YouTube Pagan Challenge – Week 10

I chat about moon phases and how that affects my practice.


YouTube Pagan Challenge – Week 9


YouTube Pagan Challenge – Week 8

The one where I talk about my Gods, and yes, there’s a bit of waffling here because I was kind of all over the place this morning, thinking about other things too 😛

YouTube Pagan Challenge – Week 7

Am I caught up? I think I’m caught up… I hope! 😛

YouTube Pagan Challenge – Week 6

YouTube Pagan Challenge – Week 5

Yay! Another video! Also, I plan on hopefully getting the next two out this week so I can be all caught up!

So I chat about what this time of year means to me in this video. Pretty short, for once! 😉


YouTube Pagan Challenge – Week 4

Yes, I understand, I haven’t done an altar video, I’m not entirely sure if I will or not. Who knows! But in this video, I chat about how I celebrate holidays as a pagan/polytheist 🙂

YouTube Pagan Challenge – Week 2

In which I chat about my relationship with broom closets… 😉

YT Pagan Challenge! Week 1

I’ve been strong-armed into participating in the YouTube Pagan Challenge!! Well, lovingly by Jo 😉

I will likely change up how I video… but I’m (fortunately?) much too tired to have re-recorded it! I don’t want to be as close next time, also on a day that is not so terribly dark! Oh how perfectionism stinks sometimes, nothing is ever good enough! 😛

Anywho, join in if you haven’t already, or take a look at all the witchy videos!! ❤