Getting Organized!

Oh guys, it’s been a while! And if you haven’t read my latest newsletter, I’ve got some plans to be organized and more productive this coming year with bullet journalling! I’m probably going to keep it fairly simple, no crazy art things happening within them, and that’s ok because I plan on arting this year, and likely listing them in my shop 🙂

So… the main reason why I wanted to write this post is because I ordered some passport sized traveller’s journal covers from Beth at her website, Sea Bunny Designs. And man… I’m in love!

Here's what I got in the envelope. The two journals, a lovely bag of tea (I've never had Bigelow's teas yet, so I'm excited to try it!), and a bag of decadent incense of frankincense, myrrh, and clove. *happy sigh*

Here’s what I got in the envelope. The two journals, a lovely bag of tea (I’ve never had Bigelow’s teas yet, so I’m excited to try it!), and a bag of decadent incense of frankincense, myrrh, and clove. *happy sigh*

As you can see, I got a custom one done up with my shop's logo on it for all shop business organization and planning! I gotta say, it's weird seeing my logo on something like this... and so awesome!

As you can see, I got a custom one done up with my shop’s logo on it for all shop business organization and planning! I gotta say, it’s weird seeing my logo on something like this… and so awesome!

These are the inserts Beth made, each journal comes with one. I looove the paper she used for the covers, and the dot graph paper inside is nice and thick too!

These are the inserts Beth made, each journal comes with one. I looove the paper she used for the covers, and the dot graph paper inside is nice and thick too!

Lastly, I made my own inserts while I was waiting for the journal covers to arrive! They're a tad big, so a couple of them that don't have anything written inside yet will get trimmed, and the others will stay the same, no biggie :)

Lastly, I made my own inserts while I was waiting for the journal covers to arrive! They’re a tad big, so a couple of them that don’t have anything written inside yet will get trimmed, and the others will stay the same, no biggie 🙂

So if you’re thinking of getting organized this year too, I’d highly recommend Beth’s journal covers and bullet journalling! You can find the listing for the plain covers here, and custom ones here. She also has Hogwarts houses covers *squee*, and Game of Thrones, as well as River Song’s cover from Doctor Who!

Alright, enough fan-girling, just go check out her shop already!
So, yes, journalling, and keeping things organized! I plan on keeping an insert for tea recipes (I can usually figure out a recipe within one or two tries, so it all goes in the same place), as well as my calendar insert, and perhaps an insert for big picture business plans.
My other purple journal inserts will be for keeping track of my personal life, as well as a journal for spiritual things, of course! Not sure if I’ll need much more than that for that one. Who knows? I could go nuts!

In other news, so long as things keep going well, I’d like to at least look into an herbalism/shamanism course for this year. This one really depends on how well the shop does, as the course is definitely a bit of an investment; however, I think it would do me and the shop quite well, especially in terms of healing teas, broadening my knowledge base, and getting me more connected to the plants I work with for my teas.

This year is looking exciting, I’ve got to say, and it’s all thanks to you guys ❤

Happy new year! May it be filled with all the blessings! ❤

A Blessed New Year!

I wish you all love, happiness, adventure, and surprises of the wonderful kind in the coming new year, dear gentle readers! ❤

I also want to thank you for your support in both keeping up with me on this blog and with my shop! I hope to offer many new wonderful teas in the coming year that you can enjoy alone or with your Gods!

Much love, and many blessings,


The Pagan Experience Looking Forward

Thanks to a few of the bloggers I read, I am now going to participate in The Pagan Experience, as a step up from the Pagan Blog Project. Now I don’t mean that in a negative light, it just feels like PBP is more for those starting out, the prompts emphasize the history, tools, etc. of Paganism and Witchcraft. While I like to go back every once in a while and give a thought as to why we use what we use, the power in tools of the tangible and intangible sort, I feel like it’s no longer the time for me to continue “starting out”. Also, most of the PBP posts that I’ve written in the past year and a half, perhaps more, have been more personal, less of that initial Learn. All. The. Things.
I’m still learning of course, but it’s much less about the books now, and more about the actual practice, the interactions that I have. Learning things by rote helps a bit, but can you remember all the things you had to memorize when you were in grade school? Probably not. What stays in mind are the experiences, things connected to emotions, and spirituality is abundant in the emotional department.

Alright, so to get to the point of this first Pagan Experience blog post, resolutions! I don’t really do them. I generally have things that I am always working towards anyhow, so I’ll share what the coming year will have in store for me.

