PBP – Norse Runes Raidho

Raidho - Unknown artist, if you know who created this, please let me know

Raidho – Unknown artist, if you know who created this, please let me know


Literally: Ride, or Wagon
Associated: Journey

This rune is all about moving forward, moving to the places in life where you are meant to be. It can literally mean a change of physical location, but also a change of lifestyle, of taking action and control over your current situations. Raidho is about being in the moment and being accountable to it, being completely present in it in order to guide it to where you need to be. Leave the heavy baggage that is fear of the future, and weariness of past experiences in order to move forward more effectively.

Actions speak louder than words, and it’s time to take on your role as the leader of your life, whilst also remaining aware of the grander picture (how you effect those around you).

Follow your heart, follow your intuition, move with the world’s rhythm. Pay attention to what pulls you forward in your daily life, there is a compass within us all that points us in the direction we’re meant to go in. When you realize what direction you’re meant to continue on in, don’t hesitate to start moving towards it.

Merkstave (Reversed)
Stasis, stagnation. There is no movement now. It could be a time of crisis, halting you in your tracks. There could also be a need to over control everything, enabling hypocrisy and injustice for yourself and others.

Norse Runes – Ansuz


Odin - Lynn Perkins

Odin – Lynn Perkins



Literally: the As, the ancestral God, or Odin
Associated: breath, ancestral sovereign God

When Ansuz shows up in a reading, it is a time to be on the lookout for messages and communications. You could be just about to receive some information, or the Rune could be telling you to be mindful of your communication skills with other people. Be open and aware of the words you hear and the words you choose to convey your thoughts, use your intelligence and wisdom.

It is also a rune of inspiration, of that ecstasy that allows inspiration to flow in. Remember, it is connected to Odin, and He is the very epitome of ecstasy. Connected to this inspiration is also poetry, voice, chanting, singing, songspells, language. The tools we use to convey whatever inspires us.

Touching on the ancestral aspect of this Rune, it is the breath of the ancestral line that we take in for the first time when we are born, given to us by our Ancestors. It is also exhaled the last time before we die, given back to our ancestral line, ready for the next life.

Reversed or Merkstave

It goes without saying that Ansuz reversed denotes misunderstandings, miscommunications. You will not be able to receive clear information at this time, whether that is because you cannot understand it at this point, or because someone is being dishonest.
This isn’t a time to debate or reach a decision as you will not have the right information.

Inspiration is blocked, and words fail you.

Ansuz reversed also reminds us that we may have many words to describe something, but it doesn’t mean that those words are said thing. Can we not experience something we have no words for?

Pagan Blog Project – J is for Jera

Jera - The Harvest - Faeorain Ui Neill

Jera – The Harvest – Faeorain Ui Neill

Pronounced: “Yair-ah”

Literally: “year”
Associated: harvest

Jera is the success and good harvest of either the land, or something you’ve put your time and effort in cultivating and manifesting, taking the proper actions along the way. It is very much tied to the land, and is a useful rune to carve or place around the garden (even for container gardeners!).

Along with the harvest theme of Jera, it represents fertility, creation/creativity, peace and harmony with the land, and plenty.

It’s a time to be aware of the cycles of the worlds, cycles of the inner worlds within yourself. Allow yourself the time and patience to grow that which you seek in your life, the same it would take to physically grow a crop. Changes for the better need time to evolve and become what they ultimately need to be, and stick.


There is no reverse for Jera, as it is the wheel of time. However, if you find Jera converse (sideways), you need to rethink the actions you are taking to achieve that which you want manifest. You may also need to review your end goal, as if it is not truly right for you, you won’t achieve it in a successful fashion.

It is also a time to think about some of your talents you’ve kept hidden from yourself and others. Use the tools and abilities the Gods have given you. Only by doing this can you move forward and create great abundance in your life.


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Pagan Blog Project – H is for Hagalaz


pronunciation: “hag-all-az”

Hail, or hailstone.

When Hagalaz shows up in a reading, a drastic change is about to happen. There’s about to be destruction, and the tearing down of things in your life in order to purge the things you don’t need and that are probably holding you back. This rune is all about changes for the better, enduring a bit of momentary strife and be transformed. Hail falls to the earth as hard, destructive pieces of ice, only to melt shortly after, providing the earth with essential water; killing some of the growth to make way for the new.
There is usually a lesson that must be learned when Hagalaz wreaks havoc in your life, not unlike the Tower card of the tarot.

Converse (sideways; this rune cannot be merkstave, or upside-down)
When Hagalaz presents as converse, as you can probably guess, it represents stagnation, loss, pain, illness, hardships, suffering. You could be refusing to see the lesson you should be learning right now.

