For You Canadians…

So, I have been a busy, busy bee! As it seems I always am as of late! There’s been cleaning, and transcribing, and rewriting, and organizing, and sewing myself a ritual robe, and knitting… lots of knitting!! I haven’t even finished my pillow covers yet, when I decided to make the robe, that kind of took over. It didn’t take too long, mind you, even though I hand sewed the whole thing! Then I found Ravelry, found this gorgeous pattern for socks that reminds me of what LOTR elves would knit; and ever since, I’ve been knitting. And unraveling…. and knitting some more. Here it is in a few stages up till now.

Anywho… what I really wanted to talk about was all this Sopa and Pipa nonsense, well, the Canadian equivalent. Bill C-11. May I just say, WTF?! If you go to this article here, you can tell the government HELL NO! Just a little taste of what to expect… all of Sopa and Pipa’s bullshit, plus: we aren’t allowed to copy our music from CDs over onto our mp3 players, no more PVRs, you can’t unlock a smartphone to be able to use it with another phone company.

Now, normally I stay out of politics because for the most part, most things don’t really affect me; but this is retarded. This bill affects pretty much everyone and their dog, they’re just asking for more useless “crime” to happen, and for us to spend more tax dollars on keeping us from committing what they want to be “crimes”. Now, I have been known to download a few things here and there, but the thing is, if I really like what’s being put out there, I will support the artists by buying their work. I don’t want to go out and buy something that will turn out to be utter crap. You don’t buy a house without first taking a look inside the whole house. And that may be taking things a little far as a few tenners don’t compare to the hundreds of thousands spent on a home, but it’s the same principle.

All these bills will do is just stupidly spend more of our money by making it a crime to enjoy the arts. Wow… bravo US and Canada, of all the things you could figure out, you decide that our entertainments were the thing to attack. How about do something about the f**king bankers basically ruling over the world?? Oh, and for us Canadians going to school… a bank doesn’t have to have the actual money to back up a student loan they give you… so that means that you pay them all the money they lend you PLUS interest. Yep. Bravo.

New Year, New You – Something I’ve Been Putting Off

Well, in a word, EVERYTHING. Lol, no clean yet, Yule decorations are still up, this past Sunday’s ritual didn’t happen (though I did have an impromptu Wednesday ritual). I’ve been so busy with my transcription and proofreading work (oh, did I tell you I’m working on sites like Fiverr now? Yes I am!), hand-sewing myself a new robe (which is almost finished), knitting pillow covers, reading a lot (I’ve got three books on the go right now), writing a “perfect spell” for my Wicca 101 class (well, it’s pretty much done, but there are some tweaks I’ve been making), and singing with my school’s Chorale.

Ok, so I’ve been busy, clearly, there aren’t many moments when I’m just sitting around doing something unproductive, it’s true. But I really want to get the apartment cleaned out! However, all the things I’ve been doing lately have some sort of timeline, some sort of due date! So if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been the past week and a bit, that’s what I’ve been doing!

I’m not saying all the work is a bad thing, in fact, I love having something to do, things to occupy my time that I feel are worth it 🙂

How have you all been doing?