Celebration of Love

I thought I’d share a little more about the creation of my Valentine teas! I also want you to know that I’ll be blogging on my website, but cross-posting here for those of you who find it easier to follow along with the WordPress newsfeed. You could also copy the rss feed of my website’s blog if you use a feed app as well! But let’s get on with this post!

The idea of celebrating love and loving relationships (especially with yourself, self-care is self-love, witches!) is such a wonderful way to remind ourselves how important love is for us as social beings.

Love has been such an important idea and profound experience in my life, I’d say it’s probably the most important thing to me, in fact! As much as I like to say I’m a bit anti-social, I recognize the need for us to give and receive love in every aspect of our lives, from the micro of loving ourselves, to the macro of giving love to all human-kind, all living beings, the Earth, and the universe. Not only that, but being open to love when it is genuine and carries the possibility of greater connection and ability to fill us so full to bursting is something we need to remind ourselves to actively work on.

Love really is the core of my magick, it gets poured into everything I create: the music, art, acting, and dancing in my life is putting love out into the world with beauty and a truth of emotion that can be felt in those mediums. The teas I create and share with family, friends, and you, dear witches, as well as all the food I make, is all crafted with the purpose of bringing ease and joy and deliciousness into our lives. 
These things allow us to take a moment out of the daily toil to appreciate the depths of connection we can have with each other, and to appreciate the beauty of it.

So in my efforts to put more love in the world, I’ve created five teas for the loving season (though all seasons are full of love).

I’ve chosen two of my favourite literary couples as inspiration. Their stories have touched on the deep connection we can have with our lovers and partners in life. Despite all dialogue, there can be a deep understanding of one another, even when we sometimes may not want to say it aloud for fear we are mistaken.

The first couple is Ms Bennet & Mr Darcy of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. There seems to be this understanding of each other from the very start. Even though their perspectives become muddied by how they think they should behave, think, and react, they find the truth of each other in the end, the ties that had formed between them, and the love that had grown.

Claire and Jamie Fraser of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon comprise the second couple, and their story of loving each other throughout time and place reminds us that love can bond us so tightly together, even when years separate us.

Lastly is a tea that is more about indulgence and deep deliciousness… Red Velvet. There’s nothing better than sharing good food with your loved ones, or treating yourself to some love in a cup.

So go on, get those candles lit, brew up a delectably delicious cup of tea, read or watch stories that remind you how beautiful connection and love is, and celebrate that we can feel something so wonderful, and so universal, so deeply. It’s the language that connects us all.

Scarlet Aurora

2016-06-09 09

A new necklace, a new necklace!!!

Ok, though seriously, after this one, I’m done for a while, which is fine since I’m well rounded out now!

This beauty is from Sebastian over at The Serpent’s Garden. And I have to say, this necklace is so fabulous in all the many senses of that word! Pictures don’t do it justice because it is so much more amazing and colourful in person. It’s actually bigger than I thought it would be too, which is awesome since I like decently sized jewellery! Not too hot, not too cold 😉

I also can’t stop staring into the pendant, it is captivating, and I loooooooooove it!!! The colours to be found in it are gorgeous! Then don’t even get me started on the beads of the actual necklace, oh wait, isn’t that what I’m doing in this post??? 😉

The beads are so saturated and rich with colour, honestly it’s awesome! I love finding ways to bring more colour into my life, because let’s be honest, there’s a weird beige-ness to north American colours. But this necklace is not to be mistaken whatsoever, there’s no hiding it, and Seb really has an eye for beautiful beads, not to mention that gorgeous pendant (oh wait, I already did mention it… ugh… I LOVES IT, MY PRECIOUS!).



So, besides getting something shiny and gorgeous to wear, there was an actual purpose for this necklace. One of them was getting birthday bling, the other was to serve as a connection with Queen Maeve, as my necklace from Beth serves the same purpose with Baldr. I was contemplating getting something custom done for Her, as I hadn’t seen anything that quite fit.
But wouldn’t you know it, when I had a gander, this beauty pinged me. It very much reminds me of some interactions with Her, the saturation that I mentioned. It’s just very much yes.


So I’ll just leave this here for you to gawk at 😉
And if this tickles your fancy, go on and have a loot at Seb’s other offerings, because he makes some pretty amazing stuff!!!



❤ ❤ ❤

Queen of Love


I always forget I have freckles till I see a picture of myself!

Guys…. GUYS…. !!!!!

I received this delicious piece of jewellery by Beth Wodandis last week… I can’t even describe how beautiful… how, just, so full of wonderful energy it is!!

I am still in awe of this piece, and I don’t think that is going away any time soon.


I bought this piece for myself not only because I had eyed it since Beth listed it a while ago, but because of some special Yule happenings that gave me a push to have a physical manifestation of said happenings. Something that needed to be very special. And that’s precisely what Beth makes, very special, powerful pieces.

