YouTube Pagan Challenge – Week 8

The one where I talk about my Gods, and yes, there’s a bit of waffling here because I was kind of all over the place this morning, thinking about other things too 😛

Unboxing: Delicious Witchy Tea from the Forest Witch!

Oh my goodness, guys! Beth just made a video of unboxing an order she got of my teas!! So much love, Beth!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

And I hope you’re enjoying them today as you fill out your candle/soap/delicious smelly things orders!!

YouTube Pagan Challenge – Week 7

Am I caught up? I think I’m caught up… I hope! 😛

YouTube Pagan Challenge – Week 6

YouTube Pagan Challenge – Week 4

Yes, I understand, I haven’t done an altar video, I’m not entirely sure if I will or not. Who knows! But in this video, I chat about how I celebrate holidays as a pagan/polytheist 🙂

YT Pagan Challenge! Week 1

I’ve been strong-armed into participating in the YouTube Pagan Challenge!! Well, lovingly by Jo 😉

I will likely change up how I video… but I’m (fortunately?) much too tired to have re-recorded it! I don’t want to be as close next time, also on a day that is not so terribly dark! Oh how perfectionism stinks sometimes, nothing is ever good enough! 😛

Anywho, join in if you haven’t already, or take a look at all the witchy videos!! ❤

Heimdall Tea


A light, lemony green tea, with a subtle hint of breezy mint, and sweet, nutty coconut blend.

Inspired and imbued with the Watcher’s energies, this tea will help keep you sharp! Enjoy this tea as you contemplate all the details of your future endeavours, share a cup with Heimdallr, or simply offer it up to Him. Can certainly be enjoyed without any other purpose than enjoyment too!

You can find Heimdall’s tea in my shop, The Forest Witch. And if you’re looking for other Deity’s teas, take a look in my Devotional Teas section.

Tea for Forseti


Before I get into this lovely tea, yay for light boxes! I was going to list this yesterday, and what happened? Well the clouds decided to make it super dark out ALL DAY. Which isn’t very long seeing as I’m in the Northern Hemisphere! So I broke down and finally made a light box… which admittedly took like 5 minutes to build… yep.

So here is Forseti’s Tea! When deciding what ingredients to blend for Him, I thought of what kind of mood I would need to be in to make decisions, to use good judgement  in my life whether it’s deciding career moves, or mediating between people, or anything else that has many sides to the problem that needs to be factored in so that I can make the best decision for all involved.
And this tea was created.

Chamomile to calm the mind, though not quite enough to make one sleepy! Lemon and lemon balm provide a boost to get your thinker a thinking, whilst lavender and fennel allow purity and clarity of mind. It’s quite a lovely, gentle tea.


If you are looking for another Deity’s tea, check out my Devotional Teas section.

Idunn Tea


Like a walk through the orchard. The bees are buzzing in the flowers nearby, and fresh apples are enjoyed beneath the old trees. Slightly spiced, and oh so sweet.

Inspired and imbued with the sweet Orchard Keeper’s energies, this tea is a lovely way to relax outside, or dream of the ease of summer! Enjoy this tea as you contemplate what delicious apple goodies you’re going to be making, share a cup with Idunn, or simply offer it up to Her. Can certainly be enjoyed without any other purpose than enjoyment too!

You’ll find the listing here, and you can check out the storefront here for other delicious teas!

Freyr Black Tea


A yummy, hearty tea for the Vanic Lord.

Dates, oats and allspice all on a delicious black tea bed.

I love the way that the oats lend a creamy and full mouth feel to it! This is definitely a good tea to keep you warm come the winter months.

You can check out Freyr’s tea here, and if you’d like to have a look around what other Deity teas I offer, just head on into my shop!