A Month for Baldr – 23 – Blessing

“Look for all the blessings in your life, big and small.
Keep them in your thoughts. Each moment is a blessing,
whether painful or no, they each provide us a lesson to be learned,
whether it is through action, rest, decision and indecision.”


PBP – The Love of Green

This morning, I luckily got out in time before a downpour to check on my garden. I had noticed yesterday that there were seedlings above the soil, but it was much too humid and hot to bother with staying in the direct sunlight to take pictures. This morning, after off and on downpouring yesterday, and rain through the night, it was much more pleasant to walk around in the sun to check on things. I guess I won’t be needing to do much watering for a little while.

As I was walking around a few days ago, I noticed at the back of our property, just behind the fence that houses a swampy area beyond it, there is a grapevine happily growing away, attaching itself to the fence and the pine tree that stands behind it. I was shocked for a moment, as I have been thinking of grape growing, but didn’t know how it would do in my climate, and there it was, just doing its own thing all by itself. I’m thinking I may harvest some leaves for dolmades at some point. Yum. We’ll also have to wait to see how the grapes turn out. I wouldn’t mind using them for food, but would love to make some wine if I think the grapes would make a decent one.

Apparently there are grapes growing in the back yard :D

Apparently there are grapes growing in the back yard 😀

This cattail stood the test of this long, frigid winter and hangs out, wafting in the winds. I wonder if the fibers have been used to make yarn before? Must Google.

2014-06-03 096

This lovely, red branched bush is producing flowers, it looks like they will become berries later in the year. Before we moved out west, these bushes had not been on the property, so it’s a new addition, as well as some ferns that have made their way to the fence.

2014-06-03 095

These beans are coming up quite well. There’s a strange uncertainty that happens when you plant all your seeds, and then there’s nothing left but to water and wait for them to turn into seedlings. I thought a lot about the seeds not producing anything, that all my planning and hard work digging out the plots would all be for naught. It might yet be for naught if some freak weather happens, or some pest or animal comes in and makes a meal of my young plants. Alas, only time will tell.


Kentucky Wonder Bean

These willows are providing much for me this year. I’ve always had an extreme fondness of Weeping Willows, they were one of my most favouritest trees to climb when I was a child, and now they quietly watch as I putter in the garden. I tell them my secrets.

Weeping Willow

Weeping Willow

This is the delicious Swiss chard coming up. I decided I wanted colourful veggies, and so I picked out Rainbow Swiss Chard, along with some rainbow mixed carrots. Next year, I want purple cauliflower.

Rainbow Lights Swiss Chard

Rainbow Lights Swiss Chard

My potatoes are finally starting to show their sprouts above the dirt. The red more than the Yukon Gold at this point, but I am excited.

Norland Red Potato

Norland Red Potato

This flower, which loves growing around here as I see it on the hiking trails all summer long, has graced one of my garden paths since we can’t get the ride-on mower in there. We’re planning on getting a non-powered push mower with a basket on the back to do the paths and a very steep hill that I’m thinking may eventually house some flowers.

2014-06-03 093

This rhubarb slowed for a while after I planted it in ground, now more leaves are starting to pop up, so I’m quite excited for rhubarb pies!



The onions just kind of shot up over night two nights ago. One day, there were a few little spikes of green coming out of the soil, maybe half an inch long, now there are many, even up to three inches above the soil.

Dutch Onions

Dutch Onions

I’m singing blessings to my seedlings each night as I water them. It puts me in a trance, and then I just hum the tune as it now holds the power of the words to be sung with it. So far, the land seems to be happy with my endeavours, and I’m making fairly regular offerings.

It is so incredibly good to have dirt beneath my finger nails and staining the bottoms of my feet again. Playing in dirt releases chemicals that makes you kind of high, and rightfully so.

New Year, New You – Making Way

Ok, so here’s the first prompt: Making Way.

If only wiggling my nose would take care of the physical mess!

How will I be making way for all the new??
Well, first, cleaning the physical. Although we don’t have a huge apartment, it’s definitely going to be good for it to be thoroughly cleaned, now that I’ve the time. Also… getting rid of stuff we don’t need/use. That one shouldn’t be incredibly difficult as  when we moved here, we left A LOT behind, and even of the stuff we left behind, we sold what we could and junked the rest we didn’t need. So, a good house scrubbing will be good. Get rid of all negative energies, put up the wards again, and perhaps do a proper blessing before warding.

Also, I plan on making keeping the house tidy and uncluttered an everyday sort of task. I hate having things thrown just anywhere, collecting dust, etc. That’s not the kind of house I want to live in, much less my home.

And for the emotional/psychological baggage? Self love… that’s a big one. There’s so much pressure to be right and perfect and never fail… when we’re wrong, we’ve failed, and should feel awful, apparently. This is already something I’ve been working on, as there is no way that a human could be infallible. Also, allowing myself to flip flop about ideas and trying new things. I’ve long wanted to be a “famous singer”, it was really hard for me last year to figure out that that was not the lifestyle I wanted (crying fits all the time and the whole bit). There is so much I can do with music, but there is also so much I can do with all my other talents. I just need to allow for all the variety in interests. I need to keep mindful of the fact that I will always be a student as well, continuously learning and making revelations in my life and in widely known or discovered facts. I saw a cute little comic today (which I can’t find again 😦 ) which showed a young girl pressing the grown up button, and voila, she was a grown up. Then she asked the guy welcoming her into adulthood why she didn’t feel different, why she didn’t know everything… he said, that’s because nobody is different, and nobody knows everything. A cute reminder of the fact that what we perceive to be the way things are, usually never actually are. We must take our knowledge from personal experience.

Another biiiiiig, heavy thing in my baggage, is the fear of success. I’ll admit, this is the problem all over my life, not just in spirituality. I have this horrible fear that if I get good at things, and work hard, I will have too many responsibilities tied to it. That I won’t have time for anything else in my life that is important to me. I think what I really need to do is sit down with myself and figure out what are the things that deserve my time and effort most, and what can either be dropped or just very occasional hobbies. I should also allow myself to be flexible (a big, reoccurring theme right now in my life) in the sense that maybe, I might be interested in something for a little while, and then it’s done. Or something that I feel is very important to me right now, is one of the major things I focus on in my life, can possibly not resonate with me later, and allow myself to let it go, to accept the wisdom learned from it, but move on.

That’s an interesting thing about growing up, you either try very hard to fit in the black and white boxes we’re shown while we grow up we’re supposed to fit neatly into and fail horribly, or we can throw that nonsense out the window. Let’s make our own boxes… colourful, full of nooks and crannies, and in the end, not really resembling a box, but our inner selves. There’s 7 billion people in the world, and even only the population in North America alone can’t all fill in the same cookie cutter… there must be differences, there must be creative thought, minds very unlike our own, otherwise, we would never experience anything new, no new art, no new sciences, no new ways of thinking about the universe.
Making my own box is much easier said than done, but I feel as though it definitely is not a perfectly square thing anymore… and being a Pagan and a Witch, there really is no black and white to me. There is no way that a person’s thoughts or actions are one hundred percent evil/wrong or one hundred percent good/right. We are shaped by how we handle the situations our current lives has put us in, our personalities just a reflection of how we chose to react to those situations, and continue to act.