January Handcrafted Faves

Baby Viking Hat with Beard by Tied in Knots
Protection Wall Rune by Boudoir Du Chaman
Viking Beard Oil by Fires of Freyja
St. Brighid’s Cross by AZ Stained Glass LLC
Ceramic Mug by Studio Rosalina
Reaching for the Stars by Fizz Studio
Winter Tale Pillow by Francesca Rizzato


5 thoughts on “January Handcrafted Faves

  1. That’s some sexy stuff. I don’t have a beard but…that beard oil looks nice enough that I might try to grow one. Just..maybe? I heart the St. Brighid’s Cross. I can see myself hanging up several of those (not even sure if there are ‘several’ lol, I can imagine though..). Blessings.

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    • Hehe, I’m digging a very cozy vibe right now 😀 My husband-man has got a pretty big beard at this point, and he does groom, so I think there may be an oil purchase in the future! Hehe!
      About the St. Brighid’s Cross… they’ve got a lot of fantastic pagan themed stuff on the site! One day, I want a sun room or big windows where I am constantly changing out stained glass hangings 🙂

      Blessings to you!


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