#30DaysMagicalRoots Challenge Days 18 & 19

Day 18: Elemental Magic
Spend some time today working with and acknowledging the elements of your practice. Do you honor the Land/Sea/Sky elements, or the elements of water, fire, air, and earth, or something else? WHY do you work with those elements and what have they brought to your life?

If you couldn’t tell by now, my two favourites as far as elemental work and magic goes are water and earth. I have, however, certainly been working with a lot of fire since starting my tea shop, and air of course for inspiration. I very much like balance, so even though I am most comfortable with earth and water, at least for myself, I know I need to work with air and fire as well. In fact, the last couple of years have been very air and fire-intensive.

The other element that I feel strongly connected to is spirit, or what I like to think of as love. The thing that connects us all, that’s in us all, that we are all a part of. Every thing. I’ve also been thinking of spirit as simply connection.

I feel spirit most when I allow myself to be authentic with another person, when I allow myself to speak straight from the heart, to emit an openness and truth that we are often not taught to share. I feel this when I am overwhelmed with emotion when interacting with not only people, but animals, or even a place.
I know that pleasantries help us avoid conflict, but to always wade in the shallow end doesn’t allow us to really connect to each other and see our higher selves, who are connected by this human experience, connected by our very existence in this universe.

This idea of spirit and connection has allowed me to be much more compassionate and understanding with people. And with myself.

Day 19: Sacred Space/Circle Casting
How do you create sacred space for yourself? Do you cast a circle every time you work a spell? Or do you have a dedicated space that you practice in? Take some time today to settle into that space and enjoy its sacredness.

How I create sacred space changes a lot for me each time I do it, though it usually involves one of or more of a few simple actions. The first is to clear a space with incense. I will walk around the room I am going to be in whilst performing

The first is to clear a space with incense. I will walk around the room I am going to be in whilst performing magick or just connecting with my gods, or meditating.

The second thing would be asking the four corners of the earth to aid and protect me. This is something I do when I want to do some serious ritual or magick. This can also be asking the elements to aid and protect me. This would involve the incensing of the room, as well as salting, asperging, and carrying a flame around the room to not only help in cleansing, but infuse the room with each element’s energy.

For serious work, I will formally invite my gods in. It may be all of them, or it could be just one, depending on the work to be done.

Finally, I will create an astral boundary around the room, though I usually like to do the whole house. This comes from a combination of my own energy, as well as earth energy, and if I’m working with my gods, a bit of theirs as well.


Sitting in sacred space feels similar to sitting in spiritually cleansed space, in that it’s warm, and seems to flow easily. However, there is something more to a sacred space, something tingly, something that feels like home. Perhaps it is that we are more in tune with who we are outside of this body, this human life. I’m not sure, but it’s certainly different and lovely!


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#30DaysMagicalRoots Day 4: Intention

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen my post today about setting my intention for the day of do all the things. And I did! It was very busy with bagging all the teas for the craft fair next week, weeding a large part of the garden, and helping my tomato plants that were blown over.  The thunderstorm energy really helped give that extra boost to get. shit. done.

Set your intention for this challenge. What do you hope to get out of it? Our intentions are so important when it comes to magic. You must have a clear vision in order to proceed with the action. (Make one or two concrete goals: for example, “I’d like to create a simple daily magical routine for myself” or “I’d like to try three new magical techniques before the end of the month.”)

So the day’s intention was set and met, I would say! But now for the intention for this challenge…

What do I hope to get out of it? I think to live a more magickal life via simple daily practice, even just grounding/centering. Not only this, but to also continue to do the personal work to align myself better to my ideals, which will allow my magick to flow much more easily into the physical world. These things don’t have to be huge and all-time consuming, they just have to be.

I think I also want to set daily intentions. Simple though, of course, but getting myself in the right frame of mind for what the day holds.

If you’re following along with the challenge, what is your intention for the month?


Kathy Fornal

Kathy Fornal

I’ve been musing the past little while on the fact that our modern culture allows for us to be impatient jerks in everything that we pursue. Even in religion, which is something that takes a lifetime, and which can take on so many different forms for every individual. One person will not be a master of all spiritual practices, it’s just not possible. They will not be a master of all the knowledge that is bestowed upon us by Them either, our brains are much too small and self-involved to truly understand it all; and of course, our lives much too short. They can tell us all there is to know, but that does not lend to actual comprehension and wise use of said knowledge.

I am definitely not claiming that I don’t have the propensity of being impatient and thinking I deserve everything I can dream of having just because I can think of it either. I can be very selfish, and a big, whiny baby about not getting what I want. And a big problem of mine is not continuing practices when I don’t get right away what I imagine is the big reward at the end of my spiritual path (though, there really is no end, is there?). In these cases, I have to remind myself that if I got the big reward, what else would there be to keep me going?

The last six months have been quite momentous for me, mostly with inward things. I think a big part of it was something physical that happened to me shortly after Samhain, I won’t go into details, but it nevertheless took a psychological toll on me. I became a hermit for over two months, had sleepless nights, and was deathly afraid of death. I literally couldn’t go anywhere without thinking of the many ways I could die out in the world; falling on the skytrain tracks, accidentally walking out in front of traffic… I won’t continue on because I’m past it now, but still sensitive to it.
Then around Yule, things started turning around because I made myself go out and enjoy Yule with my cov-family. Things were still dark for me, and there were a few more sleepless nights afterwards, where I could only go to sleep after the sun came up.
During January/February, there were preparations for initiation, and my 102 group I was studying with had to put on an Imbolc ritual for the trad. It was fun, and I quite enjoyed coming up with a celebratory ritual with my fellow students, and now trad-mates. Then there was serious mental preparation for my initiation, which I got sick for, and the night was moved.

Since then, there’s been a lot of inward work. The happiness of being initiated as a witch, and into my fantastic coven; pondering the implications of covenhood, degrees, and that sort of thing. And lately, there’s the realization and acknowledgement that I could possibly be comprehending the knowledge that I have been cultivating. Let me just say that I realize I am just at the tip of the iceburg here, but there is progress. Progress is good.

A big flashing sign to me that there has been growth in my spiritual path is that I feel that I have been given the keys of understanding when it comes to certain information. While most things are out there in the open for all to see, it doesn’t mean that I truly understood the implications they had for me. I find that the things I read in blogs and in books I now understand and they hold meaning for me, where before, I was reading them to make myself feel like I was advanced because I was reading what others, whom I admire, (and who have probably been more dedicated to practice and research on their paths) were reading or commenting about.

There are also some other potentially huge things happening, however, I need to wade my way through them before I decide whether or not to divulge.