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I hope the turning of the wheel has provided you with a nourishing harvest to sustain you through the Hunt season, and the chilly winter months. ❤

Mabon Sale Time!!!

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Mabon Sale Reminder

Happy Friday, my dear, gentle readers!
Just a quick reminder that my Mabon sale is still happening over at The Forest Witch Shop! Get 20% off ANY reading, yes, even the one card readings, until this Sunday, 09-27-2015. Just type AUTUMN into the coupon bar at checkout, and voila!

Hope your weekend is fantabulous 🙂

Reading for the Week – Sept 21-27

2015-09-21 12.36.24

Beginning of the Week
IX Bows – Dedication
This week seems to be all about action, doing what you’ve set out to with all the fiery bows!
This particular card tells us to make sure we continue honing our skills, because most skills will never be completely mastered, there are always new ways, new hidden mysteries to be discovered about our chosen skills. While on the outside, it may seem like we effortlessly perform our chosen skill, we know ourselves how much time, how much frustration, and how long the road has been to come to this point, and how much farther we will always have to go.

Mid Week
VII Bows – Clearance
A very appropriate card as the Autumnal Equinox falls mid week. It is time to let go of what no longer serves you. Harvest what you can of it, and burn the rest away. We cannot move forward very far, or with much motivation to continue moving forward when we have to worry about carrying so much that we tire quickly and abandon the future.
Let it go.

End of Week
Queen Bows – Hare
There is the potential to work powerful magick come the weekend (making perfect sense as it is the full moon, as well as a lunar eclipse… and look at that beautiful moon in the card!). Nurture your potential, ensure that you are bringing peace into your life, as that will spread and touch those around you, allowing for it to weave a cozy blanket of love, peace and warmth for the coming months as the weather turns cold (in the Northern hemisphere), and we do more inner work as well as spend time with family and friends for the holidays.

It seems the cards are very in tune with the changing of the seasons and the final harvests to come. I hope your week is lovely, dear gentle readers! And remember, if you are interested in a reading, please visit my Etsy shop, The Forest Witch.

Card of the Day – 07/28/2015

2015-07-28 15.36.26

Four Pentacles
There is much more to the world than what can be attained physically, what wealth and possessions one can aquire. Don’t let the shine blind your vision, look for more, there is alwas more that will fulfill you than merely earthly goods.

Just a reminder that I am having a sale in my shop right now! Receive 20% off any order over 10$ when you use the LAMMAS coupon at checkout!

Hope you are all enjoying the lovely (well, from inside, with air conditioning on) weather!! And for those of you in the Southern hemisphere, hope you are enjoying the coolness of your winter 🙂

Squee! And A Few Free Readings!


**UPDATE: There are two free readings left!**

I got my Mucha tarot deck today! I ordered it at the end of April, and for some reason or other, Amazon couldn’t send it to me in the middle of the month as estimated. I don’t mind the waiting, there’s been a lot going on anyway, but super YAAAAY!

The cards are so beautiful, well, how could I not think so since I love Mucha’s paintings? I also really like how they’ve been coated, I feel like I likely will not have to repurchase the deck for quite some time. Unfortunately with my Wildwood deck, I know if I continue using them all of the time as I do now, I will be purchasing another deck at some point as the corners, especially, like to peel.

But anyway, look at the pretty!! The colour palettes are lovely, just, just everything about them is beautiful 😀

So… I will be offering some free tarot readings for those of you who comment here. I am offering 5 readings, for which I will need your email address as I will send you a pdf with pictures and the reading itself (just as I do in my shop). If you would like to ask a question and don’t want anyone to know what that is, you can email me at
I would like to use the spreads I use for my shop, so if you could please tell me what spread you would like, I will happily do that for you. I have deity readings, love readings, self readings, career readings, and a few general readings.

Happy readings!!!! 😀

Announcement Time!

I will be offering free one card readings for the time being! Yay!
What do you need to know about the readings? Well, there is a rule, one reading a day per person. That’s all.

Yes, I have one card readings in my shop, however I like you guys, and I would like for you (who have already been following along here) to enjoy some of my happy Spring happy-making. It is Beltaine tomorrow, after all!

I am not sure how long this will last for, I suppose until I am too busy, or there is too much to do. This could possibly change into only one card a week. But we’ll see when we get there 🙂

So happy Beltaine! Happy Walpurgisnacht, and whatever May Day celebrations you may be having. Even if it’s just the fact that the weather is getting nicer 😉

Please send me an email at


And We’re Live!

The shop is up!
The Forest Witch

The Shop Goes Live at Midnight!

At midnight EST, my shop will be live! I’m so excited, guys 😀

Remember I have a grand opening coupon for 20% off ANY reading, even a one card reading. Just type in: GRANDOPENINGYAY at checkout, and voila!

I hope to be hearing from some of you soon.
Also, thanks to those of you who got readings from me ❤ ❤ ❤

Grand Opening… Coming Soon!

So it became quite clear to me not even a week into offering the tarot readings that yes, this is something that I need to be doing, not only because I enjoy it and it seems others think I’m good at it too, but my Gods are pushing me towards this.

There’s a definite sense of the divination and especially the connecting people with their Gods/Spirits as something that will lead to something more down the road. Having the opportunity to do it on a regular basis for people other than myself is going to keep that mindset at the forefront for me.

So in celebration of the shop opening up, I’m offering a 20% discount to my readers, you can share it with friends you know who are in need of a reading too. It will expire June 1, but I will only have the post and information about it up until April 1. So write down the coupon code and favourite my shop so you don’t forget where it is, and I will be happy to be doing your readings soon!

The shop will be up and running on March 18th.

My shop: