September Teas

This will be the last official new tea release of the year since the crazy holiday season is coming! Don’t worry, the Yule teas will be going live sometime in October, so you’ll definitely be able to enjoy them during those cozy winter months!

But for now… without further ado…

Brand new teas for Sabrina the Teenage Witch, for Sabrina herself, and her Aunts Hilda and Zelda!

Sabrina’s blend is a tart mulled cider in a honey bush tea base.

Aunt Hilda’s is a delectable banana bread with a chocolate-hazelnut swirled centre in a chocolatey oolong tea.

Aunt Zelda’s blend is a mix of elderberries and cherries in a strong black tea base.

Aunt Zelda on the left, Sabrina, Aunt Hilda

Next is the release of my Hocus Pocus, or Sanderson Sisters blends! You may recognize these from last year’s collaborative box I did with a gorgeous pendant by Rebecca of Epiphany Tresors and Sam of Moss Realm. There are 3 boxes available in the shop, if you’d love to get yourself one of these limited and wonderful gifts! It also includes my teas for the three sisters!

But if you’re just in the mood for a simple cup of tea, you can find the Sanderson Sisters blends here.

Winnie’s blend is a spiced green rooibos chai, plenty of ginger and cinnamon, with a hint of white pepper.

Mary’s is a dessert in a cup of apple and cherry crisp in black tea.

Sarah’s is an enchanting blend of peach and blackberry in a cup of honey bush tea.

Mary’s tea on the left, Winnie’s, Sarah’s

2 thoughts on “September Teas

  1. Somehow, you know how to make tea look witchy…that’s amazing, lol. (Particularly, the first trio.) All of your teas sound great but, as always, I am partial to black tea. I am sad that my large bag of your Samhain tea, well, I drank it a very long time ago and couldn’t order more cause, issues. In any case, I think I can finally order some of the Samhain and a few other blends (I think my ancestors like the Ancestor Tea, which also finished a long time ago…bah). I hope to be throwing my money at you soon. Blessings.


    • Aww 😍 thank you! I think if you’re open to the witchy vibe, it shows up everywhere! Lol

      I agree, black will always be my go-to, but I love the other tea bases when I’m in the mood for something different! Especially in the summer, when I want a lot of fruity blends!

      Awww, I’m happy to hear you and your Ancestors enjoyed Ancestors tea ❤ It remains one of my favourites! I hope when you do order the teas provide lots of cozy comfort and magick ❤


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