Norse Runes – Thurisaz

Thurisaz (pronounced: “thoor-eez-aahs”)

Thor, or his hammer, Mjölnir, Thurses (giants), monster, devil or thorn

Magical power, warnings, temptation, chaos, masculine aggressiveness, eroticism, baneful to women, conflicts, disputes, the need to fight against close-mindedness.
When this rune turns up in a casting, it warns of a time when you will be tempted to make a deal with the devil; to gain by dishonest means. There is temptation to be dishonest or disloyal.
It can also mean a battle of wills internally with your unconscious self, being unwilling to expand your consciousness, accept new ideas or ways of thought, or could also mean battles with anger and lust.
There is much willingness to accept illusion for the real thing, to be bound by it, sometimes by fear. It is a time when you must fight to employ wisdom and your conscious mind and win this battle. Though Thurisaz is seen as a thorn, it can be seen as a symbolic weapon, giving you the ability to slash and tear, or build a protective hedge of thorns. With the ability to protect and fight for oneself, the weapon can aid in breaking down  the difficult fear and doubt, like rocky earth, to make way for more a more fertile field able to provide new seeds  what they need to grow well.
You must believe in your own ability to fight now, to be strong and wise, to not give in to your doubting, fearful unconscious.

When Thurisaz appears upside-down, the aggression/temptation/conflict isn’t major, the fight is soon to be won.

A sideways Thurisaz shows that some source of conflict is masking as something good. Be wary.

Magical Purposes:
Thurisaz is generally not a rune employed in magics as it allows for great power, but also great chaotic destructiveness. Women, especially, shouldn’t employ the rune as the aggressiveness is of a masculine variety.

Thor, Mjölnir, bright red, fire, masculine, Sapphire, 3, Blackthorn, Houseleek, Mars.

Norse Runes – Uruz

Uruz (pronounced “ooo-rooz”), Ur, Uraz, Urs, Urus, Urur

The literal translation is “auroch”, which is a wild, European ox.

When Uruz pops up in a casting, it shows strength: physical strength, endurance, speed, good health. As Fehu is the tamed cattle, Uruz shows us that once, the cattle was wild as the auroch. There’s energy and action, wisdom and understanding. It can also mean that there will be a sudden and unexpected change in your life that presents itself as a challenge, but is usually for the better. This can mean an initiation or rites of passage of some sort (especially into adulthood).
There is much wild creative formation going on within at the moment, but it is up to the querent to use their knowledge and understanding to make this energy manifest in a non-destructive manner.
For a male querent, it pertains to male virility and manhood, if a woman, then femininity, fertility and womanhood.

When Uruz shows its face upside-down, it is a time of weakness, violence, brutality, being rash. Lust, misdirection of force, being dominated by others, obsession. Poor health and lack of energy, ignorance and inconsistency. It is not a time of thinking clearly.

Converse (sideways):
If this rune shows up and is laying sideways to you, then it means you must realize your hidden strengths and stay away from apparent opportunities as they will be deceptive.

Magical Purposes:
Physical strength, energy, good health. Creativity, to help in understanding and knowing one’s wild side and use it (tame it). Purification, healing and shaping energy, ideas and your creative juices.

The number 2, male, Earth, Thor, Urdl, dark green, Taurus, Birch, carbuncle.

Norse Runes – Fehu

Thought it would be nice to have a new segment for the blog! Especially for those days  in the coming school year when I have no want to write off the top of my head! Which will most likely be often, lol. Le sigh.

So the new segment is all about the Nordic runes!

The first rune in the Elder Futhark runes is:
Fehu, Fe, Feh, Feoh, Faihu, Feo
(we generally pronounce it: “fay-who”)

The word literally translates to cattle, money and wealth. In ancient times, cattle was equated with wealth. Nowadays, it represents tangible wealth such as money and possessions.

When casting the runes, if you happen to get an upright Fehu rune, it means that there is an abundance in your life, a wealth. This could mean different things to different people. For some, it is monetary, for others, spiritual, and for others yet, it may be that they have a comfortable place to live, food in their bellies, and no actual need for money.
It indicates a time of plenty, of success, happiness and hope. Wealth won or earned.
It, being the first in the runic sequence, also shows a time of new beginnings, getting rid of the more stagnant old to make way for the better new. With this, fertility and creation is also associated. There is also foresight and the ability to see that sharing the wealth, compassion, aids to keep our lives abundant.

When this rune is cast and it is upside down, or “merkstave”, it shows that this is a time where there is some sort of failure. There could be a loss of “wealth”, a loss of something that is important to you, that you’ve put much energy and time into. There is also greed, cowardice, poverty, lack of intelligence. Being bound to the material world (or the things you find wealth in). Bad luck, wasting what you have, lack of control in one’s life, and an obstacle one must overcome to become fertile again within one’s life.

Converse (sideways):
When this rune shows up sideways, it shows that the abundance/wealth is hidden from you at this time. It is being withheld.

Magical Purposes:
Abundant harvests (whether physically: farming, gardening, pregnancy, or spiritually), money, wealth, luck, prosperity, energy, charisma, power and control.

The number 1, Frey, red, Aries, fire, Elder tree, stinging nettle, gold.