#30DaysMagicalRoots Days 16 & 17

Day 16: Connect with Mother Earth
Go outside! Find a tree to sit with for a while. Maybe clean up if there is garbage around it. Let today be a day of service to Mother Earth.

Today was not a day for being outside. With the quick weather changes that happen in the summer, and the rains come, it brings headaches and fatigue. I still very much enjoyed the rain though, the smell of petrichor before the rain especially.

I think on a nearly daily basis, whether or not I can go outside, I either look out the window, or go hang outside on the deck or near my garden bed to just feel the earthy energies.  I really love feeling the grass and springy soil beneath bare feet when the weather is warm, knowing that that soil provides so much for not only me, but every living thing that walks upon it and makes its home there.

One of the things I would love having one day is some sort of all-seasons sun room, so many windows, so that even in the coldest parts of winter, I can go out, sit with the plants that live in there, and connect to the earth without worrying about weather. Thunderstorms would be even more magical in a room like that.


Day 17: Raise Some Energy
Try chanting, singing, drumming, or dancing! Turn some tunes on and work on that Stevie Nicks spin. When you’re feeling complete throw your arms up and send it shooting out through your hands into the Universe.

Oh, this is one of my favourites! I don’t believe I’ve mentioned very much on the blog here about dancing, so I’ll fill you in.

The past year or so, as I inched towards 30, not that it’s that big of a deal, I’ve been really feeling the need to take care of my body, to move it, to really be seated within it. To enjoy it. So I off and on would do yoga. I discovered Kundalini yoga, which is amazing, and works very well spiritually for me, however, it still wasn’t quite right. In February, I stumbled upon Rachel Brice dancing in a Stellamara performance video. Belly dancing. It just immediately connected with something in me that was super grabby hands about the whole idea.

I Googled her, of course, and found the site, Datura Online, that she runs with other amazing dancers. I’m especially inspired/moved by Colleena Shakti’s teachings in traditional Indian Dance, and her performances of Temple style dance (she has an amazing temple dance for Durga that is so emotionally moving and pure, I must share it, so take a look below).

There’s just something so pure about moving the body, not using words. I even feel this way about words when it comes to music sometimes, as some of the most powerful songs for me are wordless, just this instinctual song that can be understood regardless. We can speak to each other, tell stories, be intimate, be passionate, and understand each other, all just using the movement of our limbs.

I used to dance quite a bit as a kid and young teenager, but like many entering the “adult” world (seriously, what the hell is that anyway?), we feel we need to not play anymore, to not be so overtly joyful or expressive. To keep all of our feelings, no matter the intensity, inside. We feel we must only do these serious exercises to keep our bodies in working order, to not have any fun in them. Dance can be serious business, of course, especially if you’re a performer. But please, show me any performer, of dance, of music, of acting, who doesn’t go out on stage and enjoy themselves, who doesn’t have that energy build up and express itself in the joy of the act? This is why we love performers of all arts, their expression and use of the energies of passion, of inspiration, of joy, of the emotion they pull upon.

So for me, right now, and hopefully for a long time, I’m dancing. I’m being in the moment in my body, and feeling the power of the dance and my body. Feeling the energy that creates, and sometimes after a dance session, I put that energy into a candle, or simply send that energy out with a purpose.

It’s so freeing, and highly recommended ❤

#30DaysMagicalRoots Day 5: Energy Work

Day 5: Energy Work
Start out rubbing your hands together, and then once they are warm, hold your hands about six inches apart. Push them together and then pull them apart and feel the energy build between your palms. Practice making the space larger and feeling the energy filling the empty space. Do this every day after your breath-work. See how large you can make the energy form. What shapes does it take? How does it feel? Any colors? Sensations? Smells? Make it your own! After you are done, press your hands to your chest and let the energy sink into your heart chakra.

With today’s challenge, I’ve decided to call upon some star energy since I’ve been reading Star Magick by Sandra Kynes along with Paige of The Fat Feminist Witch‘s Book Club of Shadows. And what better star than our own Sol? ❤

So first things first:
Grounding. I chose to call upon Lake Huron’s energies to ground me today. I picked up a rock I have from the beach,  set my feet flat on the floor, and began to call the waves up into me, clearing me out and anchoring me to the earth that cradles those same waves. I did this in my living room, as the beach is a little far for a late night drive, though now that I think on it… that would be nice! 🙂

Huron’s water energy felt cool and refreshing, and very calming.

Centering. I stood for this part, allowing my posture to lengthen, align physically as I do when I belly dance. It’s relaxed, but poised, allowing for the soft movements of a living body. I felt out my own energy, and slowly breathed it all into place, my chakras the anchors.

