It’s the Equinox!


And a very happy and blessed one to you and yours! ❤

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A Sale for Lammas and the Blue Moon

I haven’t talked much about my shop lately since I’ve been wrapped up in all things Baldr the past while (not even complaining). Anywho, I’m having a sale for the next week as we enjoy the blue moon and Lammas (or just the blue moon if you don’t celebrate Lammas).

For any reading over 10$, you will get 20% off until August 5, 2015. Just type in LAMMAS in the coupon box when you’re in checkout and voilà!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Last Chance for A Free Reading

I am still accepting requests for free readings (though they are currently restricted to deity communication or spiritual issues) until 9pm EST today, March 16.

Then the shop will be opening on Wednesday!

Don’t forget about my grand opening coupon that will save you 20% on any reading. It is valid until June 1st, so if you need time to think of a question, you’ve got it 🙂