Latin Name:
Artemesia absinthium

Parts Used:
Leaves and tops (collect in July and August when the plant is flowering and dry from any dampness)

Herbal Uses:
Can be used as a vermifuge (expel worms from the intestines), as the name “wormwood” describes. Dried and powdered flowers were used for this purpose; however, the essential oil is now used. It is best extracted by soaking in a spirit (alcohol) than by water. Wormwood is also used as a febrifuge (gets rid of fever), and has been used often to treat malaria. The juice of large leaves can be used as a stomachic (pertaining to the stomach and its function), to help relieve heartburn and gas, increase appetite and the efficiency of digestion and prevent nausea after eating. Be careful to not take too strong of a dose, or it will have the opposite effect. The thujone within the herb also helps with depression and can create a more calm mindset.

Magical Uses:
Wormwood is an herb used for increasing ones psychic power, the smell of the plant is said to aid in this purpose. Burn with incenses to increase the power of evocation, prophesizing, scrying and divining. Often used with mugwort to increase its strength. Used in incenses again to exorcise and protect. Hung in your rear-view mirror, it will protect you from accidents on more dangerous roads. It is also associated with love and is used in love spells. Add it to your mixtures for dream pillows and use it when working with the spirit world. Make sure to be in a well ventilated area when burning as incense as it is poisonous as smoke.

New Window Herb Garden

Yay! Finally got to making my little garden, albeit, it’s a potted window garden. Actually, with herbs, I think I prefer it that way so that I can bring them in when it gets cold out and still have fresh herbs for cooking and magic(k)! 😀 How much more can a girl ask for?

So what I sowed a few nights ago was:
Catnip, cilantro, nigella, thyme, summer savory, chives, chervil, spearmint, calendula, sweet basil, oregano, lavender, marjoram, nasturtium, sweet fennel, feverfew, mugwort, vervain, valerian and wormwood.

And there are pics of our new backyard! These pictures are about a week older than the herb garden pics, if you couldn’t tell by the fact that the lawn and garden is all trimmed up.