Tarot - Strength -by Sceith Ailm

Tarot – Strength -by Sceith Ailm

The Fool’s Journey
At this point in the Fool’s journey, here is where we can see why Strength changes places with Justice in the 8th position of the Major Arcana, which comes after the Chariot card. The Chariot signifies (at least upright) a hard battle to be won, Strength following the Chariot makes a little more sense to me in the story than following the Wheel of Fortune as you’ll soon see.

The Fool is victorious against his enemies, he is feeling empowered, cocky, pompous, and mayhaps even hostile. There is this rage bursting from within himself, and he feels unable, or even unwilling to control it. But then he happens upon a serene woman battling with a lion. Somehow, she manages so calmly, but with firmness, to shut the lion’s mouth, rendering the beast to become obliging to her. The Fool is astonished and asks her how she was so easily able to control the wild beast.

With a smile, she says she simply asked the lion. Whilst the lion’s tumultuous nature informed his actions, the lion also recognized something higher, something more expansive, more understanding within the woman. The lion wanted to be a part of something more than his own compulsions, to share in the energy of the woman, to be more than his baser self.

The Fool asks yet another question, why would she want to spend her time with such a wild beast? Another smile, and another answer for the Fool; because the lion too has a marvelous energy within him. Yes, it is wild and passionate, but it is something that can be tended and used and enjoyed well when the need or desire arises.


When you pull Strength in a reading, it is a time to consider tending to your wild emotions that inform your actions in the world. To tend the subconscious, not simply try to extinguish it. We are all capable of going to extremes on either end of the analytical and emotionally passionate spectrum, but to temper each end with the other is where we are able to put our passions to better use, or soften the harshness that can be the analytical.

Feeling angry (or insert other overwhelming emotion here) about something? Don’t just yell about it, take time to think about why exactly you are angry. Think what the heat of the moment actions would actually affect in your life, usually this means exacerbating the issue.
Then once the emotion has cooled enough that it still burns without consuming all of you, focus that flame into something that will change the situation so that you are not so upset about it. When we take the effort to affect change in our own lives, especially the things that create wild emotion within us, we better the world not only for ourselves, but for those who are also effected by those angering things.

Feeling inspired? The same thing applies, take those wild flames and contain it within that creative hearth, allowing it to cook whatever emotion it is within you, and turn it into your art of choice that it pleases and sates your inspiration, and inspires others who see it.

By doing this, we are tending those passion flames, allowing them to consume only the things which need to be destroyed and transformed, instead of consuming our entirety as a human, making us beastly, wild, and frightening to ourselves and others.

PBP – Heather


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Latin Name:
Calluna Vulgaris

Common Names:
Heather, Heath, Scot’s Heather, Scotch Heather, Froach, Ling

Parts Used:
Flowering shoots

Image from Wikimedia

Image from Wikimedia

Medicinal Properties:
Heather has been used for insomnia, migraines, stomach pain, skin problems, and coughs, and problems that are connected to menstruation. It is considered a mild diuretic, and has antiseptic qualities.
Its use strengthens the heart and raises blood pressure slightly, and has been used to treat heart palpitations.
Used fresh or dry, you can make a heather tea to access its benefits by simmering 4 teaspoons to a cup of water. The dose is a half of a cup per day if drunk.
The flowering shoots can also be added to a bath to tone muscles and sooth rheumatic issues.

Magickal Associations:
The planet Venus, Water, garnet, red, white, Red Grouse, Uroica, Venus, Aphrodite, Erycina, Cybele, Isis, wild passions and their consequences

Magickal Properties:
An flower of the Goddess, it is sacred to Isis. Heather is carried for protection against violent crimes, especially of rape (white heather provides the strongest protection), and for general good luck.

White heather is often used in cases where one is presented with overly passionate, and ultimately unwanted suitors.
Red heather, in turn, aids to stir up the passions, or to begin or end an affair.
Purple is often used for spiritual development.

Sleeping on a pillow stuffed with heather can bring about foretelling dreams of good fortune.

Burning heather and fern together outdoors brings rain.

It is a flower that can open portals between this and the world of the Fae. The Fae of this flower are also especially attracted to people who are shy. It can also be used to conjure the spirits of the dead.

Lastly, it is helpful for those who shape shift, as well as protects against shifters who would cause you harm.

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Elemental Magic(k) – Fire

It’s now time to discuss Fire elemental magic(k). Fire is the element of the South (or East, depending on your tradition), Summer, the Spirit, youth, will, the masculine, activity, sexuality, transformation, courage, protection, physical strength, physical exercise, passion and growth. We work with Fire when we dealing with issues of will power, being fearful, and generally moving forward (motivation).

Herbal/Oil/Incense Associations:
Copal, Frankincense, Rose, Olibanum, Orange, Cinnamon, Calendula, Saffron, Almond, Basil, Juniper, Lime.

Stone Associations:
Pyrite, Fire Opal, Fire Garnet, Amethyst, Firestone, Fire Agate, Ruby, Obsidian, Lava, Red Jasper, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Quartz Crystals, Tiger’s Eye, Rhodochrosite.

Elemental Beings:
Salamanders: beings who excite passions, powerful emotions; help in tearing down the old and making way for the new; help in healing the body and mind; stimulate spiritual ideas and perceptions.

Lion, Phoenix, Dragon, Lizards, Praying Mantis, Ladybug, Bee, Scorpion, Shark, Horses, Coyotes, Foxes, Snakes.

The Wands suite, The Emperor, The Tower, The Wheel Of Fortune.

Hestia, Brigid, Hephaestos, Adranus, Belenos, Ayao, Belisama, Sekhmet, Ra, Loki.

Magic(k)al Workings:
Will power, creativity, healing, purification, passion, love, courage, motivation, growth, spirituality/faith.

The Lovers

The Fool continues on his journey and comes to a crossroads, his confidence has been restored by the Hierophant, and he knows his purpose and exactly what he wants. He would continue his trek, however he stops dead in his tracks. There is a woman standing under a fruit tree in between the two roads. He is instantly struck by this shocking, almost painful feeling of a strange recognition of her. He speaks with her and continues to be more and more entranced, and realizes she feels the same way. He knows that it would be dangerous to bring her along on his journey, but he cannot imagine being without her. Though he planned to follow the path of the fruit tree, he now chooses a completely different path with her at his side.

When pulling this card in a spread there is much love, romance and passion going on in the Querent’s romantic relationships, or even a reconnect and revitalization with their relationship with themselves. Past emotional bruises and issues have been resolved and there is a new balance, it is time for a new phase in the person’s life. This card can also mean that you have come to a crossroads in your life. It will be a time where you need to take your time making your decision, and either way, the answer will not be black or white, instead a shade of gray. This card can sometimes mean that we need to take stock of our lives and current situations to make sure that how we live reflects how we feel in our hearts and what we value.


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