1. Write. I need to finish the novel I began writing for NaNo. I’m still excited about the story, but I need to take some time to plan out what’s going to happen in each chapter till the end of the book.
I am also going to write short stories of erotica to publish on a fairly regular basis. I enjoy writing it as much as I love reading it, and sometimes, you just gotta write your own stuff to see what you want to see. I’ve already got a neat world I’m working in, and I’m excited to see where it goes as well. I think with this first story, there will be more, a bigger story that will be put out in instalments. It’s also going to be a way for me to sharpen my story writing skills so that the big stories I have to tell will be done so in a much cleaner way.

2. Redo my garden this year, cutting down some of the things that didn’t seem to work well, and what we didn’t tend to eat very much of. It will also be a year of knowing what will need to be better taken care of on this particular plot, now that I’ve gone through a growing season with it. And this year, I absolutely must remember to get my sister to bring some horse poop in the fall! (The poop is the most important goal, of course!)
I will also be making a bigger effort for herbs, both culinary and medicinal. Of course, it can all be used magickally, but you already knew that, right? Also, herbs and flowers in the garden keep pests away, so there’s also that.

3. Eat well, move more. Nothing specific. I’m not going to say I want to lose such and such amount of weight. I just want to take care of my body, which is something that’s already on my mind every day anyway.

4. Spiritually, I’d like to allow myself to just do things when I feel moved to. Not to just sit there thinking that there’s going to be too much involved. We do things when inspired because we are deeply moved to do it, ritual and celebration helps us to mark important things in our lives, and I need to do this more. I’m not saying I’m going to do ALL. THE. RITUALS. I am not a ritual kind of person. Only once in a while. No, if I feel like I need to bake something for an offering, or do a specific spell, or say a prayer in a more formal and marked way, I will do it.

5. Sing more. I’ve been moved more and more lately to sing. Not as intensely as I have pursued it before, but music is calling. I often think of writing, but my best tunes come out in the shower and I forget when I’m done. Yes, I realize I should just bring my phone in and record. Welp, there’s a thought 😛 Thank you, writing this post for making me think of that!

I think these are the basic things I am seeking to do this year. Nothing too crazy, just things that I feel are attainable, as I already endeavour to do them anyway.

Goodbye, 2014

Well, this is the last evening of 2014, and the last of my Yuletide celebrations. I’ve pulled my cards for each month of the coming year, and reviewed the past year. I feel like I am so far away from where I was last year at this time, mostly in terms of my psychological self.

I have grown a lot in the last year, especially in knowing what my own boundaries are since we now are around people more often, and accepting that I am basically a monk, and that life suits me fine (without the celibacy, of course!!! I am a hippy pagan, after all!). I’ve had a lot of flack this past year from my concerned mother, and even some outside comments that how I live isn’t quite “right”, and to that, I have figured out for myself that I have no real interest in living how our society tells us to. I don’t enjoy being around a lot of people, it’s very exhausting for me. I am not overly concerned with being a part of a consumerist/capitalist culture, so traditional jobs are not appealing for me. We are not very poor anymore since moving back, in fact, we’ve been able to pay off a good chunk of our collective debt. We are quite comfortable, and buy the things we want when we can.

I have been babysitting, which has become enjoyable to me somehow?? Perhaps it’s the wanting of kids? 😛 And knitting up a storm, providing warmth and beauty through clothing items, and I still have a crap load of things to knit in the next month. I have also done some serious research into writing, as it has become rather important to me. I haven’t talked about this aspect, but it has definitely helped some days with journeying when I am too tired, it’s sort of like automatic writing, but it also allows me to really pay attention because I want what I’m writing if I’m connecting with Other to be visceral, tangible, something I want to read later and feel all over again. Then this has led right into my story writing, I’ve been inspired by my own interactions and insights, inspired by the worlds I have been shown and the People in them. I hazard to say that perhaps writing is coming in to fill the gap that music has left. Not forever, but for now. And that’s also not to say that as I continue writing, story telling will not create its own cozy spot in who I am, and that music will one day be filled again by singing, but for now, I am just very happy to be creating something, to be telling a story.

I know I’ve said it before, but I am very excited for the coming year, the cards have shown me a year full of learning, of taking on roles, and being. Just being by doing. It will not be without its frustrations, and difficulty, but what of worth does not frustrate us or prove difficult at times. I’m sure the difficulty will be on my end, perhaps letting go of what I think I should be doing and doing what I’m supposed to be doing? Getting out of the books and going out to do and experiment? Who knows, but I shall endeavour to chronicle my trials here, as long as that’s ok with Them.

I hope you all are feeling that 2015 is going to be a good year too. I think it’s much needed. 2012 & 2013 kind of sucked, actually, really sucked. There were some shining moments, but mostly suckage. 2014 felt transitory, and I hope that means transitioning to a better year.

Happy new year, and many blessings as you continue on your journeys!

Happy and Tired

It has been a busy month, and this past week and the next has been/will be pretty busy still. It has been really nice to have the Holidays with the family again!! We’ve already chatted about going to the East Coast to spend some time next Yule (well, Christmas for them) with my grandparents since they haven’t had their grandkids for the Holidays in three years (due to some selfish planning on my uncle in law’s part). Ah well, what’s family and the Holidays if there isn’t any family drama? Though I have to say this year has been pretty quiet on the drama front. Very happily quiet!

It’s also been nice to be able to get gifts for people again (because shipping is expensive!), and by getting, I mean making, since I still have one more thing to knit for our last Holiday meal and gifting next weekend. Just a toque, nothing major. And yet even with all the Yule knitting over after that, it seems like I have another 5 or 6 knitting things to do come January. I have already decided that next year’s knits will be started waaaaaaaaaaay early, like maybe even after I’m done the next few things I’m knitting. I wanted to give gifts to more people this year, but there was just not enough time in two months for it. Ah well, I have learned the lesson.

And now for the magickal part of my life, which is actually pretty much the entirety of my life 😉 , the Yule season has been quite lovely. Each day I light the candles and incense at night, some for my Ancestors, some for my Gods, and some for the things I want more of to harvest this coming cycle. I had planned to do a lot more journeying each day to spend much needed time with my Gods, however, sleep has been eluding me enough along with the Holiday craziness wearing me out that I haven’t had enough energy to go off. I just fall asleep. Rest is quite important to keep your focus (I just read an article that people who only get around 6 hours a day have the cognitive and reactionary function of someone who’s blood alcohol level is 1.0), but I’ve been reassured there will be plenty of opportunity and time after the Yule season has ended. Tonight may possibly work out, but we shall see.

I am excited for what’s to come, the learning to be had in the coming year, the relationships to be deepened, and all the things that will be growing. I hope you all are enjoying lovely Holidays, whatever they may be and however long they last.

Much love and blessings. Happy Yule and Solstice tidings.

New Year, New You

Found this inspiring, awesome idea at Deb’s blog. I’m so excited, I can’t even tell you! I’ve been wanting to figure out ways to improve myself and my life this year, and here is a lovely way to do it! I don’t have to only rely on myself, which is good, cuz I have an amazing tendency to get lazy and put things off for an eternity.

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write out some goals for the next year, big ones to be accomplished over the course of the year, monthly ones, weekly ones and daily ones. I find that if things are meant to happen for me, I will see something that matches perfectly over and over again. I have seen this New Year, New You stuff all over today, so, what the Hel, I’ll take up arms and troop through my own inner and outer battles for once!

Since I’m a few weeks behind, I will be playing catch up in the next couple of posts… stay tuned!!


So, wordpress has this post-a-day (or, post-a-week) challenge. I will be taking the latter, as I’d rather not have added stress of thinking what to write about everyday on top of homework, lol. So I will try writing a post a week, hopefully more, for the year of 2011 🙂 I think it’s a good idea, and I like it! Lol.

So, anywho. Yule and the New Year celebrations were good to us, it’s been a quiet time, full of rest, and I’m ready for school coming tomorrow. In fact, I’m excited to go back and be immersed in music once more. The holiday has been filled with spell casting, words sent up to the Gods, magic(k)al cleaning (you would not believe how good my apartment smelled after I cleaned the floors with a homemade floor wash to get rid of negativity and bring about happiness, prosperity and peace, yum!). I feel quite positive about the coming year, I even did a what’s to come in the next twelve months tarot reading for myself, and it seems as though this year will be quite productive for me, as well as having big changes to come near the closing of the year.

Secretly, I’ve been dreaming of babies… but as my dear mother told me, I just started school, and need to focus and finish that before I start even thinking about babies. I won’t be thirty yet by the time I get the degree, so that seems like a sound idea, lol. But shh, the baby dreaming is a secret, lol. So hopefully this is not the big change, lol.

I am quite excited for this coming semester as I will be singing a duet with another aspiring opera singer 🙂 In fact, we both have the same name, it’s hilarious. We will be singing “Dome Epaix” from “Lakme” by Delibes. I feel lazy and don’t want to put the accents on, so sue me 😛 And I think I’ll be doing another duet with another friend as well, but we’re not sure what yet.

Aaaah, there’s just something about the new year that sparks hope and excitement in me… love it! 😀 Hope you all are as excited as I am!