The Morrigan Tea

The Morrigan.jpg

Thanks to Beth for commissioning this tea, because it is quite complex and tasty!

Step out onto the battlefield with the Morrigan at your side.

Sweet cherries fill your nose as the earth is crushed beneath your feet, deep and green with juniper berries, warmed by fragrant white pepper. At the end of the sip, a mixture of rose-laced mead lingers.

You can find the Morrigan’s tea here, and if you’d like to browse teas for other deities, check out my Devotional Teas section here.

5 thoughts on “The Morrigan Tea

  1. Sounds yummy. I was wondering the other day how one goes about commissioning a tea and I was going to convo you on Etsy but I didn’t want to be a bother. Anyway, the question still stands!

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    • Thank you! and you can message me anytime, really! 🙂 I rather enjoy making teas from commissions, I must say! There may be enough time yet for me to make one before my trip. Though really, it’s not a very long trip, so no rush 😉


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