Only a little while longer…

Good morning (or night, if you’re reading this at night), lovelies! What a crappy month November has been, and much to my amazement, it was because I was silly and did not pick up a bottle of vitamine B12 until just last week. Wasn’t that the problem last year with my tiredness and headaches? Why yes it was, and as soon as I took some this past Friday, I felt better within an hour. Sigh… sometimes I forget the things that I actually need for myself. Never again though! It’s been atrocious… I’ve never felt so completely drained… and I know I said that about the winter semester earlier this year, but nope, that was not tired. I got sick twice this semester, and once was a huge vit B deficient week of hellish headaches.

So, it looks as though I will not be going back next semester, and honestly, I don’t mind. I don’t feel like I’m copping myself out because, well, as I’ve said before, I’m not going to be teaching, and all I really need is voice lessons and sight singing. So I will be singing with the Chorale again (as the director is awesome and completely understands my weariness of school). I just need to get out there and perform! Another reason, we are so broke! I want to finally start making moneys that we can save and spend as we choose, not just food, rent and bills. There’s an exciting prospect for the future that I’d like to save for (you’ll have to just wait for the details till we have a solid plan, but it is freaking wonderful!).

I think a break from all this hardcore music will be a good, much needed one. I can hibernate for the rest of the winter months and start getting the rest of my life back in order. After we’re ok for the moolahs, I plan on continuing with voice lessons (as that is something I’ll be doing for the rest of my performing career most likely), joining a local choir, looking into other classical performance venues, and starting up the wedding ceremony singing. I’m also excited to have more time and energy to devote to my spirituality and working on the inner bits 🙂

I hope you all are doing well! And I hope you are enjoying this dark time of the year.

Change on the Winds

I’ve been feeling kinda strange lately. A little restless, and feeling like things aren’t going to be as they are for much longer. I also feel a little hesitant to usher this change in without making a fuss about it, as I am often likely to do. I do know that I get in my own way when it comes to progress in my life. I’m a Taurus, I’m stubborn. Just my way. I even remembered the tarot spread I pulled at the Gregorian New Year when 2011 came in, and the cards told me of a big change that I was not so willing to accept. Le sigh. I also have a strange suspicion it will be good for me, alas, I will still fight it. It’s too much work, I’ll whine. I know it.

My plans for my music career are always changing, one minute I’m getting the degree, next I don’t want to. As for now, it’s a money issue, however, I want to at least take some of the courses next fall. On a good school note, however, I feel much more relaxed this year. I’m not allowing myself to worry about things I don’t need to (which is basically everything but theory).
Then the plans for what I want to do with music are finally more solid… opera chorus in the winter, wedding ceremony singing in the summer (as here there are only 4 operas a year in the fall and winter seasons). Even have a few of my friends at school who will accompany me or join me in duet work.

As far as spiritually, I feel I’m growing right now. Slowly, still in a cocoon, still not out and really into it, but close. Still fighting against the idea that I “need” certain things to practice and have a fulfilling practice. It’s falling away though. Am on a mostly daily practice lately, and it feels right.

And how are you, my lovely reader? What is this autumn blowing your way?

And The Work Begins!

So tomorrow, it’s back to school! Not that I actually have classes tomorrow. The music department cancels classes on the first day to have an assembly and figure out when each student is going to have their private lessons. Anywho, so I’ve been kinda trying to figure out what I want to do with the singing. It’s been leaning towards being in an opera chorus (as you know if you read the last music-related post). However, I’ve been thinking lately too, and this is an old idea, but I was also thinking of doing wedding ceremony singing. Not singing at receptions, but just at the ceremonies. I like the idea of working for myself (I did it for a while last year when I was dog-sitting in Ontario). Also, I get to make people’s special days more special with the awesome powers of music! And cuz I’ve been taking classical training, I can pretty much do any sort of style too because along with classical pieces, we have to do folk/musical/contemporary pieces as well, and work on just being able to sing well without putting a specific style on it. Anywho… just an idea for now. I’m going to let this year happen and get through it before I make any decisions, but I don’t think I’ll be getting the Bachelor’s degree as honestly, it’s really only good if I want to go further and look into the more academic side and get into teaching (which is totally not my bag). What I really need is the voice lessons (obviously) and the ability to sight read and pick up languages quickly, which are things I do well already, not that I’m trying to toot my own horn, lol, but I know what my strengths are, and singing is one of the only things that I will openly say I’m good at 😛

On another note, I will also be attending a Wicca 101 class with a local group! So excited to see what comes of this! I never thought I’d ever want to really get out there in the Pagan world, always figured I was a solitary witch, but lately, I’ve been feeling such a need to get in contact with others. The class I think will be good for me as I really need to start practicing more regularly, and having to do some Pagan homework (whatever that may be) will be wonderful 🙂