More Tea Shop Updates!

Holy moley, things are rolling here! Well, not me, physically anyway. Don’t worry, I think the worst is over! So as I was bedridden for the last few days, I got up to some important maintenance work for the tea shop!

I’m going to do this in bullet form, because, well, bullets are fun, and easier on the eyes!

  • Email subscription! If you haven’t already signed up, just click here! This is the most perfect way to make sure you are up to date with what’s happening in the shop. Especially if you can’t get to reading posts here on my blog.
  • In keeping up with things, I also have a Facebook page you can follow which will also keep you up to date. My blog posts about new teas show up there as well, so you’ll never miss out on new tea!
  • I just bought, as of last night, a domain name for the shop! It’s! Right now, it just redirects you to my Etsy shop, but there are plans for a future website later in the year.
  • And, as of last night, I bought a whole bunch more ingredients! Nuts and fruits to be precise! I have been feeling stagnant with my options for creating new teas, as well as wanting to be well prepared for Spring and Summer teas well in advance, so the remedy to that is to buy new ingredients! Yippee!!
  • VERY IMPORTANT SHIPPING UPDATE!! Since winter decided to finally dump down its fluffy, yet cold self upon us, I will not be able to ship as quickly as I have been doing. Since I have to walk to the mailbox, I will be choosing one day a week, based on forecasted snowy-ness and temperature, to mail off orders. Such is life in Canada… well, if you don’t live our temperate rainforest, better known as Vancouver.

And that, dear gentle readers, is what I’ve been up to as I laid around for two whole days! Oh, and read a few creative business books… And napped. A lot. 😉


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