Queen Maeve Tea

Queen Maeve.jpg

A deep and mysterious cup, don’t let it’s light appearance fool you.

A robust black tea base that lends itself well to the fruits of this tea. Elderberries, raspberries, rosehips and hibiscus are blended with a twist of orange, whilst lavender lends a hint of woody herb to ground the tea. You’ll notice a mead-like flavour as you sip this cup.

Many thanks to Julie for helping me create this offering tea blend for Queen Maeve, Who loves fragrant, beautiful and exotic things.

You can find the Unseelie Queen’s blend here, and if you’re looking for Someone else’s blend, check out my Devotional Teas section.
And yes! As you see, you can make suggestions to me about Who you’d like a tea for if I haven’t yet made one, or even a tea inspired by literature/movies/pretty much anything!


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