More Tea Shop Updates!

Holy moley, things are rolling here! Well, not me, physically anyway. Don’t worry, I think the worst is over! So as I was bedridden for the last few days, I got up to some important maintenance work for the tea shop!

I’m going to do this in bullet form, because, well, bullets are fun, and easier on the eyes!

  • Email subscription! If you haven’t already signed up, just click here! This is the most perfect way to make sure you are up to date with what’s happening in the shop. Especially if you can’t get to reading posts here on my blog.
  • In keeping up with things, I also have a Facebook page you can follow which will also keep you up to date. My blog posts about new teas show up there as well, so you’ll never miss out on new tea!
  • I just bought, as of last night, a domain name for the shop! It’s! Right now, it just redirects you to my Etsy shop, but there are plans for a future website later in the year.
  • And, as of last night, I bought a whole bunch more ingredients! Nuts and fruits to be precise! I have been feeling stagnant with my options for creating new teas, as well as wanting to be well prepared for Spring and Summer teas well in advance, so the remedy to that is to buy new ingredients! Yippee!!
  • VERY IMPORTANT SHIPPING UPDATE!! Since winter decided to finally dump down its fluffy, yet cold self upon us, I will not be able to ship as quickly as I have been doing. Since I have to walk to the mailbox, I will be choosing one day a week, based on forecasted snowy-ness and temperature, to mail off orders. Such is life in Canada… well, if you don’t live our temperate rainforest, better known as Vancouver.

And that, dear gentle readers, is what I’ve been up to as I laid around for two whole days! Oh, and read a few creative business books… And napped. A lot. 😉

The Pagan Experience Looking Forward

Thanks to a few of the bloggers I read, I am now going to participate in The Pagan Experience, as a step up from the Pagan Blog Project. Now I don’t mean that in a negative light, it just feels like PBP is more for those starting out, the prompts emphasize the history, tools, etc. of Paganism and Witchcraft. While I like to go back every once in a while and give a thought as to why we use what we use, the power in tools of the tangible and intangible sort, I feel like it’s no longer the time for me to continue “starting out”. Also, most of the PBP posts that I’ve written in the past year and a half, perhaps more, have been more personal, less of that initial Learn. All. The. Things.
I’m still learning of course, but it’s much less about the books now, and more about the actual practice, the interactions that I have. Learning things by rote helps a bit, but can you remember all the things you had to memorize when you were in grade school? Probably not. What stays in mind are the experiences, things connected to emotions, and spirituality is abundant in the emotional department.

Alright, so to get to the point of this first Pagan Experience blog post, resolutions! I don’t really do them. I generally have things that I am always working towards anyhow, so I’ll share what the coming year will have in store for me.

1. Write. I need to finish the novel I began writing for NaNo. I’m still excited about the story, but I need to take some time to plan out what’s going to happen in each chapter till the end of the book.
I am also going to write short stories of erotica to publish on a fairly regular basis. I enjoy writing it as much as I love reading it, and sometimes, you just gotta write your own stuff to see what you want to see. I’ve already got a neat world I’m working in, and I’m excited to see where it goes as well. I think with this first story, there will be more, a bigger story that will be put out in instalments. It’s also going to be a way for me to sharpen my story writing skills so that the big stories I have to tell will be done so in a much cleaner way.

2. Redo my garden this year, cutting down some of the things that didn’t seem to work well, and what we didn’t tend to eat very much of. It will also be a year of knowing what will need to be better taken care of on this particular plot, now that I’ve gone through a growing season with it. And this year, I absolutely must remember to get my sister to bring some horse poop in the fall! (The poop is the most important goal, of course!)
I will also be making a bigger effort for herbs, both culinary and medicinal. Of course, it can all be used magickally, but you already knew that, right? Also, herbs and flowers in the garden keep pests away, so there’s also that.

3. Eat well, move more. Nothing specific. I’m not going to say I want to lose such and such amount of weight. I just want to take care of my body, which is something that’s already on my mind every day anyway.

4. Spiritually, I’d like to allow myself to just do things when I feel moved to. Not to just sit there thinking that there’s going to be too much involved. We do things when inspired because we are deeply moved to do it, ritual and celebration helps us to mark important things in our lives, and I need to do this more. I’m not saying I’m going to do ALL. THE. RITUALS. I am not a ritual kind of person. Only once in a while. No, if I feel like I need to bake something for an offering, or do a specific spell, or say a prayer in a more formal and marked way, I will do it.

5. Sing more. I’ve been moved more and more lately to sing. Not as intensely as I have pursued it before, but music is calling. I often think of writing, but my best tunes come out in the shower and I forget when I’m done. Yes, I realize I should just bring my phone in and record. Welp, there’s a thought 😛 Thank you, writing this post for making me think of that!

