The Norns Tea

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Walk beneath the tallest tree to visit the Norns if you dare. Remember They hold your fate in Their hands.

A black tea swirling with deep forest fruits of elderberry, currant, and blueberry. Woody clove and sweet fennel round out the flavour, all creating a deep cup of tea, dive in if you’ve the heart for it.

You can find The Norns tea here, and teas for other Deities here.

PBP – Odin on the Tree

Odin Hanging on the World-Tree - Franz Stassen

Odin Hanging on the World-Tree – Franz Stassen

“I ween that I hung on the windy tree,
Hung there for nights full nine;
With the spear I was wounded,
and offered I was To Othin, myself to myself,
On the tree that none may ever know
What root beneath it runs.”

-from the Hávamál in the Poetic Edda

Odin, in His insatiable need for knowledge, for power, spent nine days and nine nights dangling from Yggdrasil. Wounded by spear, accepting no food or drink. In a very shamanic initiatory way, He gave up who He was to become Who He was intended to be. He was willing to spend the time and painfully prove His worth to the Runes which resulted in Their revealing Themselves to Him. He succeeded and came to know the insights and magic of the Runes which only the Norns could employ at that point, They Who carve the symbols into the roots of Yggdrasil, sending magic along the Tree to produce the desired effect in all the Nine Worlds. It was this knowledge and power the Norns have, more powerful than any other, to affect the destiny of all who inhabit the Nine Worlds, that He longed for, needed in order to secure His position as King. In order to attempt halting Ragnarok.
He does not shy from the difficult things.

In making of Himself a sacrifice, His blood and will flowed down into Urd’s Well, feeding the Tree, allowing Himself to flow through root and limb. He became part of the Tree in this, I believe, and a key unto Himself to travel all of the worlds. There would be no place could bar Him, because He was now part of all places on the Tree. He could not keep Himself from Himself. This also allowed for even more knowledge to be attained, as we know He loves to don His masks, befriending those He meets, discovering their secrets, since His travels would now take Him anywhere He wished.

As ruthless as He can be to gain knowledge, He does not keep it to Himself, He shared the knowledge of the Runes with the other Aesir, and we now know Them as well. I feel like He wants us to know as much as we possibly can, knowledge from those who teach, books, and experience can only help to widen our perception of the world, our acceptance of such varied things and beliefs and behaviours, to continue becoming better than we are. And yes, of better use to Him, if we are called to Him. But generally, to be of better use to any God, Spirit, or Ancestor, and the rest of our own human society, our communities.
When we share our own insights and wisdoms, the pool deepens for others, if not to expand upon, then to enjoy and share with another who may yet bring it to new depths.

Month of the Ash

Latin Name

Celtic Name

Common Names
Ash, Common Ash, Guardian Tree, Unicorn Tree

February 18 – March 17

The bark contains amygdalin, has a bitter taste, but no odour. Is astringent.

Before the fruits are ripe, they contain tartaric acid, and after ripening, two sugars: sorbin and sorbit. The latter sugar occurs after fermentation. They also contain parasorbic acid.

The seeds are 22% oil, which is claimed to have killed a child by prussic acid poisoning.

Medicinal Usage
To ease diarrhoea, a decoction of the bark is taken. The same decoction can be used for leucorrhoea (white discharge that signals infection in the vagina) by injecting it into the vaginal canal.
To make use of the astringent quality of the berries, a gargle can be made to help sore throats and inflamed tonsils.
An infusion of Ash berries aids with heamorrhoids and strangury (painful urination that comes out in drops caused by spasms in the urethra or bladder).
Lastly, they are used to be rid of scurvy.


Odin, Yggdrasil, World Tree, divination, Lugh, masculine, Fire, Sun, Bel, Lir, Manannan

Magical Uses
Wands made of Ash are good for general use, and in particular, healing and magics of the Sun.

For luck and fortune, carry a leaf in your pocket. However, although it is a lucky and protective tree, one can find themselves incurring the wrath of the tree if one causes harm a tree.

To be rid of skin conditions such as warts, carry a pin on you (a safety pin would be, well, safe), for three days, then on the third day, the pin is driven into the bark of an Ash tree, where the tree would then gain a knob, and you would be left with healthy skin.

Babes in the British Isles would be fed a spoonful of Ash sap before leaving mother’s bed for the first time as it was thought to prevent childhood illness, disease, and death.
The berries of the tree would also be placed in the cribs of babes to ward of Fae Folk from taking the child as a changeling.

In Northern Britain, young maidens would place the leaves of an Ash tree under their pillows to receive prophetic dreams about the men they would marry.

As it is seen as the World Tree by the Druids, staves would be made of the branches of the tree, so as to have a portable World Tree wherever they may be.