Iced Teas!

They’re back! And already I’ve been sipping on them, muahaha! And now you get to as well! Wee!

Top Left: Black Lemon, Tart Berry, Tropical Ambrosia, Strawberry Mojito, Gingered Peach, Midnight Mango, Magical Melon (centre)

I’ve also been a busy bee thinking up new recipes that I will be getting up in the shop soon! In the meantime, there are a few reformulated blends back up as well!

Thor‘s blend now is a lovely mix of spearmint and peppermint with a little sprinkling of safflower.

Sweetroll has a base of black tea and calendula petals, and the delicious flavours of buttery pastry and creamy, sticky, gooey icing. So much yum!

And lastly for today, Second Breakfast Tea is back! It’s a traditional robust and malty English Breakfast tea blend, and so very comforting as you wake up and get ready to go on your next adventure!

Happy sipping, guys! ❤

Thor Tea


A yummy tea for the God of Thunder!
Black tea, peppermint, spearmint and Belgian milk chocolate steep together to make a delicious tea to share with Thor.

Black tea and chocolate provide a sweet, earthy, and warm base for the mints to float upon, reminding you of that storm on the horizon.

Have a looksee at Thor’s tea, or browse more devotional teas here!

Let’s Catch Up

So if any of you have been with me on this blog for some time, you’ll know that spring is quite a momentous time for me. Things get planned, plans become actions, and generally there is much happening for me. This runs into the summer, and hopefully this year it will run well into fall (especially concerning my garden and processing my harvest).

Well, along with plans of how I’m going to be spending my time (either in the garden or crafting things for Yule, yes I start early, as well as beginning to write music again), my spiritual life has taken an interesting turn. Thor has popped in as the Gods I regularly work with have stepped back. I’m not too sad about it, though I do miss Them, however Thor has proven quite helpful, if not direct. He’s pretty funny, and the snark ensues at times, though He’s pretty gentle when needed.

It seems I’ve just got some things to undo, some weird thinking about how I interact with my regular People. And the main point… THE MAIN REASON is that I need to be DOING. That’s all He keeps hammering (hehe) into my head. Just do things, make things, do magic, write music, go work in your garden, do, do, do!

I asked Him why He decided to help me out:
“Because I like you, kid.”

In terms of the thinky things, He’s actually quite perfect for this in a few different ways. You see, no matter that at least one of my People has been around for a few years, I still have this weird way of thinking that things must be super serious, and even with Odinn, that’s usually not always the case. There have certainly been moments, however, the general feel with Him, Frija, and Baldr is that of my loved ones, family, good friends. Even when one of Them would crack a joke, I would laugh a bit, but still try to impose a more serious face on Them.

With Thor, I don’t know that it’s because He’s very accessible to people, that He’s got a pretty friendly reputation, partnered with the fact that so many are quite aware of Him now (though that’s more Marvel Thor than Who He really is). I couldn’t possibly pin it down to one particular psychological reason to be honest.
This all ties into the doing He’s been emphasizing. We had a chat when I stayed outside under my umbrella the other day during a very light thunderstorm, and He let me know that I’ve honoured Him more wholly, and just more, whenever the thunder and rains have come. I know that I have honoured Odinn when the howling winds begin stirring in the autumn, or when a strong breeze moves through me while I’m in the garden. Or Baldr when I’m standing in the Sun, letting the warmth permeate my body. Or Frija when I marvel at the beauty of the green things growing around me.  I know sometimes I’m not going to feel that kind of wonderous energy that really kicks up any of my interactions with Them, and that’s OK. 
But what this has made me realize is that I can’t possibly schedule in something that’s so tied to my heart. Hmmm… I believe I’ve talked about this before… Yet, I need to seek out those things that help me connect to Them more easily, more whole-heartedly.

