#30DaysMagicalRoots Day 5: Energy Work

Day 5: Energy Work
Start out rubbing your hands together, and then once they are warm, hold your hands about six inches apart. Push them together and then pull them apart and feel the energy build between your palms. Practice making the space larger and feeling the energy filling the empty space. Do this every day after your breath-work. See how large you can make the energy form. What shapes does it take? How does it feel? Any colors? Sensations? Smells? Make it your own! After you are done, press your hands to your chest and let the energy sink into your heart chakra.

With today’s challenge, I’ve decided to call upon some star energy since I’ve been reading Star Magick by Sandra Kynes along with Paige of The Fat Feminist Witch‘s Book Club of Shadows. And what better star than our own Sol? ❤

So first things first:
Grounding. I chose to call upon Lake Huron’s energies to ground me today. I picked up a rock I have from the beach,  set my feet flat on the floor, and began to call the waves up into me, clearing me out and anchoring me to the earth that cradles those same waves. I did this in my living room, as the beach is a little far for a late night drive, though now that I think on it… that would be nice! 🙂

Huron’s water energy felt cool and refreshing, and very calming.

Centering. I stood for this part, allowing my posture to lengthen, align physically as I do when I belly dance. It’s relaxed, but poised, allowing for the soft movements of a living body. I felt out my own energy, and slowly breathed it all into place, my chakras the anchors.

And for the finally of gathering in the Sun’s energy.
Still standing, I breathed into the Causal chakra inches above my head (this is where the Star Magick book comes into play as she discuses 4 extra-physical chakras are). I felt an opening up into this space, like the crown of my skull no longer was in place, and my own energy flowed out into, and energy from that space flowed back into me.

Then came the larger space of the Soul Star chakra, here is where I felt even more expanse flow into me, not yet the Sun’s energy, but the acknowledgement of that which is outside this human body, how much more there is out there than this flesh, than even this spirit.

Then I opened up the Stellar Gateway chakra, my intent on connecting to the Sun. Immediately a hot, slow, pulsing, radiating energy poured down through that opening and into me. I was so very aware of how full and all-encompassing Sol’s energy was. It was almost as if there was no room for my own energy, as it worked its way through me.
My hands were filled quickly with that orange-red radiating heat, and I felt it, moved it into a ball between my palms, expanding it as more energy flowed into me. My toes were still cold not only from the weather today but Lake Huron’s energies, so I decided to move that ball back into my torso, and push it down into my feet. The energy was slow, but within a few seconds, the heat filled up my feet, and began to warm them, soles first.

There was definitely an amazing sense of Sol being related to me, in that we are both part of this system, of this galaxy. Of what an amazing thing it was that we happened to occupy the same relative space of the entire universe. There was also such a solid sense of how large Sol is, of how small I was that my energy was not displaced, but almost completely overlapped/integrated into Sol’s.

After this energy working, I CANNOT wait to work with other stars and constellations and integrating that energy into my own magick!

We are made of star stuff ❤ ★


8 thoughts on “#30DaysMagicalRoots Day 5: Energy Work

    • I’m not even that far in, but I’ve really enjoyed it up till this point! It lets you know what to look for during each part of the year, and then how to work with each constellation’s energies. And after this experience tonight, ah yes! 😀

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      • It sounds right up my alley! I just splurged on the Isobel Gowdie book, which people and People have been telling me for a while now that I need to read, but this one might be next on my list! (I’m going through a “must read books on paper” phase–my Kindle is for watching TV. LOL.)

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        • Haha! Omgs, Beth! I have to concur with the wanting of paper books lately though… I already know I’m better at finding what I want with a paper book… and reference is easier. Or maybe it’s that I can’t wrap my brain around finding things on a device? Idk. 😛
          I have been wanting to read the Isobel Gowdie book for a long time… so for me, that will be on the to read list hehe! But yes, add the Star Magic!! Do eet! As Jo would say 😉

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          • Yes! I have already had to re-purchase books I had on Kindle because my brain is having trouble processing them that way, and sadly there is at least one more I think I will need a hard copy of (who the hell buys a Lenormand reference book on Kindle? me, that’s who–yeesh). It’s so much easier to flip through a book than to search a device. It also helps lessen the “constantly plugged in” feeling that I am really not liking recently.

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