#30DaysMagicalRoots Challenge Days 24 & 25

Day 24: Sabbats
What holidays from the wheel of the year do you celebrate? Create your own wheel of the year! You are only limited by your imagination.

The basic Sabbats you learn when you’re a baby witch have kind of stayed with me all this time later. I may not perform ritual or magick at all of them, but I certainly am always aware of the turn of the seasons, and think on how the energies affect myself, others, and the world around me.

I couldn’t tell you my favourites because as with the seasons, everything is my favourite in its turn. I love when the world is sleepy and blanketed with snow, when it is waking up in the spring, and flowers can be seen ushering a green and colourful carpet over the land, I love when summer is here, hot and hazy days filled with delicious barbecues and fruits for days, and I adore when fall arrives, hiking in the cooler temperatures, the spiced smell of fallen leaves and wet earth, and of course all the pumpkin desserts!
So as the seasons are tied into the Sabbats, I love each 40ish day period surrounding the any particular one, the way the land has changed, the seasonal foods, activities. I think in writing about this, I celebrate the Sabbats more in the awareness of the things that I do in each season, and the energies I call upon from each season.

Day 25: Esbat
Create a ritual to honor the moon every month. Do you only celebrate the full moon? Try honoring the dark moon this month and see how it changes your practice.

My usual ritual on full or dark moons is to acknowledge the energies of the moon at those times. I will sometimes light a candle, or incense, and pull the energies down into myself, placing the energies within the candle if I want to work some personal magick. I feel like that is what a lot of my moon magick has been, is working on my own self.

In recent years, the dark moon has been more at the forefront for me, and I bet it has a lot to do with shedding old ideas, old emotions, old ways of being. The second half of my twenties was very much a time of breaking down who I though I had to be to become who I am now, so the dark moon, with its letting go of things has been incredibly powerful.

However, I am sensing more balance coming into play lately, so both dark and full are of equal importance now.


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So What The Heck Is Honeybush Tea?


Latin name:

Species for commercial use:

Native to:
South Africa

Why is it called honeybush?

Well, the flowers smell like honey, which I imagine is like heaven!

What is the flavour like?

If you’ve had rooibos before, you’ll know that rooibos tastes sweet, woody, and nutty. Honeybush is fairly similar, but in place of the more woody/nutty flavour, honeybush tastes quite fruity. If you have a sniff of plain honeybush tea, you won’t smell any particular fruit, but that general sweet fruit smell. When you drink it, it’s much the same as the smell, there’s a nice and sweet earthiness to it, and then a lovely fruit-like flavour.

Ok, I love fruity flavours, so how do I brew it?

Unlike brewing tea from the tea plant (Camellia sinensis), honeybush, like rooibos, does not become bitter if you over-brew it. That means you can totally forget about it, but please, don’t put it in the microwave to reheat it… that’s such an injustice to tea!! Stick it in a pot on the stove instead and heat until it is ALMOST boiling.

Also, you’ll notice that it is composed of small pieces of what looks like (and is) bark! If you’re someone who doesn’t like drinking tea pieces, make sure you use a fine-mesh basket infuser instead of a ball.

  • put 1 tsp of honeybush tea into your tea ball or infuser
  • put that infuser in your tea cup
  • bring water to 93°C 200°F (that will be just before it starts to boil)
  • add 1cup or 8oz to your teacup
  • steep between 5-10 minutes (I tend to go the whole 10 min)

What about health benefits?

  • no caffeine! so if you’re caffeine-sensitive, or would like to have a cuppa before bed, this is a perfect brew to imbibe!

There are some other reported benefits, including antioxidants, protecting from inflammation diseases, phytoestrogens, and combating tumours…
I am not a doctor, and there doesn’t seem to have been enough large-scale research to determine with confidence that honeybush tea will actually help you out with these health issues.
Drinking tea period is a much healthier choice over many other mass-produced, over-sugared drinks. And adding a new tea you may never have tried before is a fantastic way to enjoy lots of variety and yumminess in your healthier drink choices!


Ok, not-doctor-lady, what about the magickal properties of this tea?

While not much seems to be associated with honeybush tea, from my own experiences with it, like most tea bases, it really takes on the qualities of the ingredients added to it.

However, as a base, this tea in particular adds a grounded energy to the tea, not hard, and immovable, but the soft, life-giving kind of grounded.

I would suggest it is a good tea for magicks concerning:
love, relationships, fertility, creation, nurturing life, enjoying sweet moments & celebration.


So if you’re thinking you’d like to try out some honeybush tea now that you know a lot more about it, I have a few honeybush blends in my shop!

Dark Moon


Dark Moon Tea

Dark Moon.jpg

Take a walk in the starlit sky, there’s no moonlight to illuminate your path this night. The scent of earth and crushed berries will guide you to your place of power.

Honeybush tea provides a sweet and fruity base, complimenting elderberries, and a hint of raspberry. Mugwort adds a subtle earthy herbiness to the blend, ensuring you know that this is a cup from the wild, dark wood, meant for midnight rituals among the trees.

You can find my Dark Moon tea here, and more magickal teas here.


Also!! I have created a separate listing for samples as having to issue refunds for shipping overages just takes up way too much time! You can find the listing here. In the listing, you will find a list of all teas I offer as samples, then once you know what you want, order the number you want, and leave a note to seller at checkout of which blends you’d like sent your way! Pretty simple, and much more efficient!
Efficiency is very important. *nods*