A fluffy, sunset cloud. I’m in love with my little moon ūüėć Also love that I spend a good chunk of Beltaine painting this ‚̧
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#30DaysMagicalRoots Challenge Day 26

Day 26: Craft a Sigil
Craft a sigil that represents the path you are on or the path you want to follow. This is a deeply personal creation so put some thought into it. (Recommended Resource: Practical Sigil Magic by Frater U.D.)

This is my most important sigil, and yes, it is also my shop’s logo! Of course it is, what kind of witch would I be if everything wasn’t meaningful and full of intent? ūüėČ

When I was designing it, I was tempted to go the usual route of runes, or simple symbols incorporated into the sigil. However, as I am always pulled to do, I decided to go with what appealed to me the most, the thing that resonated with me the most, and of course, not necessarily the easiest thing to recreate off hand.

To me, this sigil¬†looks very Elven, which evokes a sense of magick, especially magick in everything. The flowing lines in themselves represent something that begins as a small point, a small idea, at the bottom, and grows upwards. Like a seed rooting down, supported by the earth’s nutrients, waters, and the plants that grew and died to provide new life.

The small plant in the center has three leaves. For me, that initially represents an idea growing stronger. The two leaves that always pop out first for any seedling to provide a wide and strong foundation for receiving the sun’s rays. The third leaf, a sign of growing and reaching higher towards full potential.

The surrounding lines/vines also represent the flow and protection of magick, the things that nourish the plant in the center, physically, spiritually. Then near the top of the vines, they create a crescent moon shape. The moon has always been important in my own practice, the energy that I’ve pulled down and worked with, that has been woven through my life and actions. I love the imagery of the magick of the vines flowing up through the moon and up into the expanse above. That my magick flows out into the universe, nourished by it, and supplying nourishment for others.


So while I do very much enjoy sigils made with bits of established symbols, and the idea of sharing magick and symbolism with my fellow witches, I think this sigil for me is so very personal, incredibly representative of my own energy, my own views, and sends that energy out, of wanting to connect and create happiness and growth in the world.


Just go do this challenge already! You can find it at Plentiful Earth ‚̧

#30DaysMagicalRoots Challenge Days 20 & 21

Lighthouse and sunset over Lake Huron. By Tom Freda

Day 20: Ethics
What are magical ethics? Write down a core list of ethics for your own practice. No judgement here-this is for you and you alone!

Magickal ethics are the moral¬†rules that guide the actions we take when we perform magick. These are always subjective, so vary from person to person. A lot of this depends on a person’s background, history, and experiences; much the same as the day to day ethics we live by.

As much as one person is different in any given situation, or at different points in their life, their ethics can change.

Here are some of the ethics that guide my own magickal practice:

  • Do no harm to the innocent
  • Do not mess with free will
  • Before contemplating a curse, employ all other tools to persuade or solve the problem (this usually involves encouraging karma to speed up)
  • Protect those who need it
  • Work in love when you can

For the most part, I prefer to work through love, to allow my love to fuel my magick. Whether it’s to wish someone peace and health or to defend someone from any kind of harm. Even when I am enraged at the horrid actions of a person, I am enraged because no one deserves to be made to endure those actions, to be made to feel that they don’t mean anything, that they are undeserving of kindness and respect. When I hear a story of some cruelty or injustice, all I can feel is the energy of my heart wrap around them, whether I know them or not. And lately, my heart is just wrapped around the world, wanting to protect everyone.

As I said in my last post, I believe that magick is a connection, and that connection is love, to people, to all living and even inanimate things. The universe. And when anything happens that affects me, positive, or negative, I just feel love reaching out from me, radiating, protecting, connecting, creating magick.

Day 21: Symbols
What symbols do you use in your practice and why? Are there any that you are drawn to? Try carving the symbol into a candle and burning it while you meditate on that sacred symbol. You can also draw it on a piece of paper and carry it with you every day. Or find a piece of jewelry with the symbol to wear when you need a magical boost.

I use the star a lot in my practice. There are so many reasons to, the first is probably because the star was the first witchy symbol you kind of learn about when you first begin walking on a pagan path. I love the elemental connection to each of the points, and after reading T. Thorn Coyle’s Evolutionary Witchcraft, I’ve been enjoying working with the Feri pentacles, Iron, Pearl, Rust, Gilded. Thinking on what they mean in my own actions and magick.

As an aside, I’ve read up on Feri before, and have been aware of their pentacles, but it’s not until now that I’ve actually been thinking on them and working with them.

Another symbol I often find working its way into my magic is a tree of some sort. Sometimes, any sort of sigil I create will resemble a tree; and for a long time, when I would travel to the astral, I would travel within or flying along the trunk of the world tree. Trees have always been places of magic for me, a liminal space, with their branches reaching up towards the universe, and their roots hidden beneath the earth.

The moon is another important symbol for me. Not only because of the feminine connection to my my cycle, but that the moon has such a wonderful magickal energy that witches, priestesses, and those connected to spirit have worked with.

Finally, at least for this post, my last symbol is a lighthouse. For some reason, a lighthouse to me is always a nod to home, that it is the place I am meant to be. Doesn’t matter where I am, where there’s a lighthouse, this feeling washes over me. Clearly I am drawn to bodies of water… sometimes I wonder if I was a selkie, or a siren in a past life ‚̧


Go check out Plentiful Earth’s post about this fantastic magickal challenge!