I think these are the basic things I am seeking to do this year. Nothing too crazy, just things that I feel are attainable, as I already endeavour to do them anyway.

Pagan Blog Project – J is for finding Joy in the Journey

We spend so much time fantasizing and trying to achieve this end goal, the reason why we’re doing all this stuff that we probably aren’t exactly enjoying, or find difficult, or don’t quite understand, yet are still doing it anyway. Well, you may say, but we need that goal, that image of what we could be on that pedestal to know what we have to be doing to get to that end.
Yes, having something to guide your path, to drive you forward through some of the more unpleasant things is good… But we need to be ok with that end goal changing, evolving, being in constant flux. We need to be ok with the fact that our goals, needs, wants change from day to day. What seems like a fantastic future today, may be trumped by another tomorrow.

You always hear about living in the “now”, of being “present”. I think this is essential, as while you’re working towards your goals that always change, you make the best of what you have right now. Find joy in the things that may seem pointless, boring, tedious, etc., on your path right now, so that you can become the spiritual person you envision in the future.

We need to be actively involved, enveloped, engrossed in the work that is put in now, in order to forge those strong connections through our actions, through our work. See through your inner child’s eyes when you discover something new in your practice, when you experience something you haven’t before. Be that child that would spend hours drawing, or singing, or dancing, all for the sake of doing it, of creating, for the love of it, and for becoming better at it.

In the past few years, all my goals have changed, over and over again. As children we’re asked what we want to be when we grow up, and then we must focus all our energy getting there. Well, we aren’t who we were as children. We become more and more complex as we age, layer upon layer of what it means to be ourselves is added, and brings its own influence. I think the ultimate goal is to just be a better person than we are now. Be a better spiritual person than we are now, adding as we walk along this path. Continue to figure out what is important to us and work with those things.

I think people just need to remember not to hold on too tightly to ideas and fantasies that are just simply not meant for who we are in this lifetime. The Gods will let us know which way to turn as we walk along our paths with Them. Just keep your heart open and They will show you. Be fluid, and enjoy the learning of your true self along the way.

New Year, New You – Goals

On to the second post!!

Ok, some goals for the coming year, magical and mundane:
-move everyday (yoga/walking)
-be mindful of what I eat
-sing everyday
-draw everyday
-give thanks everyday
-keep a tidy house
-hold personal ritual once a week
-read more pagan books
-sing for wedding ceremonies
-bake more

Those are just a few, but the more important ones that I would really like to do. There are more… believe it or not! 😛 I just gotta get myself to not be a lazy bum hooked to the computer and interwebs! Ok, generally, I’m doing research of one sort or another, but that’s besides the point!

I think I mentioned it before, but I already wanted to get some goals in place for this year, and on a continuous basis. This will be an improvement of me year, making me more than I am now, and only for me. That’s the problem with most goals, they’re based on social expectations… and I’m so not about that. Notice I didn’t say I wanted to lose weight above, that’s because I don’t think weight has anything to do with it… I just need to exercise and move around more because I know that I’m not putting a ton of disgustingly bad foods in my body, in fact, I’d say I eat pretty healthfully anyway. And, weight is relative, 120 lbs on one person is going to look very different, and I usually find that 120 lbs is too skinny, unless they’re a petite person to begin with. I know that around 140-150 lbs looks good on me, and that’s fine, it’s something to shoot for, I guess, but not something to obsess about. And I also want to stay curvy and very feminine, so I’ll just move more, not worrying about doing crazy workouts that I can never stick to anyway.

Didn’t mean to go into a rant about weight… but there it is! 😛

Alrighty! I hope you are making some goals for the coming year, whether you are doing the New Year, New Year experiment, or not! And please, be kind to yourself, if you fall off the wagon, it’s OK!!! Just hop back on. We should allow ourselves to indulge once in a while, so if you ate that whole cake… well, that’s a lot of cake… but it’s not like you do it everyday! And the first time you fall off that wagon doesn’t mean that’s the end of it.

New Year, New You

Found this inspiring, awesome idea at Deb’s blog. I’m so excited, I can’t even tell you! I’ve been wanting to figure out ways to improve myself and my life this year, and here is a lovely way to do it! I don’t have to only rely on myself, which is good, cuz I have an amazing tendency to get lazy and put things off for an eternity.

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write out some goals for the next year, big ones to be accomplished over the course of the year, monthly ones, weekly ones and daily ones. I find that if things are meant to happen for me, I will see something that matches perfectly over and over again. I have seen this New Year, New You stuff all over today, so, what the Hel, I’ll take up arms and troop through my own inner and outer battles for once!

Since I’m a few weeks behind, I will be playing catch up in the next couple of posts… stay tuned!!