#30DaysMagicalRoots Challenge Days 24 & 25

Day 24: Sabbats
What holidays from the wheel of the year do you celebrate? Create your own wheel of the year! You are only limited by your imagination.

The basic Sabbats you learn when you’re a baby witch have kind of stayed with me all this time later. I may not perform ritual or magick at all of them, but I certainly am always aware of the turn of the seasons, and think on how the energies affect myself, others, and the world around me.

I couldn’t tell you my favourites because as with the seasons, everything is my favourite in its turn. I love when the world is sleepy and blanketed with snow, when it is waking up in the spring, and flowers can be seen ushering a green and colourful carpet over the land, I love when summer is here, hot and hazy days filled with delicious barbecues and fruits for days, and I adore when fall arrives, hiking in the cooler temperatures, the spiced smell of fallen leaves and wet earth, and of course all the pumpkin desserts!
So as the seasons are tied into the Sabbats, I love each 40ish day period surrounding the any particular one, the way the land has changed, the seasonal foods, activities. I think in writing about this, I celebrate the Sabbats more in the awareness of the things that I do in each season, and the energies I call upon from each season.

Day 25: Esbat
Create a ritual to honor the moon every month. Do you only celebrate the full moon? Try honoring the dark moon this month and see how it changes your practice.

My usual ritual on full or dark moons is to acknowledge the energies of the moon at those times. I will sometimes light a candle, or incense, and pull the energies down into myself, placing the energies within the candle if I want to work some personal magick. I feel like that is what a lot of my moon magick has been, is working on my own self.

In recent years, the dark moon has been more at the forefront for me, and I bet it has a lot to do with shedding old ideas, old emotions, old ways of being. The second half of my twenties was very much a time of breaking down who I though I had to be to become who I am now, so the dark moon, with its letting go of things has been incredibly powerful.

However, I am sensing more balance coming into play lately, so both dark and full are of equal importance now.


Go check out Plentiful Earth’s post for this fabulous challenge!

#30DaysMagicalRoots Days 6&7

Blessed Full Moon and partial eclipse! I think I’m going to do a small reading for myself after this, but mostly just chill out ❤

But now back to our regular programming with Plentiful Earth’s 30 Days Magical Roots Challenge!

Day 6: Shielding
Practice working with your shields today. Every witch and magical practitioner needs to have strong boundaries and defenses. Make sure yours are strong and ready for whatever life throws your way. If you don’t know how to create personal shields, do some research on the topic today. (Recommended resource: The Witch’s Shield by Christopher Penczak)

After grounding and centering, and a little bit of energy play, with Lake Huron’s energy this time, I decided to get back on land, so to speak, and ask my favourite tree’s help in shielding. I haven’t really shielded overly much in all my time as a witch, though I do remember some late night walks asking for protection from the Moon and some Goddesses (I actually think it was a chant from Cunningham’s Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner). It’s not something I’ve ever felt I needed to do so much, however, now that I’ve been thinking on a lot of energetic things the last while, perhaps it is something I need to do so that I can get out and around people more (something else I’ve been thinking a lot on). If I shield myself better from others’ emotions and negativity, perhaps I wouldn’t be so drained when I’m surrounded by others.

So back to shielding, I asked the willow tree to lend me the strength to keep negativity and harm of any kind away from me. Branches sprouted up out of the earth, and began surrounding me, and though at first they were the iconic, thin weeping willow leafy branches, they soon turned into the thick, long limbs of the tree, many inches of willow between me and the world. It was a cozy cocoon of sorts. And I’m not gonna lie, kinda reminded me of Groot’s protection ball, though a little different. ❤

Since I didn’t go out yesterday or today, I’m going to see how well it holds up tomorrow as I run some last minute errands for the craft show on Thursday.


Day 7: Yoga Pose
Choose one yoga pose to do every day this month. See how you improve over the month. If you need help finding some yoga poses, check these links out: Jessamyn Stanley or Yoga with Adrienne.

