Another Shop Update & Samhain Sale Reminder

2015-10-22 11.57.14

I AM SO EXCITE!!!!!!!!! I received this lovely package today, and ooooooh, how I would love to divulge what it is… can you guess? However, I also love a mystery 😉 I’m going to be busy this afternoon playing around, that is for sure! Now for one more box to arrive, and I’ll have all I need to play for awhile, and get some solid…. things…. down to put up in the shop!!

I am just SO EXCITE!!

In other news! My Samhain sale is still happening! In fact, it ends Samhain night, 10/31/2015. So until then, you can receive a 20% discount on ANY reading you’d like when you type SAMHAIN into the coupon box at checkout!
Just pop on over to my shop, The Forest Witch 🙂

It’s the Equinox!


And a very happy and blessed one to you and yours! ❤

Please enjoy 20% of on a reading by using the AUTUMN coupon code at checkout. Valid until 09-27-2015, that’s this coming Sunday.

And We’re Live!

The shop is up!
The Forest Witch

The Shop Goes Live at Midnight!

At midnight EST, my shop will be live! I’m so excited, guys 😀

Remember I have a grand opening coupon for 20% off ANY reading, even a one card reading. Just type in: GRANDOPENINGYAY at checkout, and voila!

I hope to be hearing from some of you soon.
Also, thanks to those of you who got readings from me ❤ ❤ ❤