more magical teas here!

Stay tuned… I just picked up some Belgian dark chocolate, and have some diabolical plans to make you, and me, happy in the mouth!!