Midsummer Tea


This utterly yummy tea is one of my favourite summertime flavour combinations: raspberries and peaches! It’s a blend of honeybush tea, black tea, peach pieces, rosehips, and calendula petals. Ripe berries and sunrays ❤

This would make an excellent iced tea for those long hot summer days.

You can find Midsummer tea here.

Bananas Are Good Tea

Bananas Are Good

A hearty black tea with bananas and pineapples. Calendula petals reminiscent of banana peel, and cornflowers to make sure you know you’re going on an adventure in the T.A.R.D.I.S. with your favourite Doctor.

A perfect cup to sit down and binge-watch your favourite seasons!

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Aphrodite Tea


Enjoy the tartness of fresh strawberries in the garden, smoothed with a hint of vanilla in a glorious deep pink cup.

Hibiscus provides the delicious base of this tea, adding the lovely fresh fruit tangy flavour, while strawberries sing out amongst roses and vanilla.

Offer up a cup to Aphrodite Herself, or share with Her. You are most definitely welcome to simply enjoy this delicious cup if you wish!

You can find Aphrodite’s tea here, and remember to have a look at the other devotional deity teas I offer can be found here!


An Arrow To The Knee Tea

An Arrow.jpg

Have you ever imagined what life is like after having been an adventurer, then having your career cut short by an arrow to the knee? The obvious choice is guard duty, and I hear it’s actually a pretty sweet gig! You get to strong-arm the stall owners for samples, you know, just to make sure there’s no hidden skooma on those sweet treats, of course!

Black tea blended with hazelnuts and pistachios, apples, pears and pineapple.

A delicious treat while you walk the Market’s well worn paths.


An Arrow To The Knee can be found here, and other fantastical & nerdy teas found here.

Dark Moon Tea

Dark Moon.jpg

Take a walk in the starlit sky, there’s no moonlight to illuminate your path this night. The scent of earth and crushed berries will guide you to your place of power.

Honeybush tea provides a sweet and fruity base, complimenting elderberries, and a hint of raspberry. Mugwort adds a subtle earthy herbiness to the blend, ensuring you know that this is a cup from the wild, dark wood, meant for midnight rituals among the trees.

You can find my Dark Moon tea here, and more magickal teas here.


Also!! I have created a separate listing for samples as having to issue refunds for shipping overages just takes up way too much time! You can find the listing here. In the listing, you will find a list of all teas I offer as samples, then once you know what you want, order the number you want, and leave a note to seller at checkout of which blends you’d like sent your way! Pretty simple, and much more efficient!
Efficiency is very important. *nods*

Heimdall Tea


A light, lemony green tea, with a subtle hint of breezy mint, and sweet, nutty coconut blend.

Inspired and imbued with the Watcher’s energies, this tea will help keep you sharp! Enjoy this tea as you contemplate all the details of your future endeavours, share a cup with Heimdallr, or simply offer it up to Him. Can certainly be enjoyed without any other purpose than enjoyment too!

You can find Heimdall’s tea in my shop, The Forest Witch. And if you’re looking for other Deity’s teas, take a look in my Devotional Teas section.

Imbolg Tea

Oh I am so happy to be mixing tea again! What a bluster of a holiday season that leaves me every so tired and in need of hibernation!


Sweet and juicy pear glazed with gingered maple syrup. A treat in the middle of winter as the light slowly returns.

This tea will certainly keep you warm on those cold winter nights, whilst reminding you of the fruits of summer the trees will soon burst forth in a frenzy to grow. Enjoy as you plan the coming year’s crops, whether literally in the garden, or within yourself; offer up tea to the youthful God growing ever stronger in light; or offer it to the land and wights.
As always, this tea is delicious to sip if for no other reason than pleasure.

So have a look at this nummy, warming tea created with the cross-quarter day at heart. And if you’re looking for other seasonal teas, check out my seasonal teas section.

Tea for Forseti


Before I get into this lovely tea, yay for light boxes! I was going to list this yesterday, and what happened? Well the clouds decided to make it super dark out ALL DAY. Which isn’t very long seeing as I’m in the Northern Hemisphere! So I broke down and finally made a light box… which admittedly took like 5 minutes to build… yep.

So here is Forseti’s Tea! When deciding what ingredients to blend for Him, I thought of what kind of mood I would need to be in to make decisions, to use good judgement  in my life whether it’s deciding career moves, or mediating between people, or anything else that has many sides to the problem that needs to be factored in so that I can make the best decision for all involved.
And this tea was created.

Chamomile to calm the mind, though not quite enough to make one sleepy! Lemon and lemon balm provide a boost to get your thinker a thinking, whilst lavender and fennel allow purity and clarity of mind. It’s quite a lovely, gentle tea.


If you are looking for another Deity’s tea, check out my Devotional Teas section.

Mad Hatter’s Party Blend

Mad Hatter's.jpg

It’s time for a tea party, and the Mad Hatter has brought his most special, splendiferous blend for you to enjoy with him. But quick, watch your place before you’re switching seats!

Fruity honeybush tea mixed with apples, oranges, coconut, dark Belgian chocolate and a hint of fennel, providing a quirky blend of flavours, reminiscent of treats you enjoy at tea parties (only the best tea parties, of course!)

Find the Mad Hatter’s Party Blend in my shop, The Forest Witch!