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Jera - The Harvest - Faeorain Ui Neill

Jera – The Harvest – Faeorain Ui Neill

Pronounced: “Yair-ah”

Literally: “year”
Associated: harvest

Jera is the success and good harvest of either the land, or something you’ve put your time and effort in cultivating and manifesting, taking the proper actions along the way. It is very much tied to the land, and is a useful rune to carve or place around the garden (even for container gardeners!).

Along with the harvest theme of Jera, it represents fertility, creation/creativity, peace and harmony with the land, and plenty.

It’s a time to be aware of the cycles of the worlds, cycles of the inner worlds within yourself. Allow yourself the time and patience to grow that which you seek in your life, the same it would take to physically grow a crop. Changes for the better need time to evolve and become what they ultimately need to be, and stick.


There is no reverse for Jera, as it is the wheel of time. However, if you find Jera converse (sideways), you need to rethink the actions you are taking to achieve that which you want manifest. You may also need to review your end goal, as if it is not truly right for you, you won’t achieve it in a successful fashion.

It is also a time to think about some of your talents you’ve kept hidden from yourself and others. Use the tools and abilities the Gods have given you. Only by doing this can you move forward and create great abundance in your life.


Rune Secrets
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The Empress

The Fool happens upon the Empress. After visiting the High Priestess, he knows which path he wishes to walk, but is impatient and wants to arrive at the destination without taking the journey. The Empress, surrounded by her lush garden and fields of wheat tells the Fool that like anything that grows, in order for his future to become reality, it needs nurturing, patience, attention and love. The Fool realizes she is right, thanks her and moves on his way.
In early versions (before Rider-Waite), the Empress is usually pregnant, which evokes great symbolism to the card’s meaning.

When we pull the Empress in a spread, she tells us that we must be patient and nurture our ideas or projects until they come to fruition. She’s all about creation, whether it’s creating life, business, art or love. The Magician is the inspiration of the idea, the High Priestess the inspiration turned to actual idea, and the Empress the womb in which it is nurtured and grown. It is a time of abundance in the Querent’s life.


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