Very Happy Ostara!


I’m hoping you all are having a beautiful day, whether you’re being witchy, or simply enjoying the turn of the season ❤

I spent about 20 minutes out on the deck, wrapped up in my fuzzy blanket and enjoyed the sun while the doggies hung out. It got a bit cold here, but really, our warm weather has been really warm (record-breaking) this year, so I’m cool for colder weather right now. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Very Happy Ostara!

  1. My grove was set on outdoor ritual despite the cold and snow. But we couldn’t hold out for the potluck after and we all went to Dennys for some warm :p And I brought samples of your tea to give out, I did! mostly the Ostara one and a couple others. And now I need to buy more tea :p lol.

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    • Hehe, well, at least the ritual was outside! I did want to stay out, but it was just a little too nippy. The dogs have definitely been happier since they get to be out longer lately though! 😀

      Awwww, I hope your grove enjoyed the tea! ❤ ❤ ❤ Also, you're the best 😀 Check your Etsy inbox 😉

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