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Flower Crown by Kis for Kani
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YouTube Pagan Challenge – Week 10

I chat about moon phases and how that affects my practice.



The Glory of the Moon

The Glory of the Moon

Miaerowyn – July 22, 2013

The Month of the Willow


Latin Name
Salix babylonica (Weeping Willow), Salix alba (White Willow)

Celtic Name
Saille (sail-yeh)

Common Names
Willow, Tree of Enchantment, Sough Tree, Pussy Willow, Witches’ Tree, Tarvos Tree, Sally, Saille, Withy, Withe, Aspirin, Witches’ Aspirin, Osier, Salicyn Willow

April 15 – May 12



Parts Used
Bark, wood, twigs, branches, sap

Medicinal Uses
The bark and leaves of the willow has long been used for pain relief as it contains salicin, which the body turns into salicylic acid, which was isolated and synthesized in order to create the pain relieving aspirin many people use today.
Because the bark is quite astringent, it can be used as a diuretic, to ease rheumatic conditions, and combat heartburn.
The sap gathered from a flowering tree aids in skin blemishes and dandruff problems.

Phenolic glycosides (which include salicin, salicortin, salireposide, tremulacin), tannins, flavonoids, catechins.



Water, Moon, silver, Hekate, Athena, Artemis, Demeter, Persephone, Hera, Mercury, Circe, Orpheus, Selene, Luna, Brigid, Cerridwen, Arianrhod, Rhiannon, Audhumla (the great Cow in Norse mythology), Hel, Idunna, Loki, Nanna, Nerthus, Ran, Sif, Sigyn, Sjofna, Skadi, the Feyfolk, moonstone, hawk, snowy owl, Beltaine

Magical Properties
Dark moon magic, magic associated with water: creativity, emotion, love, divination, female energies/rights of passage, inspiration, binding, protection, healing, death, wishes, peace, joy.

When willow is placed in a home, it protects against malicious energies/witchcraft, and evil; if a willow is grown near your home, it protects it. The tree is also welcome in graveyards.

If you carry a bit of willow in your pocket (a twig or the like), it will bring you courage and help you to overcome the fear of death.

You can tell your biggest secrets to a willow tree, as it will trap the secret inside itself.

They will also grant your wishes, if you ask properly.

Willow and sandalwood burned together during the waning phase of the moon encourages spirits to more easily be conjured.

In love magic, the leaves are commonly used, as well as to forge friendships, alliances, pacts, and loyalty. If you’ve been spurned by your lover, wear a willow charm, and they should find their way back to you. At the end of the year, to discover whether you’ll be married in the new year, throw your shoe up into the willow’s branches:
‚ÄĚThrow your shoe high up
into the branches of a Willow tree;
If the branches catch and hold the shoe,
you soon will married be.‚ÄĚ


Full Moon

Last night was the first night of the full moon. As I saw it rising out of my window, I had to put my sandals on and head outside to bask in the silvery light.

The Moon has long been a fascination for all people, of all countries and spiritualities. She is roughly the same size as the Sun when viewed here on Earth. The Moon is full thirteen times a year, with one month having two full moons. She cycles every twenty-eight days from new to waxing to full to waning to new again. It’s no mystery anymore that the pull of the moon affects our oceans’ tides, and womens’ monthly cycles.

Moon Associations

January      РOld Moon
February    РWolf Moon
March          РLenten Moon
April             РEgg Moon
May               РMilk Moon
June              РFlower Moon
July               РHay Moon
August         РGrain Moon
September – Corn Moon
October       РHarvest Moon
November ¬†– Hunter’s Moon
December   РOak Moon

Associated Greenery

Aloe                       Anise
Calamus               Camphor
Coconut               Gardenia
Grape                    Sandalwood
Jasmine               Lemon
Lemon Balm       Lentil
Lily                         White Poppy Rose
Myrrh                   Selenetrope
Sweet Flag           Willow
Coriander            Eucalyptus
Holly                     Iris
Lettuce                 Moonflower
Moonwort           Orris Root
Waterlily              Wintergreen

Goddesses (only a few of many!)

Artemis     РGreek

Brighid       РCeltic (Triple Goddess)

Hecate        РGreek/Roman (Triple Goddess)

Isis               РEgyptian

Lilith            РSumerian

Magic(k) Associations

New Moon   РNew ventures, new love, job hunting, health. From the day of the New Moon to 3 days after.

Waxing Moon – Constructive magic(k), love, wealth, health, luck, success, friendship, courage. From 7 to 14 days after New Moon.

Full Moon     РEnforcing magic(k) already in place, to give an extra boost; divination; prophecy; protection; healing serious ailments; love; knowledge; legal & justice; money; dreams. From 14 to 17 days after New Moon.

Waning Moon  РBanishing ill magic(k); getting rid of addictions, negativity and illnesses. From 4 to 10 days after Full Moon.

Dark Moon   РGetting rid of bad habits; binding; exploring our deepest, darkest selves to gain understanding of our passions; justice. From 11 to 14 days after Full Moon.