A Forest Door
A Green Branch
Adventures in Vanaheim
Amidst Fires
Beloved in Light
Black Fur, Black Wings
Blood, Teeth & Flames
By Star and Sea
Drinking from the Cup of Life
Ember Voices: Listening for the Vanir
Foxglove & Firmitas
Freya: The Gold Thread
Le Cairn (in French)
Loki’s Bruid
Magick from Scratch
Mud and Lightening
My Polytheism (Various Collection of Posts)
Pagan Church Lady
Polytheist (Various Authors)
Queen of the Waiting Ones
Sarenth Odinsson
Strip Me Back to the Bone
The Adventures of a Bohemian Lokean
The Road, The Walker, and What Comes Next
The Sinking Roots
Thracian Exodus
The Wytch of The North
Via Hedera

Iambic Witch
Love by the Moon
Sarah Anne Lawless
The Witch of Forest Grove (Sarah Lawless’ Former Blog)
The Fat Feminist Witch

Pagan Art
Emily Balivet
Foliated Spirit (Hellenic Poetry)
Norse Prayer Cards (Various Artists)

New World Witchery
The Wigglian Way
The Fat Feminist Witch

Buy the Pagan Things: Blogs & Shop Links
The Wytch of the North Shop – Beth Wodandis
Jolene Dawe Blog – Buy Her Books
Sarah Anne Lawless SiteFern & Fungi
Unbeloved’s Prayer Beads
Blue Moon Magick Shop – The Fat Feminist Witch


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