Don’t Be A Dick

So Heather Freysdottir, Jolene Dawe, and Beth Lynch all wrote some pretty awesome stuff about community work assumptions concerning Godspouses, as well as Heather and Beth revealing something fantastic about themselves. I’m right on board with these ladies.

It’s not that our communities don’t need people willing to serve the actual community of humans, it’s that just because someone may be in close relationship with a God (especially Godspouses), does not automatically make them beholden to a human community’s spiritual needs on a personal level. Unless someone specifically says that they are doing certain things for the human community, don’t assume they’ll do something for you that isn’t already being offered, and don’t expect that they have to just because they are close with a God and you might be trying to seek out or get confirmation and you asked really nicely, pretty, pretty please?

Let me say this, and I am trying to say this in the most polite, frithful way that I can: some perfectly legitimate Godspouses/Beloveds/Consorts don’t do any spiritwork, aside from their relationship with their Beloved. In fact, the only thing that those persons can chat about with other Lokeans might well be their personal, intimate relationship with their Beloved. The fact that it isn’t easily apparent to someone on the Internet does not meant that the person does not serve the community in one respect or another. If I could namecheck the person (and I will not unless they give me permission to do so), their Great Work might well impact the whole damn world. If someone’s Work is say, environmental research, perhaps instead of thinking that said spouse doesn’t serve “the community” – which is a statement akin to “won’t someone think of the children!!11!!!” in the sense that usually when it comes out of someone’s mouth, they’re not really thinking of the children at all, but I digress –  maybe we should be considering that the Powers’ perspective of “the community” is the whole damn world.

Lesson to be learned: don’t be a dick. Just because some people speak about their experiences in one capacity or another doesn’t necessarily mean that they are open to serve you.

Also in these posts are things about accepting that the Gods wish to experience human lives with chosen people, and that some of us are not only ourselves, but smaller parts of Gods. I’m really happy Heather and Beth revealed these things about themselves, we need to be much more open to different experiences and realities. Whether or not you believe it to be true, doesn’t make something less true and valid for the person who experiences and believes it. The Gods are capable of things very much beyond what we humans can do, why not this? We need more information on the roles the Gods can play in our lives, not shaming, name calling, and general jerkiness when you hear something that seems way too out there from your perspective. We’ve lost too much knowledge our Ancestors had before the conversions.

We as humans constantly seek out new experiences, why would the immortal Gods not seek that out too? Why would the Ones we know have even bothered interacting with us in the first place if They weren’t curious, interested, seeking more knowledge and experience?

So as much as we don’t need to believe that everyone claiming they’re (insert deity or spirit here), it’s not up to us to validate them anyway. The same goes the other way, you don’t need others’ validation in what you do/are/experience spiritually, or any other way for that matter. Unless you’re murdering kittens. Don’t do that.
So if you don’t really think someone is the real deal, move on. What effect does their spiritual life have on you anyway? Especially when it’s someone you only know online and from a distance?

Lesson to be learned: don’t be a dick! Move along now.