And for the finally of gathering in the Sun’s energy.
Still standing, I breathed into the Causal chakra inches above my head (this is where the Star Magick book comes into play as she discuses 4 extra-physical chakras are). I felt an opening up into this space, like the crown of my skull no longer was in place, and my own energy flowed out into, and energy from that space flowed back into me.

Then came the larger space of the Soul Star chakra, here is where I felt even more expanse flow into me, not yet the Sun’s energy, but the acknowledgement of that which is outside this human body, how much more there is out there than this flesh, than even this spirit.

Then I opened up the Stellar Gateway chakra, my intent on connecting to the Sun. Immediately a hot, slow, pulsing, radiating energy poured down through that opening and into me. I was so very aware of how full and all-encompassing Sol’s energy was. It was almost as if there was no room for my own energy, as it worked its way through me.
My hands were filled quickly with that orange-red radiating heat, and I felt it, moved it into a ball between my palms, expanding it as more energy flowed into me. My toes were still cold not only from the weather today but Lake Huron’s energies, so I decided to move that ball back into my torso, and push it down into my feet. The energy was slow, but within a few seconds, the heat filled up my feet, and began to warm them, soles first.

There was definitely an amazing sense of Sol being related to me, in that we are both part of this system, of this galaxy. Of what an amazing thing it was that we happened to occupy the same relative space of the entire universe. There was also such a solid sense of how large Sol is, of how small I was that my energy was not displaced, but almost completely overlapped/integrated into Sol’s.

After this energy working, I CANNOT wait to work with other stars and constellations and integrating that energy into my own magick!

We are made of star stuff ❤ ★

The Pagan Experience: Personal Practice

I realize I’m posting the first two prompts of The Pagan Experience very close together, but who cares? I certainly don’t. I will write when I feel called to it for the blog. So that means I may not write for every prompt, in fact, for PBP, I have never written for the last month or two at the end of the years I did it because having to do ALL THE THINGS, as well as having SAD, which makes me want to do absolutely nothing.

Ok, so enough moseying around the subject for today! Also, why do I feel the need to explain myself? Note to self: just do stuff, you’re not a child, you don’t have to explain every detail of why you do the things you do in the way that you do it to anyone but yourself, if you’re so inclined. Love you.

Right. We’re truly on track for the blog now! This week is about favourite practices, could be spiritual, could be magickal. I’m gonna pick both.

For the magickal side, I don’t do a lot of spells, but I do move energy about when I need to. At bedtime, especially on nights when my mind won’t shut up, I clear out my body and brain of all the things I’m holding on to that don’t serve my purpose of sleep and rest. I do a cleansing breath thing, nothing I found in a book or online, just something that came to me organically. That’s probably one of my favourite magickal practices because it takes a few minutes, and then I can more easily fall asleep (which I sometimes have problems with).

For the spiritual side, one of my favourite things to do is offer songs to the spirits I work with. There was a lot of that in the summer with being outside lots. Apparently that’s where I feel most inspired to sing, and I can’t be upset with that inclination. At home there’s always people about, the house is rarely without at least two people in it (including me), and it’s not that I’m shy about singing, it’s that when you sing from the heart, it’s super personal, and these songs are not for human ears, unless I’ve worked on the songs, and am inspired to share. Also, the Man works nights, so the conduciveness of my singing at home just isn’t right at the moment. Most of the song offerings have been on the spot things that just come to me. Sometimes, it’s whatever song happens to be in my head at the time (moreso if I’m out in the woods and singing to the winds and the trees, and the land spirits).

So there it is, some favourite practices of mine. Nothing complicated, just simple things that resonate with me.

Get Out of Your Head

My own picture on a walk in my neighbourhood the other day.

It’s difficult to feel comfortable with ourselves, body and mind, in our current climate of media driven images of what we should be, how we should look, what we should like, etc. I’m going to go ahead and assume that even though it is wide-spread now because of television, radio, and internet, it’s always been so, especially in large settlements, cities, etc.

What I’m really getting at is that it’s hard for us to just accept who we are, what we look like, how we compare to others, and the like. So really, our heads are filled with this constant, automatic stream of criticism over every little thing you say or do. This can be an incredible mountain of an obstacle to overcome when you need to focus on your path’s practice. While we are all mostly capable of amassing information, when it comes to the practicing part, the rituals, the raising of energy, the releasing of energy, calling the Gods to be with you, calling spirits and entities to be with you… well, it just gets in the way and makes for a practice that is very unfocused, and very unclear.