All of this is allowing me to be more in the moment. When I feel moved, I get up and light my candles and pray to Them, thanking Them for whatever inspirations have come when thinking on Them, or just letting Them know something reminded me of Them.
It’s odd business trying to have relationships with Those you cannot touch or have Their physical presence around. in this way, it makes the relationship that much harder, really having to remember that They are there, or that you should probably hang out with Them, cuz, you know, it’s been like a week, and would you really go that long without talking with those who are incredibly important to you who are corporeal? Likely not.

So here I am. Doing. Being in the moment. My relationships with Them are very important to me, so why am I making it out to be more serious business (especially the business part) than They actually have shown They want? Yes, there are things that They want me to do, want me to learn, and those things are business, but once I know my tasks, the rest of o/Our time together is quite relaxed. And to be honest, all They’ve indicated is for me to be a witch (lots of doing), and to be with Them, journeying as often as I can. Yes, certainly I need some time after certain travels that require some unraveling, but otherwise, apparently They like me, and that’s just as well, because I happen to quite like Them 🙂

Norse Runes – Thurisaz

Thurisaz (pronounced: “thoor-eez-aahs”)

Thor, or his hammer, Mjölnir, Thurses (giants), monster, devil or thorn

Magical power, warnings, temptation, chaos, masculine aggressiveness, eroticism, baneful to women, conflicts, disputes, the need to fight against close-mindedness.
When this rune turns up in a casting, it warns of a time when you will be tempted to make a deal with the devil; to gain by dishonest means. There is temptation to be dishonest or disloyal.
It can also mean a battle of wills internally with your unconscious self, being unwilling to expand your consciousness, accept new ideas or ways of thought, or could also mean battles with anger and lust.
There is much willingness to accept illusion for the real thing, to be bound by it, sometimes by fear. It is a time when you must fight to employ wisdom and your conscious mind and win this battle. Though Thurisaz is seen as a thorn, it can be seen as a symbolic weapon, giving you the ability to slash and tear, or build a protective hedge of thorns. With the ability to protect and fight for oneself, the weapon can aid in breaking down  the difficult fear and doubt, like rocky earth, to make way for more a more fertile field able to provide new seeds  what they need to grow well.
You must believe in your own ability to fight now, to be strong and wise, to not give in to your doubting, fearful unconscious.

When Thurisaz appears upside-down, the aggression/temptation/conflict isn’t major, the fight is soon to be won.

A sideways Thurisaz shows that some source of conflict is masking as something good. Be wary.

Magical Purposes:
Thurisaz is generally not a rune employed in magics as it allows for great power, but also great chaotic destructiveness. Women, especially, shouldn’t employ the rune as the aggressiveness is of a masculine variety.

Thor, Mjölnir, bright red, fire, masculine, Sapphire, 3, Blackthorn, Houseleek, Mars.

Norse Runes – Uruz

Uruz (pronounced “ooo-rooz”), Ur, Uraz, Urs, Urus, Urur

The literal translation is “auroch”, which is a wild, European ox.

When Uruz pops up in a casting, it shows strength: physical strength, endurance, speed, good health. As Fehu is the tamed cattle, Uruz shows us that once, the cattle was wild as the auroch. There’s energy and action, wisdom and understanding. It can also mean that there will be a sudden and unexpected change in your life that presents itself as a challenge, but is usually for the better. This can mean an initiation or rites of passage of some sort (especially into adulthood).
There is much wild creative formation going on within at the moment, but it is up to the querent to use their knowledge and understanding to make this energy manifest in a non-destructive manner.
For a male querent, it pertains to male virility and manhood, if a woman, then femininity, fertility and womanhood.

When Uruz shows its face upside-down, it is a time of weakness, violence, brutality, being rash. Lust, misdirection of force, being dominated by others, obsession. Poor health and lack of energy, ignorance and inconsistency. It is not a time of thinking clearly.

Converse (sideways):
If this rune shows up and is laying sideways to you, then it means you must realize your hidden strengths and stay away from apparent opportunities as they will be deceptive.

