A Month for Baldr – IX – Common Mistakes

Here we are once again, with me telling you that since there isn’t much remaining lore, there isn’t much to discuss here.

However, here I would just like to talk briefly about this imagery of Him being so good, so pure, and in Snorri’s version, very boring and flat as a whole Person. I realize it is just a snippet of Who He is, but it seems many think that this is all there is to Him. In this story, He doesn’t even do anything about the fact He knows His death is coming, and the story isn’t actually focused on Him at all, it’s what Others do about His impending doom than Him trying to stop it.

I feel like this very laid back and frankly kind of incapable image of a God is quite a disservice to Who He is. It seems that most opinions out there paint Him as that very Christ-like figure. I have no issues with Christ, I often say He was basically a hippy, and all about the love. However, that’s not Who Baldr is. I also feel that most people tend to ignore Saxo’s version of Him simply because of the obvious disdain with which Saxo treated the Northern Gods.

As I said yesterday, I very much feel we need to combine the two aspects we see of Him in Snorri’s and Saxo’s version, and then realize as well that that’s all we have remaining of Baldr, that there is so much MORE to Him. And even if there was an incredible amount of lore about Him, as there is of His Father, even then, there would be infinitely more that we simply have not seen through our stories, infinitely more that current polytheists are only now seeing, as just like us, the Gods also grow and change over time.

4 thoughts on “A Month for Baldr – IX – Common Mistakes

  1. The one time I met Baldr in Helheim, I was very startled, because all the retellings I’d read that described Him were based on Snorri’s Christ-equating version, and I’d have expected Him to be beatific.

    He was instead very much His father’s child, charming, savvy, a bit tricky, and I wasn’t entirely sure if I could trust Him.

    Granted that I have my own biases, but that was sufficiently vivid and unexpected that I am confident it was indeed Baldr I met.


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    • The downside of having very little information given to us second hand from someone outside of the religion. Le sigh.
      I’m really hoping as time goes on, with Gods like Baldr, Who we don’t have much to go on with, will have a good amount of modern worshippers to fill in the blanks. Though at this point, people still really too heavily on those old stories. However, it really hasn’t been that long that we’ve come to have a decent amount of polytheists.

      You know, your description of Him just made me say “yesssssss”…. Quietly… Hehe. That’s one of the things I keep thinking, He is His Father’s Son.

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