Hermes Tea


Simply delicious strawberries drizzled with cinnamon-scented honey, peppered with pomegranate pips.

This is a fantastic tea for warmer weather, in fact, it would make a delicious iced tea! Just remember you need 1.5 times the amount to get a potent enough iced tea (so where it would take 1 tsp for one cup of water if you were having warm tea, for iced tea, you need 1.5 tsp per cup of water).

Fruity honeybush tea provides a lovely base for strawberries, hibiscus adds a fantastic tart flavour, further enhancing the strawberries and hint of pomegranate. Saffron pops and helps add to the lovely orange colour of the brewed tea, and cinnamon adds quite a lovely, sweet warmth to the palate. Honey adds the final touch to this tea that’s sure to get you going out the door onto your next adventure.

Offer it to Hermes by itself, or share a cup with Him!
And as always, you can most definitely drink to simply enjoy!

You can find Hermes’ tea here, and other devotional teas here.


Windflowers by Waterhouse

Dates: August 23 РSeptember 23

Symbol: The Virgin

Element: Earth

Planet: Mercury

Virgins in Mythology:
The Virgin Mary (Christian), Hestia/Vesta (Greek/Roman), Anat (Ugarit), Artemis/Diana (Greek/Roman), Astraea (Greek), Athena/Minerva (Greek/Roman), Electryone (Greek), Bona Dea (Roman), Fulla/Volla (Norse), Cavillace (Incan), Umay (Turkish), Gefjon (Norse), Devana (Slavic), Hecate (Greek).

Characteristics of a Virgo:
Analytical, precise, observant, reliable, helpful, reserved, conscientious, concerned with health, detail oriented, industrious. Virgos are those who wish to do their jobs well, no matter what the task, no detail is too small for them. They are intellectually inclined, and while they may appear calm on the outside, their wheels in their brains are constantly whirring. They have a thirst for knowledge, yet are also quite idealistic. They seek constant improvement in their surroundings, including the people around them, and within themselves.



Dates: May 21 – June 21

Symbol: Twins

Element: Air

Planet: Mercury

Twins In Mythology:
Castor & Pollux (Roman), Gilgamesh & Enkidu (Sumerian), Heracles (Hercules) & Iphicles (Greek), Apollo & Artemis (Greek), Kuat & Iae (Xingu), Geb & Nut (Egyptian), Ahriman & Ahura Mazda (Zoroastrian), Gluskap & Malsum (Native  American).

Characteristics of a Gemini:
Curious, talkative, social, versatile, and mentally active. Fun to be around and great at parties as bouncing from one thought to the next makes it easy to chat about many things in a short period of time. While you can argue your points with people, the next minute, you can be the best of friends with them too.