On Offerings

So much yes in this post! As much as community and what others write or speak about can be helpful, we must accept that spirituality is VERY INDIVIDUAL, just as a relationship with a person is. We must do things the way that works for us and Whoever we work with.

Strip Me Back to the Bone

Because this topic came up in the comments and in private discourse so much, I’ve decided it deserves it’s own post.  While I talk a good game about Keeping It Real and about not having my shit together, and about stumbling a lot, often over the basics as I lose sight of them, one thing I don’t have to worry about these days is having zero idea of where to start. Yes, I hemmed and hawed when it came to including Vishnu-Through-Poseidon into my morning devotions, and yes, I tied myself up in knots for a bit, with the studying and the  wanting to stay away from cultural appropriation while at the same time wanting to honor those particular Powers in forms that are familiar and appealing to Them. Yes, I made sure to make myself overly agitated and anxious over this development, until I had to put everything down…

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