PBP – The Morrighan

Song of a Stone Heart - bubug

Song of a Stone Heart – bubug

Whilst I have never worked with the Great Queen personally, I have always had quite a fascination with Morrighan from afar. She’s dark, passionate, and so very strong, it’s not a wonder She is still worshiped and beloved today.

The currently preferred meaning of Her name by scholars is the following: “Mor” is possibly from the Indo-European root which means terror or monstrousness; it is related to the Old English word, “maere” (yes, as in nightmare), as well as the Scandinavian “mara, and the Old Russian “mara”.

Where we get the “Great Queen” is from the Middle Irish period in the following spelling “Mórrígan”, where now “Mór” means “great” instead of full of terror. She is also known as Morrigu, Mor-Ríoghain; Morrígna is the plural form.

Triple Goddess
She is seen as a triple Goddess by some accounts (it’s not always consistent). Anu is the fertility maiden, Badb the mother of the boiling cauldron, and Macha the crone of death. Though this triple entity-ness is unsure, what is sure is that she does represent these forces all on her own, among being a representative of sovereignty and war. As always, when dealing with the Gods, They can choose which face to put on when they work with you, depending upon the moment and what it is that you need to experience in order to work most efficiently with Them.

Morrighan - Emily Balivet

Morrighan – Emily Balivet

So instead of continuing on with a typical post you would see in any old blog with common-known information on (insert any God/Goddess/spirit here), I wanted to talk more about what I thought about as I was pondering upon Morrighan in lieu of this post. Of course, I don’t discount the information that can be had from the more
“She is a Goddess of ____, and Her symbols are ____, and you can work with Her for ____”
for those who are still learning.

I feel like Morrighan is an important Goddess to be working with in the current (and ongoing for all of human existence) battle for women’s rights of their own bodies and minds. The sovereignty over ones own self is so important, a given for men, yet still not completely so for women. Unfortunately other women don’t help the problem with all this slut shaming, and condemnation of others’ choices just because they don’t fit into their socio-cultural box. Women aren’t allowed to be free with themselves, or be conservative with themselves without a barrage of comments that they are wrong about every choice, every thought, every opinion, every piece of clothing, etc.

I’ve been working a lot on myself lately to not judge others (especially other women) whose choices may not seem right to me. And that’s just it, what works for me won’t for others, vice verse. Hel, I am already part of half of the world’s population that has been subjugated for most, if not all, of human history (though I make no claims that my life has been anywhere near as terrible as too many women in the past and living today have had, or have it), I follow a minority religio-spirtual path which is very much specific to me alone, I reject a lot of the current North-American culture. I have made of myself more of an underdog by following my own heart and stockpiling choices that put me outside of any box other than my own, which I constantly tear down and make anew, or build upon (ever grateful that I can do this).
But that’s just it, my box is my own, I cannot force anyone else to think it is the best for even one other person. I do not want others telling me what to do, how to behave, how to dress,  how to think, what to believe in, so why would I push that upon anyone else? I rule my own self, and work with others in my personal relationships who are also striving towards the same kinds of things in life. Even when we don’t see eye-to-eye, I still help as my heart demands me to honour the love I have for friends and family. My own ideals, my own heart rules over my life and choices.

And this is where Morrighan’s Sovereignty, and Those who push us to take hold of our own Sovereignty and honour others’, have come in to adjust my way of thinking of others, to question my own ideas of what others should be doing, and instead let go of it to respect the Sovereignty that each person has over their own self, body, mind, and soul. If there is no harm, no abuse, then it is not my place to be concerned or think another person wrong for doing something in a way in which I would not.

I live in a time where I am so much more freer to do as I choose, I have more rights to my own self than countless women have ever had, and I have to think that the inspirations of Morrighan, and Others like Her have kept women fighting to be strong, to keep pushing for us to take hold of the Sovereignty of inhabiting a female form to be recognized as just as valid and important as that of the Sovereignty of a man’s form.

Thinking about what to say in this post lead me to ponder on what Morrighan is to me, what inspirations She provides to me just by knowing Who She is, all this without having had any personal contact with Her. The Gods hold much wisdom and inspiration, no matter if They are real entities, or part of a greater Whole, or just stories to you. I won’t judge.

Morrighan - Unknown artist. If you know who created this, please let me know so I can give proper credit.

Morrighan – Unknown artist. If you know who created this, please let me know so I can give proper credit.


I recently had one of those long talks with my love that inevitably come up when things come to boiling point. Don’t worry, we’re generally not a yelly couple, things just need to be understood, and explanations for actions actually discussed.

So in this conversation, I had said to him that with my spirituality, all things are touched by it in my life. All thoughts generally go back to what the Gods are trying to teach me through whatever I am experiencing at the moment and how that ties in with all the things leading up to that point that have the same sort of lesson attached to it. Then that gets used after the lesson is learned in how I view the world and my actions. All things are very connected for me, and all things affect the smallest actions to the largest.

However, my love said to me that for him, he feels he knows there are connections, he can see how one thing can be connected to another, but he can’t actually see them for what they are, that he knows he is missing something.
Is this the thing that separates spiritual people from the non-spiritual?

I know I’ve read that there is some chemical or link in the brain that’s thought of as what makes the difference between those who believe and those who don’t… could the thought pattern of that brain anomaly be just the ability to see the connections between all things, the microcosm and the macrocosm?

There is always a lesson to be learned, always something to be pondered.