A Month (or two) for Baldr – XXIX – Interesting Personal UPG

Hmm, I can’t say that I have anything weird or out of the ordinary. Though really, I don’t often hear of many people who work with Him anyway (though it seems like a few more people have popped up on the interwebs the past few months).

I have mentioned before that w/We seem to have a pretty mellow thing going on, but there are definitely times when He gets incredibly intense. Sounds kinda like Someone else I know… actually, it seems most of the Powers I am involved with are like that… huh.

So yes, He’s been mostly pretty chill, easy to laugh and joke around, but also just hang out quietly… and then there are times I feel so infinitely small when all there is around me is Him, being massive and overwrought with the intensity of what He’s talking about to me, or what emotions are happening.

Doesn’t surprise me one bit, to be honest.

I know it’s not super interesting, and I don’t have a story to share about it, as those moments tend to be very personal, but there it is. 🙂

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