I feel I have been quite fortunate to not have been one of those who is incredibly concerned  24/7 with all the things I should be saying and doing. My mama raised my sis, brother and I to be fairly confident in ourselves (not full of our own hubris, however 😉 ), to be able to recognize our strengths and weaknesses, and be honest about them, at least with ourselves. I feel as I’ve left my teen years behind, I feel more and more comfortable around people, talking to those I don’t know, just being able to enjoy myself in the face of others’ snickers and such.
I heard from a friend at school (as I’m not in this semester), that in our Music History class, there was a girl who judged us for laughing all the time at our teachers’ teacher jokes. My friend is the same age as I am, plus a few months. We don’t care that it “isn’t cool” to laugh at the lame jokes; in fact, I was laughing and enjoying myself despite others’ judging since high school. I was shy as a young girl, but after getting to know you, I felt pretty comfortable in myself. I feel happy that I am not bound by this nagging in my head of having to look “cool”. All those other people just look miserable all the time trying to conform… it’s boring… it’s sad… it suppresses who you are… it takes the joy out of interactions with others.

But back to the spiritual bit, it’s hard enough trying to free your mind *geeky Matrix reference FTW!* while holding ritual for yourself and truly experiencing your craft, your path; but if you’re in a coven with, Elysian fields forbid, other people, it’s nigh impossible to turn off the criticism because you’ll be constantly correcting yourself for mistakes you think the others think you’ve made. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. First of all, no matter how much you may think everyone’s eyes are always on you, they’re not. What you may feel is the hugest, most embarrassing mistake during circle (or whenever), usually is a small trifle that others might notice, but won’t take heavily as they are building up the energy in circle (and as we all should know, what happens in circle is meant to happen).
Secondly, if you continue this constant criticism, you are just cutting yourself off from creating a deep connection to the Divine, to the deities you worship, to the magic you make, to the rituals you hold. If your mind is constantly running on this criticism and correction, then you have no room left to focus on the spiritual path you are trying to work on.
Thirdly, because your mind is so heavy on the criticism, there’s nothing you can do but criticize others. Every seeming mistake they make, every odd thing they say, you catch it, you hold on to it, and you can’t move past it because you think you could do better, or you think of how you would react if you were them, or you… The point is you continue to think on the thing that is not supposed to be thought about.

I challenge those of you who do find themselves burdened by this to use meditative practice with these thoughts: when you find them in your head, let them float away. Stop over-analyzing every interaction you have, every move you make. When you feel like others are judging you, well, they very well may be, but it isn’t the focus of their life, and if they don’t know you, then who cares? There’s way too many people in the world to care about and try to please every single one. Choose the people who you love, or enjoy the company of in your life, and choose your actions and words wisely with them, they’re the people that should see the very best in us because we choose to cultivate that relationship, because they make us aspire to be better people, because they have reciprocated our love in return. This holds true for our relationships with the Gods. If we give them our very best, in a joyful, honest, and criticism free way, they will reciprocate our love, our adoration, our wishes.

Be yourself, enjoy who you are, enjoy the company of others freely. Love all that is within you, the light and dark, work on what you want to work on within and without, balance your body, mind, and spirit; for in balance, we can achieve greater things for ourselves, for the Gods, and for love of all.



Wow, the past week has been awesome, busy, and tiring in the best of ways! First, I was asked by my coven to be to help in a public ritual for Imbolg this past weekend. It was amazing! The use of music and pre-recorded bits sounded fantastic and added such impact to the whole thing! Unfortunately, I called water a bit too well, and the toilet flooded. Such is life as a witch. Time for honing in on the energy flow!! In the end, there was some really awesome energy built up for the God to bring us a boon. Even my non-pagan partner had a good time at his first ritual. Needless to say, we were exhausted (me up until Wednesday!), but it was that blissful, post-sex sort of exhaustion 🙂

Then on Tuesday night, the 101 class had our final class/ritual. It went well, and I’m so happy for us, and sad that we won’t be meeting every week anymore; it was a good group, and some interesting conversations ensued. I’m especially thankful for my teacher, she is just amazing, and I am so happy to have met her!

Wednesday night… the best night of the week… I was dedicated into a coven! It was such a lovely ritual, and I’m so happy that I get to circle with the wonderful people in it. The HPs is in fact my 101 teacher, and I just cannot tell you how elated I am that I get to circle with her, but amazing people I have met through her. Sigh… I am feeling so much love!! Which is in fact a very appropriate feeling as Valentine’s day approaches!

In other, awesome, but not as awesome news, I have knitted my first pair of socks (pictures will come). They turned out pretty well, but I’ll also have to hone that skill as well! Everyone’s getting socks for Yule this year!! Lol.

