Walking Life’s Path

You may have noticed that I haven’t been around here as much as I once was. Well, that is if you’ve been around for awhile.

Firstly, last month, at the very beginning of June, my beloved companion cat, Sooky, passed away. It was a very hard week after he left his physical body. However, he let me know that he is still with me, and not really going anywhere. I had wondered if he would meet our other cat who passed quite a while ago, and go adventuring with him, but it seems he is quite content to hang out not only with me here, but also in the patch of astral forest I call home where I meet with my Gods. This kind of makes me laugh, because much as in life, I can usually find him sleeping, though there is definitely play too!

Dealing with death is obviously difficult, but also fascinating process. I always kind of keep mental notes of how I feel and react to things, and this was no different. There were many tears, of course, a night of getting drunk and keening, yes. But there was also this interesting and almost immediate acknowledgement that where we laid his body in the ground, his bones and flesh, is no longer where he is. He has left it, so clearly was that point made to me, and I’m sure it was not only my own mind pushing me to that, but him as well.

I certainly miss his physical presence, there’s not a doubt about it, he was quite cuddly, enjoyed belly rubs, and would drool on you the happier he got. Kinda gross, but also fucking adorable.
I would say he will be missed, and his physical self will be, but I don’t have to miss him since I can be with him whenever I want. And even when he wants as well.

Besides our loss, this past while has just been more on the fallow side, spiritually. I recognize that this is to be expected since I had about 5 years of non-stop crap to work through that spurred on pretty much everything from my Gods solidly coming into my life, to finding a career as an entrepreneur, to planning the usual things in life such as getting a vehicle, planning to buy a house, and planning what we’d like our future to be.

A lot of this past year has been focusing on my shop, and seeing where we could go with its success, not only for the shop, but our life in general.

I’m excited for the future, as usual, and I feel a stronger connection to my spirituality right now because of Sooky. I know my Gods will still be around, but I’m also ok with the focus being on my physical, human life right now. Insofar as blogging, though, it makes it kind of boring for a blog that’s about spirituality, connected to a shop that sells things based on that spirituality.

So, if you’d still like to keep up with shop stuff and pictures of nature and my other furry companions, you can follow on Facebook or Instagram. I make no promises to blog as I used to, as I can’t possibly know what I’ll feel about it in the future, but I do plan to continue making tea, and art (yes, there will be some paintings being listed hopefully soon), and perhaps other things as I feel pulled to.

I hope you are all so very well ❤


4 thoughts on “Walking Life’s Path

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. ❤ I had a very similar experience of realizing my Grim Greyling hadn't gone anywhere after he passed into spirit, and it ushered in a lot of changes in my spiritual life (along with a long fallow period, too). I wish you all the best!

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    • Thank you so much, Beth ❤ I honestly think what you shared of your experience with Grim passing helped me accept rather quickly that my Sooky wasn't actually gone, just physically. Which still sucks, I will not lie, but yes.

      My fallow time has been the last year or so, which I feel is more because of so much focus on the shop. But yes, always changes, always cycling.

      Thank you so very much, I always wish the best for you as well ❤


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