Ostara Tea Sale


Since it’s too late now for me to send you this tea in time for Ostara, I’m offering a discount of 2$CDN/bag seeing as there are only 3 bags left. So the price of each bag goes from 10$CDN to 8$CDN. Hurry before you miss it!

Green tea, strawberries, blueberries, and flavours reminiscent of shortcakes, a delcious treat to bring in Spring!

Just type LASTCHANCE in the coupon bar at checkout, and you’ll get this delicious green tea in your mailbox 🙂

You will find Ostara tea here!

Sale Time Is Almost Up!


Alright, dear gentle readers! My Samhain sale is nearly done as Samhain day is nearly come! You can receive 20% off ANY reading when you type SAMHAIN into the coupon bar at checkout. Just pop on over to The Forest Witch to check out the readings I offer, from mundane to Deity/Spirit communication.

In other news, I’m still waiting my last package to really get into making and formulating for my new shop offering. I’m actually not impressed as the supplier didn’t give a shipping estimate or shipping confirmation. I wrote them early this week and have not received a reply. I may have to find a different supplier, though I choose them for ethical practices as well as proximity to me. We shall see! And I shall endeavour! 😉

Sale Reminder

2015-10-14 13

Hello, dear gentle readers! I hope your day is as nice is mine is (well, only because I’m cooking a delicious dinner for the Man since it’s his birthday and all! Lemon potatoes, marinated pork chops, and a pumpkin pie… with ALL the whipped cream :D).

Just letting you know you have until this Saturday (the 31st of October) to get 20% off ANY reading in my shop, The Forest Witch! Type SAMHAIN into the coupon bar at checkout and voila!

Reading for the Week – Oct 25-31

2015-10-25 11.41.19

Start of the Week
XIV Temperance
At the start of this week, it’s going to be all about balance, of ensuring all aspects of your life can come together in a way that doesn’t make you topple one way or the other. Take a moment to evaluate what’s important to you, each part of who you are and the relationships you hold; look for where you’re falling short (and how that’s affected you and those around you), and look where you may be spending too much time that takes you from other things that are more important to you. You do not need to sacrifice yourself for your career if you see nothing from those sacrifices. You do not need to spend all your time focusing on someone else’s problems whilst ignoring your own to fester. 

VI The Lovers
Perhaps after the inital rebalancing act of the week, you’ll rediscover the importance of intimacy with your partner. If you are not romantically involved, this could mean a surge within you to get creative, to get in touch with the inspirations that create art, music, food, dance, even decorating and making your space reflect what is within you. It can also be a good time to show yourself some love and compassion.

Week End
Knight Pentacles
It’s time to start thinking of what you want out of life come the weekend. How do you want your career/family/relationships/interests to look like? How do you see yourself getting to that place? When we ensure our foundation is strong, we can build taller. Use practicality to see how you can make what’s important to you fit together. Remember flexibility, for things are always changing, and if you keep that in mind, you’ll be well rewarded.

If you enjoy my weekly readings, hop on over to The Forest Witch shop where I offer readings into your mundane life, as well as Deity/Spirit communication.

And!!!! Enjoy 20% off ANY reading until Samhain! Just type SAMHAIN into the coupon box at checkout, and you can save yourself a bit of cash 😉

Shop Update

Eeee!!! A few boxes came in yesterday! I know they’re only packaging & shipping items, but still! I love packaging, and am playing around with logo and what’s going to be written and how.

I always find it funny how much you can play with with a logo or design, always wanting it to be more perfect, always better than it already is but ending up making it worse once you move past it’s best form. I always look at others’ logos and think, “ah, they must love it and never question whether it is ‘just right'”, alas, I’m sure that’s not the case!

So I’m waiting for actual components to make the actual THING that I want to share with you all… Thankfully I can work on logo and label things, so that’s keeping me busy, as well as finishing Life is Strange (fantastic game! It’s heavy though), and working on Yule gifts.

And just as a reminder, I’m having a Samhain sale on right now in my shop, The Forest Witch… 20% off ANY reading!! Just type SAMHAIN into the coupon bar at checkout.

A Sale! A Sale!

2015-10-13 14

I feel like my title for this post sounds like “Wassail, wassail!” 🙂

Samhain is coming, dear gentle readers, and I would like to offer you 20% off ANY reading until the 31st (10-15-2015 to 10-15-2015).

You can head over to The Forest Witch Shop to check out what I offer!

Also, as a little teaser, I’m in the process of offering more than just readings in my shop! I won’t tell you what, but I’m excited about it!

Last Chance To Get 20% Off!

Today is your last chance to receive 20% off ANY reading from my shop, The Forest Witch. Simply type AUTUMN into the coupon box at checkout, and your savings will be applied! There’s no restriction for what type of reading this applies to, whether a one card, or a Deity Communication reading.

I hope the turning of the wheel has provided you with a nourishing harvest to sustain you through the Hunt season, and the chilly winter months. ❤

Mabon Sale Time!!!

Once again, I would like for you all to know that my Mabon sale over at The Forest Witch Shop is still happening, until tomorrow, 09-27-2015 at midnight. Just type  AUTUMN into the coupon box at checkout and you will receive a 20% discount on ANY reading! Yes, even the one card readings.

But it’s also a good time to purchase one of the larger readings like the Celtic Cross, the Deity Communication Reading, or the Deity Identification Reading. (You can always read for spirits as well, not just deities).

Mabon Sale Reminder

Happy Friday, my dear, gentle readers!
Just a quick reminder that my Mabon sale is still happening over at The Forest Witch Shop! Get 20% off ANY reading, yes, even the one card readings, until this Sunday, 09-27-2015. Just type AUTUMN into the coupon bar at checkout, and voila!

Hope your weekend is fantabulous 🙂

Mabon Sale! Your Daily Reminder

I am having a Mabon sale until this Sunday, 09-27-2015. You can save 20% off of any reading (yes even a one card!) by using AUTUMN in the coupon bar at checkout.

Just head on over to The Forest Witch Shop and take a look around 🙂