Norse Runes – Thurisaz

Thurisaz (pronounced: “thoor-eez-aahs”)

Thor, or his hammer, Mjölnir, Thurses (giants), monster, devil or thorn

Magical power, warnings, temptation, chaos, masculine aggressiveness, eroticism, baneful to women, conflicts, disputes, the need to fight against close-mindedness.
When this rune turns up in a casting, it warns of a time when you will be tempted to make a deal with the devil; to gain by dishonest means. There is temptation to be dishonest or disloyal.
It can also mean a battle of wills internally with your unconscious self, being unwilling to expand your consciousness, accept new ideas or ways of thought, or could also mean battles with anger and lust.
There is much willingness to accept illusion for the real thing, to be bound by it, sometimes by fear. It is a time when you must fight to employ wisdom and your conscious mind and win this battle. Though Thurisaz is seen as a thorn, it can be seen as a symbolic weapon, giving you the ability to slash and tear, or build a protective hedge of thorns. With the ability to protect and fight for oneself, the weapon can aid in breaking down  the difficult fear and doubt, like rocky earth, to make way for more a more fertile field able to provide new seeds  what they need to grow well.
You must believe in your own ability to fight now, to be strong and wise, to not give in to your doubting, fearful unconscious.

When Thurisaz appears upside-down, the aggression/temptation/conflict isn’t major, the fight is soon to be won.

A sideways Thurisaz shows that some source of conflict is masking as something good. Be wary.

Magical Purposes:
Thurisaz is generally not a rune employed in magics as it allows for great power, but also great chaotic destructiveness. Women, especially, shouldn’t employ the rune as the aggressiveness is of a masculine variety.

Thor, Mjölnir, bright red, fire, masculine, Sapphire, 3, Blackthorn, Houseleek, Mars.

Month of the Oak

The Oak has always been one of my favourite trees. Just looking at pictures of one from afar gives me a sense of wonder and simple, homely countrysides. From June 10 to July 7 is the Celtic month of Duir, the Oak. Oak is the seventh moon of the Celtic calendar as well.

Latin Name:
Quercus alba (White Oak)

Parts Used:
Bark, wood, leaves, acorns

Herbal Usages:
Oak is well known for its astringent and antiseptic properties and has been used as a tonic for a long time. Bark can be made into a tea to heal hemorrhoids.
When given with chamomile flowers, it helps eases intermittent fevers.
Very useful when there are chronic diarrhea and dysentery problems, a decoction of 1 oz of Oak bark in 1 quart water, boiled down to a pint and drank in wine glass size portions will aid the bowels.
This decoction is also used externally as a gargle to help sore throats, and as a fomentation (warm or hot liquids that are applied to the body to ease pain; like a poultice). Can also be injected for leukorrhea, and applied to bleeding gums, or hemorrhoids.
Acorns can also be peeled and be used to make potions to treat alcoholism, bad breath and constipation.

The word “Duir” comes from the Sanskrit “Dwr” which means “Door”. It is the door to the three worlds of the Shaman.
Fire; Sun;
wren, black, white carnelian; moonstone; Yule fires; Yule log; Brighid; The Dagda; Dianus; Janus; Cybele; Rhea; Pan; Erato; Hecate; Zeus; Jupiter; Thor; Perkunas; lightning; thunder; the Wild Hunt; King Arthur’s round table.