I decided on Trikonasana, or Triangle pose for the rest of the month. This is a pose I enjoy doing during warm up for belly dancing, the strength and focus on keeping the feet grounded by being aware of my leg muscles makes me feel strong and centered. It’s also a great pose for the entire body to be involved, which I also enjoy. I continued feeling the energies of grounding/centering/energy work/shielding (yeesh, that’s a lot!), but I also enjoyed being so very much in the moment, thinking of my physical body, the adjustments to keep balance and to keep my limbs strong and long.

If you’re following along in the challenge, how is it going for you? I’ve really been enjoying this back to basic practice very much! ❤

Full Moon Tea

Full Moon

A lovely warm drink for your Full Moon rituals or observance (no ritual required!). Green tea blended with mugwort, plum, fennel and jasmine. For a floral and fruity tea, it is surprisingly full flavoured.

Sold 20 teaspoons to a bag to bring you 20 cups of tea. Just add it to 1 cup of almost boiling water.

You can find the Full Moon tea here, and have a gander at other magical teas here.


Full Moon Shenanigans

2014-09-08 15

It’s the Vine Moon, and I am working with some grapevines tonight for some nefarious deeds. Ok… not so nefarious, but some thing for which I would like a little magical boost for.

So I sang in offering to the grapevine in my backyard after asking for some of itself, had an interesting interaction with it, and took what I was allowed. It was pretty enchanted as the sun was behind the pine the grapevine is growing up on, and the sun was filtering golden light to dance across my eyes as the rest of the world seemed not to exist for a few seconds. I love moments like those.

I hope your Full Moon is fruitful and the Moon, Gods, and Spirits enjoy your worship, watch over and aid in your magic, and bestow Their blessings upon you.

The Glory of the Moon

The Glory of the Moon

Miaerowyn – July 22, 2013

Full Moon Offerings

Made a special blend of oils herbs and wine to offer Her tonight.

Full Moon

Last night was the first night of the full moon. As I saw it rising out of my window, I had to put my sandals on and head outside to bask in the silvery light.

The Moon has long been a fascination for all people, of all countries and spiritualities. She is roughly the same size as the Sun when viewed here on Earth. The Moon is full thirteen times a year, with one month having two full moons. She cycles every twenty-eight days from new to waxing to full to waning to new again. It’s no mystery anymore that the pull of the moon affects our oceans’ tides, and womens’ monthly cycles.

Moon Associations

January      – Old Moon
February    – Wolf Moon
March          – Lenten Moon
April             – Egg Moon
May               – Milk Moon
June              – Flower Moon
July               – Hay Moon
August         – Grain Moon
September – Corn Moon
October       – Harvest Moon
November  – Hunter’s Moon
December   – Oak Moon

Associated Greenery

Aloe                       Anise
Calamus               Camphor
Coconut               Gardenia
Grape                    Sandalwood
Jasmine               Lemon
Lemon Balm       Lentil
Lily                         White Poppy Rose
Myrrh                   Selenetrope
Sweet Flag           Willow
Coriander            Eucalyptus
Holly                     Iris
Lettuce                 Moonflower
Moonwort           Orris Root
Waterlily              Wintergreen

Goddesses (only a few of many!)

Artemis     – Greek

Brighid       – Celtic (Triple Goddess)

Hecate        – Greek/Roman (Triple Goddess)

Isis               – Egyptian

Lilith            – Sumerian

Magic(k) Associations

New Moon   – New ventures, new love, job hunting, health. From the day of the New Moon to 3 days after.

Waxing Moon – Constructive magic(k), love, wealth, health, luck, success, friendship, courage. From 7 to 14 days after New Moon.

Full Moon     – Enforcing magic(k) already in place, to give an extra boost; divination; prophecy; protection; healing serious ailments; love; knowledge; legal & justice; money; dreams. From 14 to 17 days after New Moon.

Waning Moon  – Banishing ill magic(k); getting rid of addictions, negativity and illnesses. From 4 to 10 days after Full Moon.

Dark Moon   – Getting rid of bad habits; binding; exploring our deepest, darkest selves to gain understanding of our passions; justice. From 11 to 14 days after Full Moon.