I definitely feel very stately and radiant wearing it, so the Queen part of this piece is very much fulfilled!!!!

I just can’t tell you guys how much I love it! If you were contemplating making a purchase from Beth, you can rest assured that her pieces are of the highest quality, absolutely stunning, and well worth the price!!!! (I even bought this while our Canadian dollar is really terrible right now, thankfully I utilized one of her coupons she had running for the Wild Hunt!).

❤ ❤ ❤

Emotions – TPE

Now I’m singing “Emotion” in my mind. One of the first songs I found out I have a pretty high range in 🙂

But to the point of this post! Emotion is probably the larger part of the foundation of my magick. Funny thing is that in my everyday life, when shit gets real and dramatic, I usually remain quite detached from what emotions end up coming up from those around me. Even with my family, I seem to have become the one who remains calm in any given situation. The only time I get emotional is when some sort of injustice happens, then I get pissed.

I think perhaps part of me not getting overly emotional is for the most part, I know I cannot control anyone but myself. I cannot make another person or being do anything they don’t want to do. So that means I always factor in being disappointed/annoyed/frustrated/etc. into anything other people do that may involve me (in an immediate or not so immediate way); and with this, I factor in knowing that I can’t really do much about it, so it’s not worth my time to worry over. This is probably why oftentimes I don’t ask for help. I am pretty capable of doing most everything I need done, I pick up skills quickly so even if I have asked someone for something, and they don’t do it in time, I just end up doing it myself.

Again, this is just part of me knowing I cannot control what anyone else does. It’s less of a “people are largely unreliable”, and more of a “if I am capable of doing it, I know I will get it done, and do it the way I want it done”.

But that’s getting a little tangential.

There is a flipside to this, however. I am really easily and heavily affected by media of all sorts. Films, music, art, dance, literature, and yes, video games (which is to me, just highly interactive art). I feel all of that acutely, and it can and does lift me up or fuck me up. I have to be very choosy of what I consume, and it’s become increasingly important for me to surround myself with beautiful/proper mind frame inducing things (hello, Taurus!), and is a large part of my being on Tumblr now too (I follow a lot of people who put up delicious images).
This is also why I choose romance, or sweeping fantasies instead of grittier real-world things. Or, I suppose the things I watch/read have to have an otherworldly taste to it if it is grittier and emotionally messy for me to think, well, this is just a book, it’s just a story. Though really, that doesn’t always work.

So how does this all factor into my magick? Strangely enough, when I feel that well of emotion boiling under the surface, that is when I decide something needs to be done. This could be from situations that have been left to turn rotten for too long, or this could be from those in-the-moment surges. Perhaps this is why I’ve always said that regular ritual isn’t my thing, my power heavily relies upon the emotion being within me to do something with.
And this is where having those things around me that evoke those emotions, and therefore the power in them, has become important. As much as I always want to be reading non-fiction, studying things concerning my spirituality or things I’m interested in, I really need all the arts on a consistent basis in my life in order to access my power. Since I don’t sing much at this point (which had always been a very good way of accessing my power), it’s important to have consistent and regular sources for me to find that.

This means that reading and finding inspiring shows and movies, as well as music and beautiful things to look at is important. It is a constant endeavour, and one that I am happy to do.

My favourite beauty item right now

Image from Wikipedia

So, I talked to a Trad-mate at Beltaine a few weeks ago, and she told me that she washes her hair with baking soda, and “conditions” with apple-cider vinegar (only once or twice a week for the acv). So, I decided I wanted to try it out for myself. I had asked her how long it took for her hair to get used to it, and she told me about a week. When I first used it, it was awesome. The first week was amazing. I didn’t have any “greasy” days at all, except for the one time I didn’t scrub my scalp long enough, and even then, it wasn’t awful. My hair feels amazing, smoother, thicker (which is amazing, because I have super thick hair anyway). I feel like what’s happening is that the baking soda doesn’t take out as much of the moisture and natural oils as shampooing your hair does; when I would leave my hair for two days on the ‘poo, it would be oily by the second day, but on baking soda, it’s absolutely fine the next day if I haven’t been able to find time for a shower.

Then, THEN! I washed my face with it.

ACV works well as a cleanser, but the baking soda is fracking amazing! My skin isn’t producing a ridiculous amount of oil anymore, and it feels soft and healthy! I use it on problem spots on my body as well (on my back and chest), it’s just so gentle feeling, but does an amazing job.

Now, here is where I’m making the “mundane” magical… it’s salt. Salt is the purest form of Earth. When I cleanse with it, I am really purifying myself with it, using this salt to take away the physical and spiritual/emotional/mental impurities with it down the drain.

This is a concept that’s in the front of my mind right now… realizing that everyday things are magical things too. What are some things that you do that are magical to you, but may look like “normal” things to others?