Thank You!

Thanks to all those who read this blog! I see that there are people still checking in and such, my views haven’t dropped to zero yet! Lol. You guys are awesome!

So I thought I’d let you know what’s been going on since we haven’t chatted for a few weeks.
School has been going pretty well, all my profs are wonderful and helpful. I had some issues with being overwhelmed and exhausted, but thanks to upping my vit B12, and getting a B vitamin complex pill, I’m getting more and more energy, woo! It’s just frustrating though with having the B12 deficiency and not being able to find the proper amount of the vit in a pill… :S
Anywho, I’ve been kind of a bad doggy mummy too, unfortunately, the poor babe hasn’t had a walk in two weeks I think it is… so hopefully with this energy building, I’ll be able to take her out soon!

I’m just so happy that I’m completely immersed in music again… it’s been much too long! Singing makes me feel connected to my body and through my body, connected to the earth, it’s a wonderful feeling, you should try it! Doesn’t matter if you can’t sing well, it feels good, just like dancing 🙂

Alright my lovelies! Till we meet again! Which shall hopefully be soon!

Many Blessings!

The Emperor

The Fool happens upon the Emperor. He is a strong, controlled, brave and aggressive man. The Emperor encourages us to take the reins and start leading the way in our own lives, to start managing the skill or idea we have just developed with the Empress. We are given new purpose and direction to lead rather than be led now. The Emperor is the father-figure, also associated with Father Gods in all sorts of different religions.
With the Emperor pulled in a spread, we now see that there is enthusiasm, energy and aggression. The emperor doesn’t beat around the bush and is direct in all he says and does. He is also quite irresistible. We must be aware that there are also some negative qualities we must watch out for; being controlling, demanding, impatient, and acting like a tyrant. He excels in communication involving business, but when it comes to emotions and feelings, there can be the inability to express these.
In the end, it’s a card that makes us question, “Who’s in control?” Whether the control is of your mind, body, spirituality, etc.


  1. Aeclectic
  2. Discover the Meaning of Tarot 

The Magician

The Magician from the Golden Tarot deck

The Magician

The Magician tells us that while we still have the inspiration of the Fool, we now are in complete control of making dreams a reality. We have the skills, patience, and self-discipline to make things happen. The Magician is in complete control over his thoughts which means he is in complete control over his own reality.

This card lets the Querent know that they have unlimited potential, all that is needed is a little hard work and focus and anything can be achieved. Ultimately, we are the masters of our own realities.

I know I said previously that I’d go through the Rider-Waite deck, but I’ve decided to show images of different decks for each card to show that while one deck’s imagery works for one, it may not for another person. So here you’ll get a little sampling of the multitude of tarot decks out there.


  1. Aeclectic
  2. Discover the Meaning of Tarot 

Finding Balance

When it comes to being witchy, most people who have no knowledge of the use of magic(k), or the worship of other deities/spirit think that what we do is “evil” and aiding “Satan”. In my life, I have found a lot of people who understand that we are all different and have different beliefs, and it doesn’t make us evil to believe so. And I’ve also found people who think I’m going to the Christian “Hell”, but really don’t care and we still get along great. We live in a time where most people can get along fine because there is such a social disconnect, which also means we can not get along fine in some cases because people are also taught to have no respect for ideas/people who are different than them, but I digress.

The reason why I’m writing this little bit is because I feel that it is imperative that we all find balance in our lives. This simply means, that we need to accept both our light and dark sides; both “white” and “black” magic(k). I don’t like using the terms “white” or “black” as I feel that all magic(k) is magic(k), at different moments in your life, you need different things. To follow a path that only focuses on the “good” stuff is to be in denial that our world has no evil in it, that our world has no darkness. We know this to simply be untrue. All the wars, all the bloodshed, diseases, slavery, abuse, rape; we can clearly see that the world is not all sunshine and lollipops. When something happens to you and you are in a dire situation, it’s ok to accept that you may have to perform a curse on someone, or bind them/send them away.
On the other hand, it is also not healthy to only focus on the darker side of things. This creates such an imbalance within ourselves that our minds become chaos (in both focuses).

Basically, there can be no light without the darkness, and vice versa. When you look at the Wheel of the Year, we see that there is the light half and the dark half. Each needs the other, the summer growth benefits from the dormant winter. The animals store summer harvests to survive the winter. Our reality relies upon a constant balance between these energies, the moon cycles through being full and being new. To acknowledge this is a good start, but to acknowledge that we all have this duality inside of us as well makes us that much more powerful when we perform magic(k), or energy work.
Without duality, we would simply not exist, with only female, or only male, there is no chance of reproducing.