#30DaysMagicalRoots Challenge Days 22 & 23

Day 22: Self-Purification
Take a purifying bath (with sea salt for added purification if you like), smudge yourself with sage/rosemary/Palo Santo/, sprinkle with Florida Water/Holy water/Salt water, or hold a purifying stone like selenite. Take some time today to cleanse your auric field, rid yourself of any energetic ick that may be lingering, and see how much better it makes you feel.

Aaaah, purifying, this might be a favourite thing of mine to do. I love the feeling after bathing, of washing away all the dirt of the day. Of course I often envision the water washing all the spiritual dirt of the day too, though sometimes I forget. You know, now that I think of it, it seems like I visualize the water washing away spiritual/non-physical dirt when I’ve had a crappy day, or a stressful day. Hmmm… subconscious self-care! 🙂

Before ritual, if I don’t have the opportunity to bathe, I will smudge myself with the incense I’m burning for the rite. I will cup the smoke, bring it up and over my head, then down, flicking the jumbled energies away.

Purification can also happen when I ground and center, as I’ll pull the earth’s energy into myself, allowing my spirit to be cleansed.

I really enjoy being physically clean, so that runs over into the spiritual as well. In fact, that’s likely why I always hated sports or working out in a gym like setting! Give me swimming, where I don’t sweat at all, or give me yoga and dance, where the heat and sweat is seated in my own body’s power and energy. I’m bizarre 😛

Practical Magic’s BOS is to die for!

Day 23: Book of Shadows/Grimoire
Do you have one? If not, create a sacred journal to document your recipes, spells, practices, invocations. This can be a handwritten journal, printed pages in a binder, or even a file on your computer (though if it’s the latter, always back it up!). Make it as simple or complex as you want it to be–it’s YOURS and should make you happy.

I have had a few BOSs, however, I’ve never felt they were quite what I want them to be. This is why my journalling/diary has become a combination of what’s going on in my life as well as spiritually. Mostly spiritually. I think the best BOS for me at this point would simply be a reference book, citing all the things I’d want to know and where to find them in my books. But mostly, I just look in the books that I own, because I already know what I’m looking for anyway.

I don’t usually write spells, as a lot of my magick is done on the fly, as my emotions and passions dictate. So as much as I’d love a BOS/Grimoire, right now, it’s just not practical for me, and wouldn’t get used enough. I would likely fill a few pages, and it would lay empty and collecting dust! Perhaps one day, I’d like to collect the things that are important to my path in a fancy book. One day 🙂


Start your own #30daysmagicalroots challenge by checking out Plentiful Earth’s post about it!

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