Magic(k)al Workings
As the month of Duir has the summer solstice in it, the Oak is a powerful symbol of midsummer.
Money, success, strength, fertility, stability, health, healing, potency and good luck. Different types of Oak will lend slightly different properties to magic(k)al workings. Red Oak is fiery, White Oak is for solidity and strength, Brown Oak is earthy and is used for grounding.
Acorns can be used to attract someone of the opposite sex, used for divinatory powers, and to attract prosperity and wealth.
Oak is known as the “King of the Grove”; a holy tree; the lord of truth and is one of the three  sacred trees “Oak, Ash & Thorn”. Worship of the Oak may stem from the early nomadic Europeans using acorns for food.
The acorn is seen as the representation of the supreme form of fertility and creativity of the mind; as such, they are used to increase fertility of both projects and ideas and human reproduction, and also ease pain.
Because of its ties to immortality symbolism, acorns are sacred to the Samhain season and are often used in fall decorating.
It is said that the voice of Jupiter can be heard in the rustling of the leaves. At midsummer, the future can be divined by listening to the wind in the leaves. Acorns should be planted during the Dark moon to attract prosperity.
It is a very powerful herb for protection; England is said to be protected by the Oak when using its timbers to build their ships. It is also used as a boundary for its protective qualities. Acorns placed in windows will ward off lightning and beings that would scare us at night; they will also attract luck. Acorns can be born in pockets to ward off storms, to prevent the bearer from getting lost, and protect from evil intent. They are also carried as charms for immortality, longevity, fertility, ward off illness and preserve youthfulness. Three acorns can be made into a charm to attract youthfulness, attainment, and beauty in life. This charm should be bound with the maker’s hair, and blessed at every Full and Dark moon of a year, and then worn.
A leaf worn on the neck and next to the heart will allow the wearer to not be deceived by the world at large.
A few leaves in bath water will cleanse body and spirit. If you catch a falling leaf, it is said you will not be sick for the winter. If a sick person is in your house, light a fire of Oak wood to draw out the illness.
Because the Oak is a male tree, athames,  and certain male-aspect wands and staffs should be made of its wood. The wood is also used to make religious idols.
The Waning moon is the right time to harvest Oak, during the day for Acorns, and at night for the leaves and wood. Offer wine to the Oak’s roots as thanks for allowing you to take a part of him.


I love basil. It is one of my favourite herbs to add to food, and to work with magic(k)ally. There are a ton of different kinds, and each one smells so delicious. It is quite a powerfully fragrant herb, and is also used in powerful magic(k)s in the Craft, as it can be used for exorcism.
It is believed that basil got its name from the Greek basileus “a king”, because the smell of this herb is “fit for a king’s house.”

Latin Name:
Oncimum basilicum

Parts Used:
Leaf and stem

Herbal Usages:
Basil can be used for mild nervous disorders, dried leaves used as snuff (to be inhaled through the nose), which is  said to cure nervous headaches. A drop of essential oil on your pillow (or a facecloth inside your pillowcase) will help insomnia and depression.
Works well for tired muscles, or wandering rheumatic pains. A poultice (a moist mass of bread, clay, meal or other adhesive base, combined with herbs and heated, spread on a cloth and placed on an inflamed or aching part of the body) helps to heal wounds because of its antibacterial properties.
Also said to cure warts, and is great for acne.
An infusion will help relieve gas and stomach pains, is said to stop vomiting and calm nausea. The infusion is also really good for chest infections, and bronchial troubles.
Great for repelling insects and treating bites.

Mars; Scorpio; fire; masculine; kings; scorpions; leaving a leaf under a pot would turn into a scorpion

Magic(k)al Workings
Sprinkled in each corner of all rooms in the home, and using in bathwater will exorcise negativity. Will bring good luck to a new home.
Mending lovers’ quarrels as well as being worn to encourage two people, who may be in danger of a big blow-out, to have sympathy for one another and avoid argument.
Used in charms hung or placed in vehicles for safe travel.
Leaves are carried in wallets to attract money, and aid in financial needs. Carried in pockets when gambling for luck, and sprinkled across the doorway of a business to encourage it to flourish.
To foretell the success of a relationship, place two leaves on a charcoal. If they separate while burning, the relationship will not work out. If they lay there quietly burning, the couple will be successful in their relationship. Sprinkling basil over a lovers’ heart keeps them faithful to you.
Basil incense is used for purification before ritual; can also be burned for vision quests. Juices are also used in flying ointments.
Lastly, many potions for love, health, money and protection are made with basil.