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So I joined the ADF a couple days ago and have been going through the material, writing things down in what I suppose you can call a Book of Shadows, but mostly I like having rituals and prayers and other such things written by hand in one place.

So far, I am really enjoying the material, I love the whole ‘we’ve taken similar practices and symbols found in most Indo-European pagan religions and created a modern ritual to combine them’, that and the fact that they very much seem to encourage you doing your own thing as well. It’s nice to have it be recognized that everyone’s practices can and should be different since some practices work better for others to connect to their Gods and path than other practices. It’s also nice that this central ritual is there but isn’t incredibly pushed, but is more like ‘if you are ever part of a group ritual, even though you may follow different Gods, or have differing beliefs, this ritual is still here to bring us together’.

I’m just really enjoying what I’m reading so far, it clicks with the way I see things and how I’d like to be practicing. It’s easy-going, not “Ye MUST do all these things if thou woudst be a good Druid” sort of deal, which is fantastic. I hate boxes. I hate the idea that if we are to be something, we must be all of the things associated with that one thing, nothing different, nothing that doesn’t “fit”. Boxes can be a good starting point, but that lid better be non-existent so you can really take flight.


So as for my other news, I will be away for ten days next month! It’s my grampa’s 90th birthday and I’m off to go celebrate with him and my family ❀
This means that any orders made between April 5-17 won’t be filled until after the 17th. I’m giving myself a day on either side of the trip, for packing, and when I return, to make any teas that have been ordered that I don’t have enough of since I do quite small batches of 3-7 bags per tea, depending on the tea.
The other part of this is that I will not have regular internet access while I’m down there since my grandparents don’t use internet at all, or even have a computer for that matter! So I will try to get back to conversations regarding tea from my shop, but otherwise, you may not hear from me until I return.

I hope you’ve all been having a lovely beginning of spring!
Many blessings of the wild and deep.



4 thoughts on “ADF & Other News

  1. Welcome to ADF! I’m currently pursuing my Dedicant Path and I’m always pleased to meet others who are giving it a go. I hope you find it useful and enlightening on your path!

    And enjoy your trip! ❀

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