Magical Purposes:
Physical strength, energy, good health. Creativity, to help in understanding and knowing one’s wild side and use it (tame it). Purification, healing and shaping energy, ideas and your creative juices.

The number 2, male, Earth, Thor, Urdl, dark green, Taurus, Birch, carbuncle.


Here in Southern Ontario, we had some thunderclouds passing us by late in the afternoon yesterday. I don’t know about you, but I always feel so “electric” for lack of better words during thunder and lightening storms. It is most definitely not an energy that is my own, and I like it that way. There is so much magic(k) in the thunderstorm, and I thought I’d post about some of the gods that preside over this chaotic event.



Zeus was the son of Cronus and Rhea, both Titans. His brothers and sisters by the same parents are Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon.

When Zeus’ father, Cronus, heard from Uranus and Gaia that he would one day be overthrown by one of his sons, he promptly swallowed each of his children after they were born. Before Zeus was to be born, Rhea went to Gaia to secretly plan for Zeus’ escape from his father’s belly, and that one day, Cronus would get what was coming to him for doing such a horrible thing to his children, and his actions against Uranus.
When Rhea gave birth to Zeus in Crete, she handed a rock in swaddling clothes for him to eat and believe was his son after hiding the real baby Zeus in a cave on Mount Ida in Crete. (There are many different stories as to how he was raised, but for the purpose of this post, we’ll focus on his thunder godness 🙂  ).

When Zeus finally reached manhood, Zeus made his father disgorge (or he cut Cronus’ stomach open; or Metis gave him an emetic, which forces one to vomit) the babies he had swallowed in reverse order. Then Zeus released Cronus’ brothers, the Cyclopes, the Hecatonchires, and the Gigantes from their dungeons in Tartarus. As a token of appreciation, the Cyclopes gave Zeus thunder and the thunderbolt, which were previously hidden by Gaia. He then went on to defeat the Titans and rule the world equally with his two eldest brothers.

Zeus could pretty much do anything he wanted after conquering the Titans and claiming the earth for himself and his brothers. After dividing the world, he chose to rule the skies and heavens, meaning that he could create storms, gather clouds and disperse them. He was the King of gods and man, the high ruler over the world.



Thor was the son of Odin, and Jord, goddess of the Earth. Thor was the strongest of the Aesir (the collective name for the principle Norse gods). Thor was usually described as a tall, muscular and powerful man with a long red beard, flowing hair, and eyes of lightning.

Even though Thor is not the “head” god in Norse mythology, his popularity in history surpassed that of his father, Odin, for his lack of human sacrifice requirement. He presided over the air, winds and rain, weather and crops. If famine or plague were feared, libations were poured to his idol.

During thunderstorms, Thor is believed to be riding through the heavens on his chariot pulled by his goats, Tanngrisni and Tanngnost, which means “gap-tooth,’ and, “tooth-grinder,” respectively.

What is also quite neat, is that our modern day Thursday is a namesake for him, “Thor’s Day”.

Son of the sky goddess, Nut, and earth god Geb, Set was brother to Osiris, Isis, and Nepthys. He is god of chaos, darkness, storms, and the desert.

Set was jealous of his younger brother, Osiris, who was married to their sister, Isis. Set killed and ripped Osiris to pieces. After Isis’ and Osiris’ son, Horus, was born, they were enemies for the obvious reason. Set poked one of Horus’ eyes out, and in return, Horus cut off Set’s testicles, making Set also known as the god of infertility.

To placate both gods, Geb divided Egypt into two halves, giving Set upper Egypt (the Southern deserts), and Horus lower Egypt (the delta region in the North). Eventually, the two lands were united as one, and the Queens of the 1st dynasty were named “She Who Sees Horus And Set”. Pharaohs also believed that they settled the quarrel between the two gods and held them in balance. This later led to the dual god, Horus-Set.