I decided I was finally going to do some decorating above my living room altar. I had recently picked up the multiple candle holder in the center of the bookshelf there, and I really felt the wall needed to be more witchy too. It was bare, and it told me it felt a bit naked.

So what have I put up on the wall? Prints of the trees of the Celtic Tree Calendar. I was going to see if anyone would guess what it was, but I hate making people do that, lol. I just want to tell you all everything now. Ok, not really everything, just certain things.

I’m probably going to take a picture in daylight so you can see it better at some point. Oh, I just want to point out the dark blob you see up in the right hand corner is a willow ball I made this spring. I love it.

2014-08-18 21
Partly inspired by the Aunts’ sitting room in “Practical Magic”, and partly inspired by my love of Trees, this is what happened. I printed out the images of the botanical drawings of Prof. Dr. Otto Wilhelm Thomé, and since I wasn’t about to nail the plaster wall to crumbling, I picked up some ombré scrapbook paper and made frames so it didn’t look like I had just taped up some pictures. The frames took FOREVER. I actually worked on this for a whole waking day. But I’m also a perfectionist, so that didn’t help.

I’ve been thinking about making my surroundings more accessible to my witchyness, things that will keep my mind where I’d like it to be, and also make my surroundings more prettyful. I really need to work on the shrine for my Gods, which is in my bedroom. But I haven’t yet come to a conclusion of how I want it to be. I’m assuming more interacting will guide what ends up happening for it.